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Anecdotal -
'This happened in Georgia in March of 2021.
Megi Bakradze, 28, said on TV: “l call on everyone to get this!” As a health worker, Bakradze was in the first wave of people in 🇬🇪. Hooray and hallelujah! Salvation had arrived!
But there was a problem. Just minutes—minutes—after getting it, Bakradze became very ill. First she went to the local hospital. Then an ambulance took Bakradze to a better equipped hospital: First University Clinic at the Tbilisi State Medical University.
Her husband came as fast as he could.
When he arrived at the hospital, he was met by crying staff.
"Where is Megi?”
A guard took him to her. What he saw will haunt him for the rest of his life.
“She was just lying there [unresponsive] on the bed. I wouldn't wish such a thing on my worst enemy," he told a journalist.
She arrived at 7:45 p.m. She died before midnight. Twenty-eight years old. Leaving behind two small children. They will never get their mom back. For a cold.
If you took it and didn’t have a problem, thank god. I trust that the actual peace of mind and the theoretical protection was worth it. If you took it and did have issues, either immediate or ongoing, and you wish you had made a different choice, know that you, like Megi, were just trying to do the right thing and got duped.
If you are in the minority of people who said, “No, thank you, I’d rather wait and see” (in spite of the vilification, exclusion, hatred, name-calling, economic losses, and unkindness), you’re a badass and I want to be your friend and fr-amily. (<<= friends who are family.)
But no matter who you are or what choices you made, I hope you’ll agree with me that medical freedom, freedom if speech, and bodily autonomy all matter. And that medical decisions should be made in the privacy of a doctor’s office, not in the state or federal legislature. And that we should never let corporate greed and big medicine and big government run roughshod over our health.

p.s. Her family is still waiting for answers as to why their beloved daughter, wife, and mother died.' - Jennifer Margulis

BDair 8 Jan 9

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Disingenuous, and incomplete.

I've had the first two-shot dose, and three subsequent boosters. In addition to flu shots, pneumonia shots, and the shingles vaccine (also two shots).

I've yet to contract covid.
Haven't had the flu, pneumonia, or shingles.

The covid vaccines work.
I'm sick and tired of the morons claiming that they don't.
If you believe in that anti-vax bullshit, and if you think I'm calling you a moron because of it, YOU'RE CORRECT.
GTFO with your stupid delusions.

The young woman mentioned had an immediate reaction to the AstraZeneca COVID‑19 vaccine,
and she died because of it. Many countries temporarily halted the use of AZ because it was
causing blood clots in many people.
None of the Covid vaccines have been proven safe and effective,
and they are all causing massive harms with no benefit.
It has been admitted that they never prevented
infection or transmission.

Why Countries Around the World Are Suspending Use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 Vaccine

It’s the last thing public health officials want to see in the midst of a pandemic: more than two months after pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and Oxford University scientists released their COVID-19 vaccine, countries in Europe and elsewhere are pausing its use amid disconcerting reports that a small number of recipients have experienced blood clots, some of them fatal.


I have three allergies, two of which are classed as severe. I received the first shot of AstraZeneca in February 2021 and the second in April 2021. Before the first vaccination I was told that I might experience side effects, I experienced zero side effects from the first and second shot.

The total number deaths linked to vaccines in 2021 in the UK was 1,645 which is about 1/40 of 1% of the total population.

@ASTRALMAX BABE! Facts will only confuse him!!!!!!

@AnneWimsey Doubtless, he will say that the data has been doctored because it is not in accord with his BELIEFS.

@BDair She died of anaphylaxis. That means she was severely allergic to a COMPONENT of the vaccine, not the vaccine itself.
She died because she didn't receive the proper treatment for her reaction. NOT because she took the vaccine.
Quit cherry-picking your "facts". You're being just as bad as the thumpers who cherry-pick from their "holy" books.

The fact that you're trying so desperately to discredit the vaccine, only belies your agenda.
NOTHING is 100% for 100% of the population. Some people will react badly.
This happens with every vaccine, and every medication. Nothing is foolproof.

The absolute bottom line is that
VACCINES WORK. Including the covid vaccine.

@KKGator Probably a vaccine excipient caused anaphylactic shock.

@BDair No one said it will prevent transmission or infection. The point is to prevent serious illness and death if you get it. I got it twice, once before vaccines were available and once after being vaxed and boosted, and am damn glad the shots were available. The first time with Covid, I was also damned glad the Regeneron treatment was available for me, due to my age and heart condition, instead of me possibly ending up in the hospital or dead. That treatment, no doubt, shortened my illness and kept me from getting worse. The second time was last summer, and I was grateful I didn't need to worry about serious illness or death the second time around, even without any treatment whatsover.

