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The god of reverse psychology.

redbai 8 Mar 17

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Naked and Afraid.

Origin story.


One of the things that I balked at early on with the Buybull, was how all these different races of people all over the globe came from two white hippies…..👀

Buck Level 7 Mar 18, 2023

I always thought it was so strange that they ate the forbidden fruit and suddenly discovered that they were naked. What is so wrong with being naked? This would also mean that the "forbidden fruit" was from the tree of knowledge. This changes many things and believers still think this was a true story. How so? Did god tell Moses about it? Ridiculous beginnings.

There is nothing wrong with being naked, yet we have laws forcing people to wear clothes or go to jail.
Maybe that fruit made us evil so we created laws for things we didn't need then for? Of course, it's a fictional story

And also deciding the penis was not suitable as originally designed and would need to be altered to please "him."

I rejected clothing from the very beginning. One of my earliest childhood memories was from I’m guessing around 4 years old. I stripped down Buck naked and crawled out a second story window onto the front porch roof, and was waving at all the passing cars. I could hear my mother and uncle Bob in the house frantically searching for me, but I was more interested in seeing how many cars I could make beep as I stood out there waving my wiener at them!!?!😎
Needless to say when they found me, they weren’t impressed…..👀

@BufftonBeotch Apparently if the penis kept that foreskin you were "unclean." (Was it the lack of water in the area?) So, hack that skin off to show you are special to your god. Later, Kellogg of cereal fame came along and claimed circumcision would keep boys from masturbating. Why was everyone so worried about this?

@DenoPenno Kellogg was very much a nut case.


So--Eve not only outwitted god....she mystified Adam, too. No wonder men are afraid of us.

As we should be!!!?!!👀

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