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Does anyone suffer from tinnitus? If so have you found any help for it?

ArtsyChick 5 Apr 30

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My doc told me nothing could be done. He then asked me to schedule a follow-up visit.
"For what?" I said, "So you can be certain you've done nothing for me?"

skado Level 9 Apr 30, 2018

I have had tinnitus since I was eleven years old, probably the result of repeated, untreated ear infections as a baby (we lived in the middle of nowhere, my dad was only home on weekends due to his job, and my mom didn't drive). The family doctor sent me to an ear specialist, but he couldn't help. I don't think people took this seriously over fifty years ago, especially not from an eleven year old.

I learned to live with it. My ears ring constantly (in a variety of tones, all at once), but I hardly notice it. Right now, the left is louder than the right. Masking it with white noise does not help but then, as I said, it just does not bother me.

Sorry that I could not be of help, but for me, it was adapt or never sleep.

@ArtsyChick I can truly empathize. When mine first began to interrupt my sleep, I cried! I wish that there was a magic pill . . . but alas.


Yes i have it... no i havent seeked help.i use a fan at night. Use to listen to music and try to sleep at night. I used earplugs all my life. Go figure...


yep. nope. if you find anything let me know please.


Checking in on behalf of all veterans.

Marz Level 7 May 1, 2018

I have it, haven't found help for it. I've seen some things being worked on in the scientific world lately that are kind of promising, but no solutions as of yet.

tmaaz Level 5 Apr 30, 2018

I have noticed that if i take quite a bit of aspirin,longer than a couple of days I get It, and it goes away soon after I stop. I do not want to equate this with your guys real problems, but maybe if it helps one person........


I sleep with a white noise machine. I'm told CVS markets a vitamin combo for tinnitus, but I don't shop there, so I haven't check it out. I'm not sure I trust them.


Yep. No, haven't found anything to help. At night, I have a white noise generator bedside. Otherwise, the tinnitus is so loud and annoying, it's difficult to get to sleep.

azyre Level 2 Apr 30, 2018

Yes I have tinnitus. I haven’t found anything that helps. I have learned to accept it so it doesn’t bother me in that sense.


Yes, I do, but it's from surgery to remove a tumor on the nerves behind my ear.


I have it. It's loud, constant and it's getting progressively worse as the years go by.
The Dr's. say I only have the normal amount of hearing loss for my age and had no clue what to do about tinnitus.
I think it has very low priority for research funding.


I get it in spells. I have it going on in both ears right now as I type this. I’ve been a musician for 25 years, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. I’ve learned to live with it, but sometimes I will throw my earbuds in and crank up some loud music.


I have it, it's especially bad first thing in the morning.


And, no.


I do, would love a cure, drives me nuts when it hits.


I've got a pretty severe dose of tinnitus, and 99% of the time I can successfully 'ignore' the screaming and hissing. A friend of mine just got a series of CD's that...over time...are supposed to 'teach' you to 'not' listen to the racket caused by tinnitus. We'll see. Any lessening of the noise of course has to come from the mental side, as there are no known physical fixes.


I have it. I sleep with a hepa filter running at night which helps. It is noticeable but I live with it. As long as enough noise is around to keep me from concentrating on it I am ok.

Ohub Level 7 Apr 30, 2018

My story, exactly.


Yes I do. I manage it with proper breathing and de-stressing. Stress is a trigger for mine. I also have used a product called CLEAR TINNITUS (it is a homeopathic/herbal blend by a company called Clear Products) and this also gives some relief. I have several customers who have also given me positive feedback on this product. You can probably find it in most Whole Foods types stores or maybe Amazon (not sure).


Yes I have it there is not a cure. Sorry to say that.


Something I changed in my diet or supplements cleared it up years ago. I think maybe adding magnesium to my pills? I also eat very little processed food, and only eat fish and eggs, with the rest vegetables and nuts


I'm sure you've found this resource, but if not, here's the link to the Tinniuts association


I'm not 100 percent certain that what I have is tinnutus. For me, more and more frequently I get a feeling of suction (negative pressure) in typically only my left ear, but now it seems to be invading my right ear too. Different things seem to affect it, like allergy seasons (though I don't have the classic symptoms of allergies). When I swallow, or sing, or am in a loud environment like karaoke, or a concert, or have the music in the car up a little above typical, it's like a static noise in my left ear. Like it's a microphone with a bad cord, "kkkkkkkchkk". It's physically uncomfortable, but not particularly painful. I've been to an ENT, and an audiology/allergy center at Vanderbilt university hospital. They put a tube in my left ear, which did nothing to help. They put me on allergy meds, and nasal spray with minor help. I cannot believe there's nothing they can do about it. There's a GODDAMN HUMAN HEAD TRANSPLANT surgery that's slated for sometime in the next year. lol


Just too amazing that there is not some Telethon for this Illness!

I too have suffered from it for years!

The doctor have so many diagnoses that it is unreal!

The consensus is always too operate every time!

No clear understanding on the part of the doctors or the clinics as too the actually base causes!

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