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Excluding religion, what are some of the other forms of bullshit that you are growing tired of? Flat earth? Conspiracy theories?

ImRonBurgundy 5 May 1

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Climate change deniers.

Also, those who promote "trickle down" theory as something that actually works.


Flat Earthers, & many other conspiracy nuts are more funny than anything, & yes, FE's belong with the rest of the conspiracy nutters for all their "proof" rests on the concept that every scientist everywhere is lying about everything!
Honestly, the "Free Market" & Capitalism has run amok. We seem to have been turned into more of an oligarchy than when we were in the "Robber Baron" days. Trickle-down economics was rightfully called "voodoo"!

some of the ways Society behaves, is unacceptable, I do understand they have been damage by their beliefs, but still I don't have to like it.


Hateful political post. There is good people on both sides of every issue. It Doesn't make you right or wrong just your opinion. Hateful talk is ugly and makes them look like a ugly person.


Victim blaming. "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" mentality. Worship of the bottom line above all else. Wilful ignorance.


Antivaxxers. Anti-global warming.

Zster Level 8 May 2, 2018

I know a moron that informs of his plan to call ICE whenever someone speaking Spanish annoys him.

And the paranoid people raving about THE MUSLIMS that as far as I know have never met a muslim.


I just change the topic and move on Why hear the bullshit Let them keep their bullshit

Rosh Level 7 May 2, 2018

I stopped clicking Like because I agree with all that have been mentioned.


I'm getting tired of homeopathy bullshit! If I overhear another lady on the street talk about vagina stones or coffee enemas... I'm going to suggest they try shitting out a hedgehog! That's about as effective as their fucking bullshit!
Sorry, sorry, just got triggered is all.

@McVinegar Yep, there's an homeopathy place I pass everyday on my way to classes and it's stupid signs make me seethe!


The curse of TV advertising, along with it's tendency to to treat the viewers as if they were all mentally retarded children. the adverts, injected into the TV program multiple times which destroys the continuity of the program. This is worse if you have Sky TV and you have paid a substantial sum to have uninterrupted programs. They are having problems at present and they need to wake their ideas up,............ They piss me off !!


Anti-vaxers, they are downright dangerous. Bugger up herd immunity and have no idea how serious the diseases we vaccinate against really were.

Kimba Level 7 May 2, 2018

Reiki, and chemtrails oh and homeopathy.


Conspiracy theories and other assorted bullshit are EVERYWHERE. From religion, through JFK assassination and faked moon landings, to 9-11.

It just keeps happening.


I think we went to the moon once (apollo 11) but then never went back..(too costly,dangerous and not much there) ....and stanley kubrick did the videos for the subsequent "landings" ....check out "kubrick and 'the shining' " ......documentary about all the clues in "the shining" cause the stress of the secrecy was driving kubrick crazy.......

huey Level 3 May 2, 2018

I do so hope you're kidding...


Trump apologists



Karma. In reference to a wicked person 'Karma will get him in the end". Like hell. Don't rely on karma......punch him in the nose

Yes. Thank you.

I believe in karma only to the extent that I think that anything you do affects you, positive & negative. The more positive, the more respectful, the nicer you are, the more you will be a happy positive person. The opposite also applies. & actions have ripples, you can spread smiles or frowns, hugs or slaps. But, as far as a Cosmic Equalizer, pure wishful thinking. We are flukes of the Universe, the Universe don't care, we have to make our own heaven or hell!


An expanding universe - total bs

gater Level 7 May 2, 2018

Proof! Show your proof & win your Nobel Prize!

@phxbillcee The problem lies with definitions. Todays scientist think of the universe as only what we can see with Hubble - about 45 billion light years. But that is only the observable universe. The Universe is infinite and eternal, and something that is infinite can not expand.

@gater Space without matter and energy only exists in your mind, though. The observable universe (which has matter and energy) is, without question, expanding. A complete and total vacuum is nothing but an abstract thought.

@MollyBell Wrong - exists only in my mind? funny The Universe is infinite - what is infinite by definition can not expand

@gater It's not infinite. It only goes as far as the matter and energy goes. Anything beyond is empty space, as far as we know. Empty space ONLY exists in the mind. There's nothing there.

@MollyBell Space continues forever - its either empty, occupied or partially occupied. You clearly have comprehension issues.


Global Warming deniers

Some of them are intelligent people, WTF


Cancer research
Organizations creating fundraising events for cancer research
When the reality is: The chemotherapy business makes $

Brest cancer pink runs. Big bullshit right there!
How about education on proper diet? Effects of detergents, fabreeze use, etc?
Hormones in milk and meat?

So... drink milk, eat Burger King, use perfume and keep running (destroy your knee joints!) and wear ridiculous pink outfits

It would certainly do us much more service if prevention were part of the agenda

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