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Not sure where to put this:
A recent photo appeared in the FFRF newsletter under the section, ‘crank mail.’ A sample and a picture of a possible crank mailer.
Even pence gets into the fray. []

jackjr 7 Mar 18

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With a shirt like that we know he drank all of the koolaid.

And took the 'special little pills'.


What a terrific fucking post.


Shouldn't this have been posted under rednecks r using? Oh damn. That's right. This sight really hasn't had enough people to form such a group.

I didn't get the opportunity to watch the pence video (not worth capitalizing) until just now. I have never felt such an urge to boil myself in bleach to wash away someone else's bullshit from my ears.

Then again, it's good to know our country is founded on God and natural resources. And the exploitation of others, and greed. Oh, and the thirst for power. Almost forgot the side effects of all of those combined then mixed in a republican glass bowl made of crystal with a silver spoon. (Add the special white powder while the guests have their backs turned.)


Thinking he's Special....too bad so sad........

Wonder what his childhood was like, or what, if any, his children's life is like.

@jackjr When don lardo first came on the scene in 2015 one of my first ponderings was what was this ass like to have as a father.
Well, it did not take long to find out. Be it a date of just meeting a new friend always watch how they treat a waitperson, salesperson, etc.

@silverotter11 Often how one treats others is a reflection of how one was treated when growing up. Narcissists are often made and become the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect many of his enablers grew up in the same atmosphere as he did. As far as your sister goes, maybe this was more nature than nurture.

@jackjr Well, mom's approach to child rearing was divide and conquer.

@silverotter11 So you were on one side and your sister on the other!?

@jackjr Oh Yeah! It was strange days as a kid. Di and I were at each from the moment we popped out of the womb but as we got older mom definately used our differences to her advantage.
I've always been a loner, I liked having friends but I could happily play by myself. Di seemed to need to seek out friends to play with. What was really annoying was when she would co-op my friends. I'd just shrug it off and go play on my own but it was annoying.

@silverotter11 My daughter was very much like you. She could play for hours on her own and never, once woke us up for attention. When she got a little older she did find friends but had to be in charge. Unfortunately, an adulterous affair from my ex took us apart and she ended up growing up with a bi-polar mother and a drunken step father. They had a daughter right away who got all the attention. My daughter told me she grew up the Cinderella life and is still looking for prince charming (her present husband is a dreamer - her words).

@jackjr I never had to be in charge and usually just went with the flow. If there was something that actually mattered to me I could be quite persistant. As an adult I was never high maintance but when a thing that mattered to me was denied or interfered with it would change my perception of a person or mate. Which meant to me what mattered to me clearly was not important enough to that person who claimed to have my interest at heart. As in why are they just not being supportive. It's sort of hard to explain.

One thing that happened ALL the time as a kid was losing at board games. It's a game, someone is always not going to be the winner. I was not the winner at board games, I never took it personally and I do not recall ever being upset about it. What was weird was when I started playing a dominos game with several of the women who live in this apartment complex. I had an amazing win streak and winning actually felt very strange.😈😈🤣.

'Yer gonna git that flag tattooed on yer ass by the time yer ten, or yer grounded! Ah don't care which ass cheek, as long as you save room fer a cross.'

@BOBdammit A looooong time has past since I was ten. I keep looking but haven't found any tattoo yet.

@BOBdammit, @silverotter11 I understand as I feel the same way. Unfortunately, a couple here were my closest friends and we did everything together (within reason). When the pandemic hit their disdain for all government rules became clear and a number of us realized even though we've been close we really didn't know about their history. This island if famous for it's go along to get along attitude. When the pandemic came along many of realized that no longer worked. I no longer have anything to do with the family.
I feel the same about games (cannot understand the appeal to gambling). My late partner wanted to have fun and would often openly cheat with games. Most people wanted to have her play as the cheating added another dimension. One of our favorites was 'Mexican Train' (similar to dominoes).

@jackjr "Mexican Train' is the variety of dominoes we play here at the apartment complex. I don't play any more, the group dynamics have changed. Thing is it is very interesting (at least to me) to watch how people behave. One of the reason I quit was because they made up their own rules to control the flow of the game. The dynamics became VERY strange and it really was no fun anymore.

@silverotter11 Was there someone leading the move? I just talked to a friend who was going to teach me to play pickelball. She said she needed some surgery on one foot (a growth on the ankle) and that she quit the pickelball group. Apparently some cliques have started and people got choosy about who they did and did not want to play with. This area is growing fast and most are high end homes. It is changing the social dynamics of the county, for the worse.


Yeah, I really wonder about people who seem to be looking for a fight or to create a wall of separation before even having a chance to interact with people with unknown political affiliations.

