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Fox News and Dominion reached a record settlement.

Tucker has been fired.

Is the dominion settlement & fallout adequate punishment?

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domos 7 Apr 26

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The New York Post has good grounds for suing numerous companies and 51 intelligence officials who claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation prior to the 2020 election and likely influencing voters enough to win the election for that crooked and senile idiot Biden!! The dominion lawsuit against fox was bullshit compared to that!

I don't believe it is wise to equivocate those two things


Should be no penalties for free speech. If the man is often incorrect, people will not pay attention to him.

I won't watch set scripts that most other networks have and they are same script without investigating reporting second rated actors. The sound bites interveiws are 5 minute with a set agenda. And sponsor by Pfizer is corruption to the Rotten core.

"If the man is often incorrect, people will not pay attention to him."

That may be the dumbest fucking thing you've ever said.


So, as much as we all wanted Dominion to be a champion of Democracy, that's not their responsibility. Plus, even if they won and got a judgment for the whole $1.6b, who knows how many years and how much money they'd have to spend in the appeals process to actually collect.
But for all of its crimes, Fox should be put down. Capital punishment, baby.

Capital punishment for the organization or the individuals in charge?

@domos Organization. I don't believe in capital punishment for people. If they got murdered, however, that would be pretty awesome. Maybe some parent who lost a child or two to a school shooting loses their shit and takes revenge on all the assholes that are supporting pro-2nd legislation.
I'm honestly kinda surprised that not a single loved one of any of the women that have died from abortion bans hasn't killed some SCOTUS members.

@ChestRockfield damn! It seems like you have run out of compassion for political right. Lol. Not sure I blame you though. Lol!


That is an onesided act of totalitarian, even when both sides suck with delusion of freedom and create destruction. Give them both small stuff to take care of

@Castlepaloma I'm not saying the left is perfect, but anyone who can't see the right is more dangerous has zero fuckin' ability to assess degrees of anything. Basically, they're idiots.


I voted for capital punishment because of the role Fox has played in helping Covid kill a million Americans. That is just one of many crimes. The fostering of bigotry, hate, ignorance, and parroting of RT memes are a few more.

Capital punishment for the organization or the individuals in charge?

Life in prison for those who told the lies and at least 5 levels of management from Murdoch down (or between Murdoch and the presenters).


How did Dominion demonstrate damages to
the tune of millions of dollars?

BDair Level 8 Apr 26, 2023

Nothing was demonstrated. A decision was made before trial because everyone knew that Dominion voting machines were not and could not switch votes from Trump to Biden. That idea is ridiculous. Now the lawsuit door is open for Smartmatic and others to follow. Murdoch will end up not being able to insure Fox for anything before this is over. The big crime, the big lie, was to give people what they wanted to see and hear. In this respect Fox News did produce. On one of my deliveries Tuesday I saw Fox News on and the big headline was that Hunter Biden is being brought up on a paternity lawsuit. I'm thinking Hillary's e-mails might have the answer for all of this.

Blackrock owns many shares of both Dominion and Fox.
It was a money laundering scam. Any competent lawyer
could have proven that Dominion did not suffer millions of
dollars in harms. There is no way we can know whether Dominion's
machines could switch votes.
They were certainly proven to be hackable,
with backdoors.

We just don't know what we don't know.

Any computerized voting machine can be tampered with.
There may not be a way to detect a breach.

Anything is possible.

@BDair It seems you are also peddling misinformation.

Providing evidence something is possible. Does not mean that it indeed happened... Especially in the way described by the conspiracy theorist regarding the 2020 election.

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