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Just think how much better the years 2017 -- 2020 could have been. (Btw, I voted for Jay Inslee in the 2016 Democratic primary.)

Flyingsaucesir 8 Dec 30

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I think more how much better the last six years would have been if we'd had Bernie as prez, but, suit yourself.

Ha! Well if that's how you're going to play it, just consider how things might have been if the SCOTUS had not robbed Al Gore and handed the presidency to George W. Bush. 😂

@Flyingsaucesir Not related at all and certainly not comparable. Not going to debate you on it. You try and I block you, getting sick of your shit being an apologist for corporate Dems.. Gore was a terrible candidate, and a typical corporate Dem, same as Slick Willie. Running any kind of decent candidate against W., much less Nader, by the Dems, would have beaten W. easily...

@TomMcGiverin Oh, so you get to have the last word or you'll block me? That's pretty chicken shit. I expected better from you. Get off your high horse.

@Flyingsaucesir Get bent.


so who exactly is this?

i see it's likely pete buttigieg going by some of the info

kmaz Level 7 Dec 30, 2022

It is the current Secretary of Transportation. 😂

@Flyingsaucesir I can't stand Mayor Pete and look at how now his corruption is coming out in the open, as well as his screwing the railroad workers, along with Biden, over the recent contract dispute. I hate both him and Biden, for obvious reasons, and not because I am any kind of Rethug or conservative, because I am neither, so don't anybody try to smear me with that bullshit...

@TomMcGiverin The railroad workers did not get screwed. They got a lot of what they asked for; just not everything they wanted. When was the last time you, or I, got EVERYTHING we want?

@TomMcGiverin Btw, what corruption are you referring to? Buttigieg did what ALL political candidates do, i.e. accept campaign donations. And he also did his job as mayor, part of which included appointing a board to award city contracts. I admit this bears investigation. The contract awarding process should be audited to see if there was any impropriety. Were the contractors qualified to do the work? Did the contractors deliver quality work to the city? Were they the low bidders on the contracts? If they were not the low bidders in every case, was there some critical ability that their firm had that other bidders lacked? These are all questions I would ask. (Such oversight should be routine in all government contracting.) Until I have answers to all of those questions, I am not going to indict the mayor. By the way, even in a small city, 33 million dollars is not really a lot of money. You can spend that much in a heartbeat when your working on streets, water and sewer infrastructure, buildings, etc.


I voted for Joe Biden in the primary. If Jay Inslee, or Pete Buttigieg had gotten the nomination, we wouldn't have a democracy left, NATO would be dissolved, Zalensky would be imprisoned or dead and the Ukraine would be completely annexed by Russia.

Well in hindsight I think you made the better choice. I didn't think Trump could get elected to the office of dogcatcher. 😂

@Flyingsaucesir Joe Biden was the only candidate who could beat him. That's why Trump pushed the Hunter Biden bullshit, he knew Biden could beat him. Thanks go out to President Zalenskyy, Alexander Vindman and Jim Clyburn. Those three men literally saved our Republic.


Pretty sure that's Pete Buttigieg.

Tejas Level 8 Dec 30, 2022

Bingo! 😃


I'm not sure who Jay Inslee is. I've never been in any combat and I never had bone spurs.

Jay Inslee was (and still is) Governor of Washington. Climate change was (and still is) his number one issue.

@Flyingsaucesir I've kept my eye on Mr. Inslee for years now. I could get behind him if he ran for President.

@Redheadedgammy Hopefully rank choice voting (aka instant runoff elections) will become the norm everywhere.

@Flyingsaucesir absolutely agreed.


Like a night and day difference.

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