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Ear infection. I've been gone for a few days....and I may be for a few days more. Any natural earache remedies? I'm on antibiotics, but still in a lot of pain. Ugh.

Pips 5 May 1

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The pain may be more related to the pressure differential between the inner ear and your exterior environment. I would consider trying sudafed and/or Afrin spray (Oxymetazoline) which may decongest you enough to open your pharyngotympanic tube so the pressure can equalize. And definitely try an NSAID like ibuprofen.

Just be careful with Afrin, your body adjusts to it quickly so don't use it for more than 3 days.

GTrex Level 4 May 2, 2018

A heating pad. Warm ear oil (Mom used to do that for me -- but I have no idea what she used).
Chewing gum. Yawning intentionally. You want to get the pressure to drain. But you can't force it. I've had my ears rupture from the inside out due to internal pressure. I'll keep a good thought for you.

@Pips I hope it has helped.


Id just sleep for a month


If already under a doctor's care, I would not add to the treatment myself (adding ANYthing by ear if your eardrum is not intact can be dangerous). If you've had a few doses or days of antibiotics without improvement, your bug could be resistant. I would get a message to the doc or nurse right away.

Zster Level 8 May 1, 2018

Man, that sounds bad. I hope you get a successful treatment soon!


I find weed is an excellent pain killer and Cannabinoids are gaining momentum among patients and doctors as an effective way to kill bacteria. Recently researchers in Italy and the United Kingdom proved that cannabinoids can be effectively used to treat MRSA.


Go to doctor-if they put you on antibiotocs finish dose.


Whiskey. But don't put it in your ear. Just drink it.


I used to get frequent ear infections before I stopped eating white flour, red meat, refined sugar, and most processed food.

But if you don't want to improve your diet, eat a section of raw garlic just before bedtime. Also, red pepper and ginger help.

Antibiotics are bad for you..they kill your "good" bacteria and force negative evolution on the bad ones, since only the drug resistant bacteria survives.

Yes, antibiotics kill some of one’s microbiota, but it’s better than the offending microbes killing the person with the ear infection. A person can repopulate their gut, etc. more easily than they can be resurrected, despite what Jesus says. If worse comes to worst, then a person can receive a “poop transplant”. Those who refuse antibiotics, when a sensible doctor prescribes them, do so at their own peril. For an ear infection, ie one that close to the brain, I think it is bordering on anti-science religious fanaticism to refuse the prescription.

@CrassBrauer LOL! Not true. After I changed my diet in 1975, I had no more infections of any kind, I never got the flu again, no more "colds," no more yeast infections, and my stamina suddenly doubled. My kids were so healthy they never so much as got a sniffle growing up. Go ahead and take toxic drugs and pretend that you're being "healthy" to do so.

@birdingnut Being healthy does not entirely prevent infections, but it does keep the body’s immune response at a level that can keep most of them at bay. If a person has an ear infection that won’t go away and/or is becoming more serious, they need antibiotics. Hippy dippy or religious nonsense won’t help you if the infection has taken hold.

@CrassBrauer "Hippy dippy" to eat healthy food? LOL! I thought agnostics had high IQs! Go ahead and gorge on junk food and then take toxic drugs to cure the diseases. It's your body! But you are just talking like many Americans who like to make such declarations as "I'd rather smoke and die younger!"

@birdingnut “Hippy dippy” refers to ignoring facts and evidence, like “juice cleansing”, “crystal therapy” and non-science-based hooey like that. It’s not as insidious as religious nonsense like creationism and climate change denial but it’s hooey nevertheless. Your assumptions about my comments are telling: like the sterotypical American, you don’t weigh evidence well and lack the ability to have a nuanced argument. I eat a healthful diet, would never smoke and try to generally take care of myself and base those decisions on evidence.

@Pips Yes, unfortunately, they are becoming increasingly less effective as the offending microbes become more and more adept at resistance. Of course, keeping your immune system healthy with a good diet, enough sleep and exercise is a big help. Microbiologists are coming up with other promising methods for fighting pathogens, which can hopefully be turned into new treatments sooner rather than later.


I use onion juice from a read onion, sounds crazy but it worked for me, my pain was gone in less than 24 hours.  प्रचे☮️☯️?X


My Mom (83 y/o) uses "Sweet Oil" for her earaches. She had me pick up a bottle and the main ingredient is olive oil, I don't hear her groan about her ear hurting after she uses it. It may be psychosomatic but that's one less thing for her to complain about.


Natural remedies? There are a few that some people would recommend. However do any of these suggested remedies work? No. Take the antibiotic until it’s gone. Keep hydrated, rest, avoid outside exposure. For pain, acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen, whichever you can tolerate.

Yes, I agree. Doctors know how to help us.


drops of peroxide,

@Millie true, tickle is ok, noise is a bit much, but at least you know it is doing something.

@Millie Hydrogen peroxide has been used as an antiseptic since the 1920s because it kills bacteria cells by destroying their cell walls, it reacts with the enzyme catalase in the cells which is the fizzing. It is good for swimmers ear, it is a good antiseptic for sterilising implements but less good on cells because it also attacks healthy new cells.


Dunno about natural. When I had an ear infection a couple months ago I took ibuprofen to stop the pain. Everything else, the antibiotic took care of.


H2o2 I have poured in ear,also alcohol

damn I looked down and saw your post just as I clicked post, but yep, I use it a few times a week.

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