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I had the second stage of a job interview today. I havent worked in a long time because I am holding out for a certain schedule. This job has the schedule I want.

I ok with asking someone to do some voodoo for me

btroje 9 May 2

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I can't find any more virgins to sacrifice to the gods for you or I would, sorry.


Haha. fingers crossed 😉


Whon ton fuey....macca dooie.

I think that did it!

@btroje that's my best Asian in New Orleans...



Good luck.


Good luck! I will send good positive job getting vibes your way.


VooDoo? Who do? You do! I do what? That VooDoo that you do..and good luck sis!!!


@btroje you got it, here it is voodoo for that thing you'll doo-oo

I feel a song coming on


I just got back from time traveling and you have the job. Except I wasn't supposed to tell you. You know, butterfly effect and all.

vita Level 7 May 2, 2018

Good luck.....


Yep, I'll give it a go


I will send good vibes and positive thoughts. Hoping your the best candidate for the job.


Good luck! 🙂

Jnei Level 8 May 2, 2018

Does somebody have to die or can they just be turned into a zombie? 😉

i think they are coming out with gentler processes for those that are choosing that lifestyle

@btroje Seems to me like the waste of a perfectly good black rooster if you aren't at least going to get a zombie out of the deal. Just sayin. 🙂


Yay. Sending positive woogie your way.
Srsly tho, I hope you get it.


Want me to read the tea leaves for you?

that would be good! or maybe read some runes/ throw some bones

@btroje Odin had to tear out one eye to be able to read the runes. Too much sacrifice for me. But the tea leaves say there is a hellhound on your trail. Oh, no, never mind, that was Robert Johnson's fate.
All will be well.

@Spinliesel Odin was badass


I have no such powers but I hope you get the job! 🙂

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