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This morning I felt like I had been inserted into a production of Sartre's "No Exit." While waiting for my car to be inspected, I found myself seated next to a self-described conspiracy theorist with distinct anti-government proclivities. I was a captive audience for tales of chem trails, vaccines in meat, which are designed to control the population, and the need to "get rid of" the present government, which I took as a veiled threat. Also, folks, COVID was a hoax. Why the hell do these characters feel the freedom to launch into their mindless monologues with anyone within earshot? Just before I could tell him I didn't believe those things, the mechanic came in to say the car was ready. Well, at least I didn't have to listen to it for long. 😟

Organist1 8 May 24

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I just had my car inspected. I dropped it off and picked it up when they were done. I am done with service station waiting rooms. They usually have Faux news playing at full volume. I just cannot subject myself to it any more.

I am the person in the room that changes the channel.

I basically had no choice. I could have walked home, as it was only 1.5 miles, but the roads are busy, have no sidewalks, and the drivers are aggressive. I figured I didn't want to get run over. There's no one nearby to pick me up.

@Organist1 I get that. The place I go has a shuttle service, but I was fortunate to have my own ride.

@MyTVC15 The place I went to is basically a dump, but it's cheap!


And having to get one's car inspected is just another example of governmental control, right!? Actually, some states have discovered there is a lot of corruption in this requirement and have stopped the procedure. Some states require only an emissions test. Here, we don't even require that.

PA still requires an annual inspection, and emissions inspection. It used to be every 6 months! It feels unnecessary to me.

@Organist1 Who controls the inspections? Gas station personnel used to take bribes or even get stickers for friends. Things may have changed but when people and money are involved watch out.

@jackjr The mechanics at "official inspection stations."

@Organist1 You mean people! When I lived in Germany there was a mandatory inspection every two years. It was done mostly by machines (to get the brakes tested the car was put on 4 rollers and when the brakes were applied each wheel had to register the same). I had just bought a used Opel (with American specs) and there was a problem with the tail lights (in Europe there is a separate amber section for the turn signals and mine were all red so I flunked. What ensued was funny and I got to be the goofy Ami (but did get it fixed). When one wanted to sell a car getting the TUV (technisches ueberwachung verein) seal was a major part of any sale.

I was visiting a friend in New Mexico. At one point there was a car parked next to mine that looked like a reject from a junk yard. It was really falling apart. I said " How in the world did that car pass inspection?" and my friend replied, "We don't have car inspections in NM."

@MyTVC15 That is often the case. Here there are cars (mostly little Daihatsu's) that cannot be driven in an urban setting. They are allowed here but cannot go on the ferries. Often, it is the police that can determined if a vehicle is unsafe and should be allowed to get their registration renewed.
While stationed in Mass a friend bought an old Rambler. When it was time for an inspection no one would do that as they were afraid, because of all the under body rust, it would fall off their lifts and damage their equipment. The owner simply dumped it somewhere before moving to the next duty station (he originally traded a 6 pack of beer for it.

@jackjr Were you stationed at Ft. Devens? I grew up near Devens. My best friend's mother had a Rambler.

@MyTVC15 I was for 13 long and very cold months. I even remember a local Ayer, car dealership offering specials on it's supply. Problem was, all the cars were buried in snow and the only thing visible were the antenna. Each one had a number which corresponded to a photo of the car. Some cars were sold but they had to be picked up after the snow melted. Was the Ramble like the one in my picture? The engine was a flathead type. The car ran but was a rust bucket. That car was sitting in an area near a wooden warehouse. The car owners were asked to remove their cars as the building was to be torn down. The original owner was gone and when he returned his car was buried. He offered in exchange for a 6 pack of beer but you had to take possession of the car yourself. Luckily there was no body damage (aside from the rust).
Oh, I was ASA.

@jackjr OMG! Small world the internet is. I grew up in Harvard, but my family did and still does own a house in Ayer. Were you by any chance there in '77 or '78? We had a lot of snow both those years. In '77 we got so much our barn fell down under the weight of it. My friend's Rambler was a later model, I think it was a '62. It was sort of salmon colored.

@jackjr Did you buy the six pack at the Jack O'Latern, by any chance? It was one of the many Deven's supported liquor stores near the rotary. I don't think it is there any more, but there is a marijuana dispensary down the road a bit. These days you can even buy a beer in Harvard.

