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I had rejected the Bible for its silliness a long time ago, but I'd forgotten just how ridiculous it is. It's stunning to believe people read the old testament and buy the idea that long ago human beings lived to be up to 900 years old. They accept this as if the text is saying, "And Josaphat lived to be 123." That is pretty old, but at least feels like it's in the realm of possibility. No, it says, "And Josaphat lived to be 840 years old." Can you imagine how ghastly you would look if you lived that long?! Holy shit. You wouldn't be able to lift your head because your nose would look like a school bus.

Wakenbaker 5 Dec 15

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There is a theory that the word for 'year' was misinterpreted and it should have been 'month'.
Living 900 months isn't out of the question, and if you lived 900 months (or 75 years) back then, of course people would be amazed, since the normal life span 2000 years ago was approximately 50-55 years.


You discount the idea of naked bribery of the entities controlling your life span. This is the part of the bible that King James suppressed..

Hey, hey, I'm just fuckin' with y'all. 😉 It's all horseshit.


Not to mention I would have to drag my balls behind me, and hope nobody stepped on them!!?!😮

Buck Level 7 Dec 15, 2022

I would have forgotten how silly the Bible is, but the goddamn Bible thumpers keep on bringing it up. 🤮


I have read at least one Xtian scholar say that individuals did not live that long, but that the linage lasted that long before descendants all died off. However, an elder of the church that I stopped attending some 28 years ago said the same as @DenoPenno says: the curse of death was slowed down because Adam and Eve were perfect human specimens and so were their offspring. It took awhile for the maladies caused by sin to have a big effect.

The flood, that donkeys could talk, and that unicorns existed are some other silliness. Oh, and huge giants.

" ... huge giants"
... would there be any other kind ? 🤔


Bible thumpers pass the long lifespan of those times to the slow acting effects of the curse. In other words, people lived a long, long time until man sinned but the effects of that sin slowly crept up on them. This could be why believers think they can get away with anything. 🙂

I've heard the same.


True True…..look at the Noah’s ark nonsense as the biggest example. Does any reasonable person really believe that a 500;foot wooden boat can carry all those thousands of animals, Noah’s ‘family’ and all the food needed?

Not only that, it had no bilge pump, no depth sounder, radar, sonar, not to mention marine putty to stop the water from leaking into the boat, not to mention the 40 days and nights rain that was also claimed.

You would probably need approximately a dozen modern cargo ships to handle all that.

Don't forget the millions of gallons of water to drink. The ark had one window on it.

@xenoview Ya got that right!! Ya can’t exactly drink salt water. I once had the misfortune of seeing a little puppy drink too much of it and died from it about 40 years ago.


My biggest regret is not having spent more time talking to my Dad. A recovering Catholic, atheist/agnostic; he collected Bibles, trains and old metal toys. He knew I enjoyed science fiction and suggested I read the Bible as it was filled with good stories. I tried it but couldn't get into it, the story line was too weird. Good point about the nose LOL.

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