This is frustrating to a lot of us. I am going to post a link (and excerpt) from a recent article in the Free Inquiry magazine. It's titled: "A light at the End of the Rabbit Hole."


This asshole antivaxer is so stupid that he forgets his rants about the DNA vaccines and how they are like the devil, but now he puts unsubstantiated crap against a vaccine that is done using traditional methods, Georgia being in the Russian circle probably got the Sputnik Vaccine or the Astra Seneca, regardless, these are both vaccines done the traditional way, a la Johnson vaccine, so being against this vaccine is being against the polio vaccine or any of the other life saving vaccines that we all get. Such an imbecilic post has to come only from the sick mind of a complete moron who doesn't understand that whenever he posts crap like this, someone might be dumb enough to be convinced by his bullshit, he's too dumb to understand that his idiotic rants may cause deaths or worse yet, chronic pain and disease. He claims to be naturally immune, but when challenged to do some actual good and volunteer in a hospital where people infected with the virus are dying, of course he never answers or tries to divert his responses to anything but an answer to a very simple question, when will you volunteer to save some lives and do good with your so called immunity? I have the answer, NEVER, BECAUSE HE IS A FUCKING COWARD!


This rubbish is SO utterly disingenuous as to be criminal. The direct inference is that the vaccine was so TOXIC as to cause a highly adverse reaction "in minutes - just minutes" and to cause the death of a healthy young adult, inside 4 hours!!
tRump is the direct cause of innumerable unnecessary deaths, just to cover his "gaffe" in failing to realise the severity of the Covid pandemic, as not just the deplorables, but an increasing swathe of the population fell for the con.

  • And notice the poster "conveniently" fails to give the hospital's report on the Cause of Death.
    Just a hauntingly enigmatic, "her family is still waiting for answers as to why [she] died".
    The only saving grace is that this horseshit is so obviously made up.

What does Trump have to do with a nurse that died shortly after being jabbed, in March '21?

We have now reached 1000 excess deaths per week for 6 months in the UK. People dropping dead with SADS and athlete sudden deaths which used to average 66-70 per year prior to 2021 are now 47 per MONTH. Insurance companies are also reporting 40% excess death in the working age group. With all this excess death, typically we would try to figure out what happened and the root cause of all this excess death. So if it is not the COVID-19 vaccines, please enlighten us what other factors would cause people to drop dead at a rate that should concern everyone? Could it be 5G? Global Warming? Invisible tornadoes? Randomly occurring black holes? I'd love to hear someone who is defending these ineffective jabs come up with just a few ideas of why people are dying in such large numbers since 2021. Whichever explanation is most plausible, I would love to hear why so many people died shortly after a jab in conjunction with the true cause of their death (which we are damn well positive it wasn't the jab...they are safe & effective even though the trial data would suggest otherwise).

@warlord13 Ben and Jerry's.
Each year the rise in sales of Ben and Jerry's directly correlates to an increase in children drowning.

The root cause of her deaths was not being treated for anaphylactic shock. I read beyond this posting and posted below

@273kelvin Yawn...Correlation <> Causation, yes we all know. Did Ben & Jerry's have a study which shows children who eat Chunky Monkey have a high risk of drowning if swimming after consuming their product? I doubt they would have such a study....but I'll bet the FDA has a study showing that people with many of the conditions causing death and disability we are seeing a severe uptick since 2021 are on a nice list introduced even before the vaccine was released. So unless someone can prove that chunky monkey & pools are at the heart of the excess death...I'd say when a published list of possible outcomes matches an experienced outcome, it is not a conspiracy to question if the vaccines which were known to have said adverse event/death issues just may be a leading cause of what we are seeing today. If you have a hypothesis of another root cause that should be investigated, I'm sure the insurance, medical, and 3 letter governmental agencies would love to review your data.

@warlord13 And China have just adjusted the number of COVID deaths since relaxing lockdown restrictions from 6 to 6,000+

@273kelvin just statistics to consider....vsafe data from CDC which took 463 days and 2 lawsuits to obtain shows 7.7% of people had to seek medical attention after vaccine. 25% had to miss work due to illness post vaccine. I wonder why we didn't see these numbers around the world in 2020 like we see in China now? One must also wonder why ivermectin was found to be highly effective and the #1 drug in a potential battle with a corono virus outbreak in a study back in 2012, yet it was demonized as horse paste so that EUA approval of vaccines could be obtained. Something smells funny with this narrative.


@warlord13 If we are really talking anecdotal, I refer my friend to something that happened this year (2022) to me. I can only give you the link to my comment because the events are still too raw and I do not want to go through them constantly. Suffice it to say, I hope you are right and I am wrong because I've been right and it sucks.

