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The say Sedona AZ is full of spiritual whack jobs. Just look at all those miserable fuckers. Fuck that, I'm gonna watch MSNBC instead.

FvckY0u 8 May 21

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I stopped in a motel outside Sedona on a bike trip a few years ago. All I can remember is that it rained heavily and there were roundabouts (shock,horror) on the road.

yeah those pesky roundabouts on american roads. We all hate them. They have 4 of them within a mile of where I live. I absolutely love them. I think most everyone that use them daily does.

@FvckY0u Those were the only ones I encountered in almost 6000 miles so I can understand if they can cause confusion to some drivers.
We have millions here from mini roundabouts to massive ones you almost bneed a satnav to negotiate. There is a complex one near London that's nicknamed the Scilly Isles. Road planners certainly love roundabouts.


I live in Arizona, and I've been to Sedona a number of times. I like it better than the Grand Canyon. Beautiful scenery, good eats, vibrant arts community, and most of those "spiritual whack jobs" are very nice people.

What the heck, @Fit50something it says you're 60. You're obviously someone that doesn't play by the rules. 😉

@FvckY0u Well, I was in my fifties when I joined Agnostic. It's just a handle. 😉

@Fit50something don't have to tell me


Sorry I am from England, so what is MSNBC ?

cable news


The water is the greatest part!!


MSNBC? You could do worse 😂

I adore Rachael Maddow. She does her research and connects the dots. She's only on Mondays now, unless there is important breaking news happening.

@BufftonBeotch Yeah, she's great! I don't get cable, but I listen to her podcasts, and those of Alex Wagner, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ari Member, Chris Hayes, Joy Ried, and Ali Velshi who fills in whenever any of the others are away. 😎👍


Beautiful scene. I'd find a place less peoply though.
With that many about, there is sure to be one cranking up the music full blast because everyone is sure to appreciate his latent DJ skills.

This is the Oak Creek Water Slide. Wherever there's water in AZ there's a peoply presence.


Those beautiful, rocks throughout AZ and New Mexico are among the most beautiful rocks in the world, I must be a spiritual nut job. Lots of fun riding down that river, didn't think of JC once.


Spiritual whack jobs are everywhere. Someone once said Jesus and germs are everywhere.

And sometimes, both are deadly.

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