Most of my interactions with strangers are in the shared pool at my condo. We get a lot of visitors from all over, and most come with no shirt stating their beliefs like this, of course, so we have conversations on an even playing field, blank slate so to speak. If I mention that I have to work later, they often ask what I do for a living, and I tell them I perform weddings, so they reply, oh, so you're a clergy person! So I answer that yes, I'm humanistic minister, so I cater to couples wanting a non-religious wedding focusing on just their human values, not biblical references.

It often turns out to be an interesting conversation. Even for the super religious folks, I can generally present a more softened perspective of the non-religious than they would have expected. I've had people exclaim, "Oh! I've never met an atheist before!" and I reply that I'm sure they have, they just didn't know it.

If folks come down to the pool wearing a red hat, I don't even initiate a conversation anymore. They are just so full of anger at anyone who actually has thought about religion, questioned it and thinks about ways people can solve the problems of the world using human reason and compassion, rather than praying to a god to fix things for us.

I wonder if people are more apt to converse more calmly in a pool than outside one. Especially, if they have little clothing and no place to hide a gun. I also wonder how many read the crank mail comments.

@jackjr Yes, in a pool, we just have ourselves, no ammunition except our minds. I've had wonderful conversations with the religious and non-religious alike. I do wonder if things will change now that my state is having to loosen our previous very strict gun laws.

Our county makes it known publicly how many open carry permits they are now issuing per month, and the number may seem small to most folks, but we have always felt so safe, and now we have to wonder if we tick someone off if they might open fire.

We have a very inclusive, open minded and warm-hearted community, because it is the way of the culture here, but it only takes a few newcomers with crazy ideas to start trouble.

@Julie808 Why are they 'having' loosen their gun laws? Here we are tightening ours and are strongly proposing some very strict laws. I would think your state is not a red state.

Thou art reasonable and wise.

@jackjr The SCOTUS ruling last summer expanding gun rights, not allowing states to restrict concealed carry, etc., means our state must now issue permits for individuals to carry guns, when previously we didn't. I guess it's concealed carry, not open carry. I'm not so up on the gun terms. This isn't Texas.

Luckily, the level headed state officials here are doing what they can by requiring gun safety classes, etc., so it's hoped that only responsible people will be carrying guns, but many of us are not liking the idea of having more guns, which could be stolen and resold on the streets with criminal intent, after we've felt so safe for so many years. We've had so very few gun incidents over the years, but I expect we'll have more crime once we have more guns on the island.

@Julie808 I had thought the ruling also allowed for regulations (that is the first part of the amendment). It seems it was another states rights issue. Here we are about to outlay semi-automatic guns and tighten the registration process. Unfortunately, translating the constitution has become complicated. The Jurist who say they want to go back to the 'literal' wording are still interpreting what the words mean to them.


The stupid love to advertise they are stupid. They do this because THEY ARE STUPID!

They are looking to get someone else to react. Chances are they have a gun to put their money where their mouth is.

Scientific studies show that stupid people are more apt to think themselves smarter than actual educated people believe themselves to be.

@Beowulfsfriend l have read the same thing in a couple of places.


So big and bad he wears it on his back as he walks away the so called self created danger!!!


This big ape and his stupid t-shirt embodies EVERYTHING that's wrong with Republican thinking. They think all that meaningless, useless shit is important while oblivious to the importance of universal healthcare, gun control, debt-free college and infrastructure. If ANY of those things were important they'd be featured on his t-shirt but these brain-dead conservatives have been convinced into thinking that saluting the flag is more important than SNAP for the poor, or renewable green energy. for everyone.

How the fuck does saying Merry Christmas or standing for the pledge of allegiance help in anyone's life? EVERYTHING that's important to these people are just meaningless gestures that they think are demonstrations of "patriotism" -- a word they don't understand at all.

They'd rather eat bacon than have affordable healthcare. They're morons.

Well bacon is pretty super!!?! 😋

@Buck Bacon is awesome, I just don't think it's more important than healthcare or gun control.

Simple sayings for the simple minded. Of course it is people like him who are part of the crank mail crowd. 99% of them haven't a clue of what they are talking about. If they only knew how much people who read their 'complaints' were poking fun at their misspellings bad grammar and just bad reasoning (if one could call it reasoning).


Dickless Incel Hall of famer


I REALLY want to poke this particular bear.

I think we'd have a lot of fun!🤣🤣🤣

But be sure to wear a bullet proof vest.

He'll shoot you then strip rashers of bacon from your carcass cuz that's how you display, y'know, patriotism in their diseased minds.

@Sgt_Spanky Not sure why anyone would think that spud would have the upper hand on me.

@KKGator Good point. Kick his ass, KK.


This shirt tells me my personality would trigger this ass SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad😂! Funny you posted this at this moment. I was just thinking about when I worked in the printing industry.
I was a single woman, took no crap off my male co-workers and just by doing a very good job posed a real threat to some of them.

Careful, he's probably got a gun (to make him feel more 'manly.'


Typical MAGA asshole. I'm sure he's even more repulsive when viewed from the front. Glad we were spared that.

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