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What is the most effective way to deal with Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons or other religious door knockers?

snytiger6 9 May 2

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I had a friend that pretty much did this. THey would still stay until he just shut the door in their faces


My great grandmother used to answer and tell them "We've been expecting you. Will you take a goats head for payment? The dark lady of the house is out but she shall return".
That always makes me laugh when I think of it. Its so much better coming from an elderly woman.

As Jehovah's Witnesses believe in demons (or at least my oldest brothers ex-wife did), that would freak them out However, it may also help perpetuate their false beliefs.


I found the most useful use of my graphic design degree yet by making a sign to put on our front door that reads "This is a religious free environment, violators will be righteously persecuted".

Using the word "Persecuted" I figured it would be amusing to go with a pun the religiously inclined would get.

It seems to have worked thus far. The Jehovah Witnesses even stopped shoving copies of the Watchtower under our front door tearing up our weather stripping. And throwing threats at us of how we will never make it to paradise. And this has been going on for nearly six years now.

I still have to take it down when my inlaws come by, my husbands family are catholic and would lose their collective shit if they knew he married a woman who came from a long line of heathens. My husband is still a believer but has become even more anti religious than I am over the years so it cracks us both up.

You shoudl mass produce that design and sell them.


I say greet them with baby oil and gay porn...

LOL... I am gay, but don't own any porn. I do like the idea though.


"I'm not interested. Have a nice day." Close the door.


A large pentagram painted on the front door works wonders.

Does the pentagram need to be upside down?

I know Wiccans sometimes use the upright pentagram indicating positive magic.

I'd worry about vandalism or hate crimes with a pentagram on my door.

@snytiger6 Good point. Upside down would be the way to go. Clearly people are not afraid of harassing Wiccans, but you'd have to be a special kind of stupid to fuck with an alleged Satanist. ?

@ElSuperbeasto Believers are a special kind of stupid. Especially those who proselytize.


LOL. That might work, but I wouldn't do it to the letter carrier.

Trod Level 5 May 2, 2018

I was Mormon most of my life. I know the most effective cause of cognitive dissonance for Mormon missionaries are people they love who come out as LGBTQ and kind ex Mormons.

I invite them in, get them a drink, offer them food. I am very clear about who and what I am and what is used to believe. I tell them I’m aware they have a certain quota to fill with nonmormons and offer my home as refuge. They are welcome to rest, watch movies, play board games, learn to cook, come for dinner, hug my dog. My door is always open for them as it is for any other child in need of help and safety. Because they’re just teenagers far from home doing the thing they’ve been taught their entire life they have to do to be a good kid.

I inform them of my rules for discussing religion- that I won’t bring it up, I’ll leave it to them to make that decision. But if they do we operate on logic and reason and facts- not feelings and testimony. I also show them my collection of lds doctrinal books and inform them I’ve read every one. I’ve only had one missionary try to discuss and about 20 minutes in conceeded that I likely knew more than he did and he’d rather play a board game than continue the conversation.... then I kicked his ass at settlers of catan.

I’ve cycled through multiple sets of missionaries here because my family keeps sending them. They typically come back and take me up on my offer of safe space in one way or another. I fiend them on Facebook and offer to be a resource if they ever need it after going home. So far I’ve had one missionary have a crisis of faith and reach out for support after going home.

But I’m not nearly as patient with adult jws.

Amber Level 4 May 15, 2018

As I am also an ex-Mormon (boen into it, didnt' choose it), I do have soem compassion for the missionaries, but I have spent enough of my life listening to religion, and I see that tiem as mostly wasted. Life is short and I prefer not to use up more of my lifetime listening to more of it.

I am nto rude, I usually just tell any door knockers tha I have no interest whatsoever in organized religion and then close the door.


I tell them I am Catholic altho I have not been for 50 years!


That's a cute cartoon. When I'm in a hurry, I just tell them I'm Catholic. (It's not exactly a lie, as I was baptized Catholic!)


Depends on the mood I'm in....being that they make a living selling lies, I figure I might lie to them a bit and say I'm Jewish and then proceed to tell them they are a blaspheming cult, and then see what happens afterward. I wouldn't recommend answering the door in the naked because there is a chance they might actually enjoy seeing that, and I just don't see any sense in giving folks like that any sort of pleasure, if you get my meaning. By the way in case you wonder, there was no typo above, I purposely said in the naked instead of in the nude because well...I just have to be different and sound a little unusual, hehe.


Back in the day, I was over a friend's when 2 JWs knocked on the door. He answered, and they introduced themselves. He invited them to tell him their whole spiel. I gave him this "wtf are you doing?" look, and he gave me the "don't worry, this will be good" look.
At the end, they offered him a watchtower, for a small donation. He gave them like a buck, and took it. At which point, he asked them "this is mine? I can keep this?" And they replied of course. He proceeded to reach into his pocket, pull out a bic lighter, and burn it in front of them.
They never came back. Lol


I ask them for sex, that usually does it.


I tell them I'm an atheist. When they ask why? I say that no gods were ever real.
That's usually enough to do it.


All you need to be polite and say "oh sorry, I was excommunicated last year". Not only will they go away, your house will be blacklisted as they can't be seen with such heathens!


All you need to be polite and say "oh sorry, I was excommunicated last year". Not only will they go away, your house will be blacklisted as they can't be seen with such heathens!


All you need to be polite and say "oh sorry, I was excommunicated last year". Not only will they go away, your house will be blacklisted as they can't be seen with such heathens!

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