@MyTVC15 LOL, I was there in 67-68 a little before your time. It was not my car but one of my team members. He traded it for a six pack of Carling Black Label beer and don't know where he bought it. I remember driving in Mass. was horrible and Storrow drive was the worst. My family had a Rambler like yours but in green and a station wagon. I found a picture of it taken at a later date (and in poor condition). I drove that car a lot and we made several trips from Texas to both California and later Washington state. While I was at Devens I had a monster of a car, an Olds. super 88. After evening classes I would drive that car from Devens to Frederick Maryland once or twice a month to visit an uncle. Going through some pictures I found an old transmitting bldg. In Fitzberg. Also, on the base was the first launch site for the rocket Scientist Goddard.

@jackjr My husband was in the Air Force in '68-69, stationed in Thialand. Later he joined the Army and spent at lot of time in Texas at FT. Hood. I love the pics of the old cars, it really takes me back.

@MyTVC15 How about British cars? My very first car was a Triumph (Herald). The next one was a Austin Healy Sprite. Both fun cars but pieces of junk.
Do you have any memorable car photos?

@jackjr We should start a group for antique cars, lol. I wish I had some pics of my first car, which was a '69 Pontiac Lemans. I acquired it in '78 and I was never really certain if it was green or blue. I get nostalgic for it. The senior center in my town has an annual car show and I went to it a few years ago and took a lot of pics. I probably have over 100.

@MyTVC15 At one time we did start showing car pictures from our past. What did you do with the pictures? When moving here I bought a scanner and downloaded most of my pictures. They are on a couple of USB's so I have instant access. Most of my cars have been foreign, several VW's, a couple of Opels, 2 Capri's, 3 Honda's and a Hyundai and now a Toyota.

@jackjr Speaking of VWs what do you think of this bad boy (as seen at a local antique store)? I have the picures of the car shows on my hard drive but there are a lot of them and they are sort of random. I do think it would be appropriate to post them on this thread. But if we have a car group I would post some there.

@jackjr Oh, I found the pics of the uninspected car in New Mexico. We were at the Albuquergue Balloon Festiva and this was park right next to me.

@MyTVC15 People will drive anything. Nowadays many cars are not for driving but for living in. A car group would be nice but I suspect there would be a lot of males and few females as members. Guys seem to go for trains and cars (I prefer old sailing ships) and women seem to favor horses. I know, a general observation.


Every extreme religio wants to think they are in end times because they can not reconcile the idea of their own death.

Bingo! 🎯 They just don't get biology.

@Flyingsaucesir Jay bus will come before they die.


It's usually the Gaawd people that swarm around me..No idea as to I get your discomfort..


Last evening after our group run, we all gather for some food and beer. One of the older runners started complaining how much his heated swimming pool costs him to maintain and heat. He complained that natural gas prices went way up last summer. He blamed it all on liberals. (I’m sure he meant Jews but didn’t go that far). I picked up my beer and food dish and walked away.

He is complaining about the cost to maintain a heated damned pool when there are people in the world who walk miles every day for enough clean water to sustain life.

@BufftonBeotch You got that right!

You did the right thing.


You just described 70 million Republicans 😂

And they all live around me

@ADKSparky Yeah, they're everywhere. Just turn over any rock...


Stand up and whisper in their ear.
"I was sent here to tell you that the home base wants you to stop spewing all these secrets to just anyone."

Funny you should mention that. The guy only had one ear. Really!

@Organist1 You have to intercept crazy with better crazy.

@Organist1 that could explain the brain damage! 😁

@Barnie2years It's possible. He said he lost an ear to cancer! Those chemo drugs are powerful, but I don't know how they could cause that. Maybe a stroke?

@Organist1 Interesting. I thought prosthetic ears were pretty common.

@BufftonBeotch I wouldn't have known until he told me. He had long hair.

@Organist1 a stroke, or very often when people get cancer they turn whole hog to religion, often the worse Evangelical Bible thumpers, and are pulled into the whole crazy cult. If whatever treatment they are given works, they fall even deeper into the belief, because, you know decades of dedicated scientists working on cures count for little once you’ve found Jesus.

@Barnie2years That happened to my closest friend after a traumatic brain injury. She longer tell truth from fiction, and became a Faux News devotee. I miss her!

@Organist1 Maybe he lost his ear the same way Stewart Rhodes lost his eye.

Hope so!

@MyTVC15 Or around Mike Tyson.


I talk a lot to strangers. Years ago, I was visiting my sister and she had a doctor's appointment. While we were waiting, a man came in and started spouting stuff--I can't even remember what he said, but it was outlandish.

He monopolized the receptionist until she made it clear that she could listen no more and no, he couldn't see the doctor just by walking in and demanding to do so.

Once he left, my sister (who was Baptist) leaned over and said to me, "I was praying that you would NOT say something to him. Last week, a business had to call the law to make him leave."

