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Showing DeSantis for What He Is, Part I

Sadly, Florida is infected with and inflicted by a demagogic ideologue with little conscience, but with dictatorial tendencies: Rom DeSantis . He is politically shrewd but lacking in any real moral base. We must expose this very flawed man for what he is, an neutralize his toxicity, or he will damage both our state and our nation. Being an ivy league law school graduate,

it is obvious that DeSantis has intellectual ability. But there is a huge difference between having intellectual ability and behaving intelligently. Instead of choosing to use reason. Logic, facts, and moral purpose to try to serve his state in the most beneficial way, he has chosen to use fear, ethnocentrism, cultural bias, and xenophobia to stir up toxic brew of the basest of instincts in vulnerable constituents in the bowels of vulnerable constituents.

DeSantis would rather spend his time in office focusing on creating and magnifying culture wars, instead of attending to matters that would increase the quality of life and equal opportunity for all Floridians. Such activities keep his name in the news, particularly on Fox and other right wing propaganda sites. That way, his base may fail to notice that the quality of government and life in Florida is getting worse, not better.

As a career educator, I am particularly offended and angered by his actions in the educational sector. Years of starvation of public educational funding by Republican governors have left the state’s educational system near the bottom of all states in fiscal support of education, in spite of the wealth in the state. Then, DeSantis enacts a pittance of an increase in educational funding and acts like he has done a great thing for teacher pay. What a hypocrite!

wordywalt 9 Jan 26

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From what I understand most of his antics are misdirection. My sources tell me his actual performance as governor has been abysmal. Hurricane Ian struck in September and his sell-out policies left huge swaths of Florida without power. The 1st temporary shelters were only built by December 5th!
Note that mainstream media has not covered any of this bc a close race makes for better ratings and more advertising revenue.


DeSantis has all the qualities that conservatives love... racist, homophobic, white washing history, and anti-education. He scares me even more than Trump does.


DeSatan is more dangerous than Hair Furor, being just as evil and conniving but far craftier and much more intelligent. Another who would ride the lunatic fringe to power.


Thanks, Walt. Well said. Hypocrite is true, but much kinder than I've been in my comments about him.


As you implied there is a difference between intellectual ability and acting intellectually. All you need to do is look in the mirror to prove that point.

@Alienbeing WTF? Are you in 3rd grade? Is ad hominem attack the best you can do? Get a clue, man. You're boring us to death.

That comment is somewhere right out of left field--and doesn't make any sense to me. Living in Florida, I get daily reminders of how badly the education system suffers under Republican mismanagement.

@Flyingsaucesir Get a life!. Being critical of nonsense and pointing it out is not an ad hominem attack. I'd hate to bore a person with the intellectual acheivements you have so PLEASE, just ignore me, and go away.

@mischl Kindly give us a short list of the "mismanagement" of your education system you say you see daily. Three or four actual examples might justify your remark.

@Flyingsaucesir @mischl I regard @Alienbeing as being the Madman from Mars. I have no time for either his psychopathy or his misanthropy.

@mischl An example would help your statement.

@mischl, @anglophone

@anglophone frequently posts the "I have no time" b.s. His actions prove otherwise. He has time to visit my bio page, so it is obvious he has time, and interest.

What he really has no time for is facts. He has been proven wrong so many times that I am amazed he continues. One must assume he enjoys being proven wrong.

Rant on @anglophone, you are amusing.

@anglophone Yes, he's very annoying.

@Flyingsaucesir You confuse annoying with remarks that you cannot correct. When you are wrong, you should expect to be corrected.

If you took a little time and reviewed how many times @anglophone has been corrected, you'd be embarrassed to agree with him on very much.

Last, learn what an "ad homin" is.

@Flyingsaucesir That is exactly why I never bother to read what @Alienbeing writes. I have much better things to with my time than waste it on his psychopathy.

@anglophone I have read enough of his writing to know that it's usually bilious, often off point, always boring.

@Flyingsaucesir As oosd to you wh never really has a point.

@Flyingsaucesir, @anglophone For someone who has no time you are spemding too much time on this.

It really isn't a question of time, it is a fact that you've been proven to be misinformed so many time that you can't handle it.


Some think that he may team up with Trump and this would be how Donald gets back in the White House. I seriously doubt that DeSantis wants to be second banana.

Not constitutionally possible as they both are registered in the same state.


Deathsantis is scum.


I have bee warning about this guy for months and months. There is absolutely nothing about this man that I like, in fact he scares me more than the Orange One. In the beginning he was being called "Trump Lite", I disagree for the reasons in the post and more. There is ZERO that is genuine about him. His eyes are on the prize only, the prize is the White House.

MizJ Level 8 Jan 26, 2023

He's scary because he's much more clever than Trump. Some have said that DeSantis tries to emulate Trump. But I would say he uses political techniques that remind me more of Hitler.


Nearly 60% of Floridians voted for that turd. Proof of your point about the education system here. Sadly I think it will get worse before it gets better.

I also fear it will get worse before it gets better.


Hypocrite, absolutely !! He keeps talking about the freedom that Floridians have, while he pinches away at those freedoms. As a social worker I can attest to the importance of learning about the histories of people who have experienced oppression to know how to better understand and care for them. I'm becoming a little uncomfortable living in this state with this jackass of a governor.


Logical people do not need further proof of DeSantis' ethical character or his intellectual abilities (he has none).


He is only interested in money and power for himself.

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