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When will this website no longer be available? A lot of people are reporting problems with this website. The problem could be expired certificates. Certificates are needed to encrypt data. As are set up to use the httpS protocol when the website cert expires the websites won't be accessible via https any longer or possibly could still be reached via accepting an expired cert. Depends upon how the website is set up and I don't know that info. What I can say is that the https cert for this website expires on April 3rd, 2023.

If certificates aren't renewed, and they don't appear to be, then this website will be inaccessible in the very near future.

FvckY0u 8 Mar 3

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Renewing SSL/TLS certificates is a standard 2048 practice for website owners to ensure the continued security and accessibility of their sites.


Renewing SSL/TLS certificates is a standard 2048 practice for website owners to ensure the continued security and accessibility of their sites.


Well, the site is still here in July... but everytime I visit I get the expired cert warning. If no one is managing the site on the back end, then missing posts could be the least of the concerns. Oldest posts could be dumped as part of a purge process to keep the database managable, or newer posts could get dumped after a database update/restore (with the newer posts not backed up).

As a new member this is disconcerting to say the least.

Renewing SSL/TLS certificates is a standard 2048 practice for website owners to ensure the continued security and accessibility of their sites.


Perhaps it is time we establish our own forum?
I for one am researching the possibility, and willing to give it a go.
My problem is the lack of programming and IT knowledge.
I have found an abandoned atheist forum I am using in the meantime. It is perfectly functional except it does not have an administrator or moderator.
Being a learn as I go project, it will take some time. Any help and input is extremely welcome.


Like a few others have said before, I see my posts have disappeared. I browse ahead to post and later notice that the posts are gone. Then I re-word and put them back.


We're all thinking these things, and wondering these days. I'm not sure if we're the Marie Celeste, or maybe in the internet Bermuda Triangle, but it all seems like drifting.



2nd attempt


It’s going to lose members this way and will die off because of that. I feel there’s only a handful of regulars on here anyway.

That is true. Judging by the amount of activity on these boards, I would say there are no more than a hundred or two members regularly visiting the site and less than a hundred who post or comment. But then again, my view is undoubtedly distorted, because I have been blocked by a lot of people and vice versa.


Where did you read that the certification is going to expire on that date, under what section of the site can that be read???

@FvckY0u Ah okay, I don't use a web browser though, Android mobile app.


I thought Certs were breath fresheners. 🤪


Gee whiz, has it been a year already since the last similar post?


The Domain Registration has been renewed otherwise we could not post here, the site would go offline. The Server simply needs maintenance work. Also, many people have computers which have never been serviced even with Windows 10 built in maintenance tools. Computers will slow down without regular maintenance.

I notice weird lags or delays in opening within my browser I don’t notice with other bookmarked sites. Don’t know if that’s an omen. It would be sad to see this site go down permanently. Hope that won’t happen ever.

@Scott321 Most browsers that I am familiar with have settings in which you can set or disable features of the browser, clear cache and delete cookies etc etc

Seems specific to Agnostic and quite recent. Very sluggish sometimes such as when clicking on my alerts list. I could try clearing my browser to see if it helps.

@Scott321 There are several popular browsers online that can be easily downloaded. Currently, I am giving Opera a trial run and so far the performance is good.

I’m using Firefox. I just did a wipe. Maybe it resolved the lag for now. Opera is fancy with bells and whistles and aesthetics galore. This had soured me years ago: []

And note Google forcefits “amp” into links, I usually try to clean that up but left it in as an example of big data power plays. On the upside Amp can sometimes sneak you past paywalls. Not sure how that works. Google…do more evil like that please.

But back in 2012 when Facebook was looking into scooping Opera up into its empire I was already aware what a colossal little shit Zuck was based on his behavior as a Harvard student. Opera is probably fine now. Facebook not at all.

@Scott321 I had been using Firefox for a long time before trying Opera and found that the pages on this site loaded slowly. There are many reasons for webpages loading slowly and at times some of those reasons are beyond our control. Firefox is good browser with settings that are easy to navigate.


If this website ceases to exist, I have enjoyed being a member and participating in it.


I believe that and are both run by the same Admin, Michael Barnes. He probably has a team or two to manage both sites. They have a few technical problems on Slug, too, but the problems are not going to be solved anytime soon because Admin never responds to any problem reports. Both sites are run by ghosts, probably. Lol

If I remember correctly, someone called spiketalon or something implied some time ago that they know Admin personally and they have Admin's email address. Perhaps, they may be able to share some information with us as to whether this site is closing down soon or not.

Ryo1 Level 8 Mar 3, 2023

I must admit that I just drop by to see if there is any interesting/fun stuff posted on here. But, if this site serves as a place where people meet and make friends or as a haven for atheists who can finally be open about their non-belief, it would be a shame to let it wither away.

@FvckY0u Including the domain name which needs to be renewed.

@Ryo1 Admin's name isn't Michael Barnes, and yes I have his email address, and haven't heard from him in some time now, about four or so months. Last I heard he had gotten married and was real busy with some other projects.


Oh…more prophesies of doom again! Every few months for the past two years we seem get someone posting a message similar to this one…. If it ends it ends. We’ve paid nothing in except our time, and we’ve had a great old time interacting with some convivial (and a few less so) people with similar irreligious views to our own. If we have forged closer friendships due to meeting here, it’s more than likely we will have exchanged some other sort of contact details as a contingency plan to insure against the doomsday scenario, should the site closing down ever becoming a reality.

That's sort of my outlook but I have only shared further contact info with just a couple of people from this site but not not nearly as many as I've thought I might want to. There is/are SO many and this site makes it so easy to manage them.
I hope issues get resolved and the site remains active, that is what I wish for😇.

@silverotter11 Yes…me too.

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