@273kelvin I am sorry to hear about your brother. Perhaps everyone is right depending on circumstances? This is why any and all medical choices should be left to the individual and doctors who are not pressured into a narrative be it pro or anti any treatment option. I know each side has examples of injured persons due to choice. Let's just allow each other to make an educated decision and allow all information to be disclosed and discussed 🙂

@warlord13 You pays your money you makes your choice. Gamblers have a saying: "The race does not always go to the swift or to the strong...that's just where the smart money is".
I am not a doctor, much less an immunologist, I can only follow the smart money. Do I trust govts, the media or the medical profession? Well, let's quantify that, govt?... Not really but if you have ALL of them singing from the same sheet including those that are at war or normally opposing each other, it adds an awful lot of credence. The same goes for the media, especially when you have the likes of Faux Gnus railing about the COVID hoax and unsafe vaccines whilst insisting that all their staff get jabbed. As for the medical profession, here in the UK, we are lucky to have one that's not in it for the money. So yes if my doctor says it's kosher, I believe him. Plus it is not just him but the vast majority of medical science.
Now you have made your choice and I really hope that it works out okay for you but please think a little harder about trying to persuade others. Informed choice is one thing but I find your posts very one-sided. They might say something like "Top scientist says vax might kill you" but nothing in it will refer to all the other scientists that differ. If it really was informed and not biased, it might have a poll of all the top guys and how many are pro/con. I suspect that might not favour your case.
Also, remember that this is not a game, we are dealing with peoples lives here and anecdotally I know 3 COVID deaths, one friend lost half his hand. Whilst nearly everyone I know has been jabbed and no deaths.

@273kelvin For me in my line of thinking & studying, I chose not to take the vaccines because of the early MRNA studies tested on Ferrets where not 5% or 50% died during testing but 100% died of enhanced immune response where the immune system began attacking the animals organs. It did not happen directly after injections but some several months later. I though perhaps they found a way around this issue but it would appear that while some people receive shots with zero effects, there are lots #'s where the severe effects are well known. With the 1000 excess deaths per week being noted in UK for the past 6 months, as well as the sudden death syndrome being seen in what would otherwise be healthy young people along with all the heart (myocarditis/pericarditis) being reported in young people like never before...I sleep well with my decision. Some may have studied as well and came to a different conclusion. While a majority of Doctors may have decided to agree with the government narrative, that doesn't mean they are not running for the proverbial cliff. Truth be told we do not know and probably will not know fully until many years down the road as the effect or lack of effects plays out on the populace who have undergone the experimental vaccines. Many things about this "pandemic" still played too much like a well tuned instrument and there are plenty of documents proving it was designed just so. While I know that you know 3 covid deaths from unjabbed friends, I also know of 3+ covid deaths from those who were healthy...jabbed...and died within days or weeks of their jab. Still the jury is out and as I stated...I'm right...but perhaps you are right too. 🙂


I have a former boss who's wife had a cyst in her ear. It was not that big and they said it would be a simple operation. Too much time went on and doctors made excuses. Finally they came out and said they had lost her. She was gone. We all know that vaccinations were involved before the operation. What was never found out is exactly why she had died. This was over 40 years ago.


“A doctor at the Imedi Clinic in Akhaltsikhe says 27-year-old nurse Megi Bakradze, who died after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, was not given proper medical assistance in the first minutes after going into anaphylactic shock.

Georgian nurse who went into anaphylactic shock after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine dies
Violeta Inasaridze, who was called in to testify in a case that was opened following Bakradze’s tragic death, claimed in her first testimony that she gave adrenaline to Bakradze once the latter went into shock; she has now admitted in a modified testimony that she did not actually provide medical care to Bakradze.

Inasaridze said that she thought that it was 'a simple reaction, like an allergic reaction'.

Prosecution charges 3 employees of Akhaltsikhe hospital for false information over 27-year-old nurse’s death
I have seen something like this very often, it is normal, it could have been emotional, she was an emotional child, and I thought it was not an alarming situation", Inasaridze said.
She said that she had done nothing when seeing Bakradze in this situation and left her with a 'reliable person'.“


Is is very disparaging when total strangers demand to know if you have been gene editited.
When I grew up my medical history was a private affair between me and my medical practitioner.
Sadly we have given away any rights to our health or privacy.
When someone asks me if I had been vaccinated, I ask to see their medical degrees, references and practise history.
Guess how many have complied with my request so far??
Has no one else noticed that a more people in the public eye are suddenly dying?? Normally sane people doing insane things??
Why is this myopia happening?

Kurtn Level 7 Jan 9, 2023
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