I told her, "I might be crazy, but not stupid." He was crazy, but not the fun type.

I am sorry that you had to experience what you did! I've had to fend off a few conspiracy theorists who started a conversation.

Once they get started, they never seem to be able to stop, and they are so eager to tell you what they "know." It's hard to tell if someone like that could be violent, so I said nothing until he got to the part about COVID being a hoax.

@Organist1 Or that vaccines kill, which we even have a couple of those here. Which they are filtering to all vaccines so however many completely vaccine free children in the school system in a few years.

@Organist1 Fairly recently overheard describing how their dad got a foot wound and was not up to date on vaccinations and died of tetanus within about a week.
You can still die of Oregon Trail type shit if you chose to ignore science.

@BufftonBeotch I can't help but think this is the Darwin effect at work.

Nearly all these people still get their pets vaccinated but not their children.

Isn't that something?

@Organist1 in this area, Trumpers, Xtians and anti-vaxxers ASSUME that everyone agrees with them! I have had quite a few people who had made these assumptions and then, were shocked when I disagreed or said, "I'm an atheist." I think the issues is respectability--I look "respectable" and not in the "fringe." They don't suspect that I am one of the "others" because I look "normal."

@BufftonBeotch a woman told me that she didn't want to go her dentist because he had a Covid shot and she feared getting Covid from him because of it. I told her that wasn't going to happen. She was one of those people who, even while I excused myself and walked away, she kept talking to me--not angrily, just kept talking . . .


You owe that mechanic a solid for rescuing you from a tirade of invectives if you challenged that nut job

My mechanics office and nail salon keeps the waiting room TV set to neutral things like animal videos and cooking shows. Smart move. You don't want to have to call emergency services for brawls in the waiting room twice a day.


Once while at a McDonald's where I would go a couple times a week to sit around and chat with the old timers, I had some big dude wearing an NRA hat approach me. Apparently he heard I was a veteran and wanted to thank me for my service. Ugh. I didn't want a conversation nor any trouble so I, without lying just answered a couple questions before excusing myself as I "needed to go." He asked me something about guns. Without lying, I didn't tell him I no longer owned any, but did say that I had gotten my first rifle at 13. That seemed to please him. Then, he asked if I was a member of the NRA. I said no. "But why?" He asked. And that's when I knew I had him - either he was going to think me nuts or his foundation and love of the NRA was going to be cracked. I responded with, "You do realize that the NRA holds and maintains the largest list of gun owners in the world, and it would be crazy to think that the government doesn't have back door access to that information."

Oh. Perfect. probably gave him nightmares!

@Organist1 I hope.

A masterful stroke! 😂

@Beowulfsfriend I'm so old I remember when the NRA was a respectable organization. But then so were most republicans.

@BufftonBeotch Yes, at one point it was and did a lot of gun safety. I read, and I don't remember when, but at some point management met and said they needed to decide which direction to go: either stay the same, safety and such; or evil and corporate to make tons of money. They didn't say it how I said it, but my interpretation is close enough.


I hear you. While taking my car to a dealer for a recall recently I went through the same damned thing. The man talking to me had all of the false answers all backed with QAnon bullshit. In his world important people that we know are queer and all have different names and all of our presidents were related to each other except one. These people all have ideas of a better government but cannot tell you what that would actually be or how it would come about.

Yep...that's how he got into his spiel -by saying how messed up the government is. I often wonder how there could be so many crazy people in the country. America clearly learned nothing from 1930s Germany.

@Organist1 I tell people believing that the the right winger support for Isreal is something altruist and compassionate, is actually only because they believe if a certain temple is built on a certain spot that Jesus will come back and start Armageddon by slaying all the Jews in a matter of hours with a sword.
I grew up with these crazy people. I understand their dark motivations.

@BufftonBeotch That's not too far off what some of the crazies do believe. There is an organization of evangelicals from Texas working with a "science" group in Israel trying to breed the perfect red bull that in Revelation will portend the world's end. I heard (herd) about them long ago - so long now, that with genetic advances, I would have thought they succeeded.


a similar thing happened to me when seated at DMV (for oh, i dunno, 5-ish hours), she (about 25, and her 60+ dirty(literally reeking!) hairy biker boyfriend attempted to get me to agree that abortion was wrong.
A few minutes later, they quickly moved to another seating area.
Picking on the white-haired defenseless gal, are ya?

If abortion is wrong why does it happen spontaneously so often?

Defenseless? Please. Sell that a couple doors down. I am all stocked up on sarcasm here.

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