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No wonder most of the Agnostic community is NOT American!

(Keep in mind this map is 2014 -2017)

Robecology 9 June 1

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Pretty funny how Canada was left out of this:

I would think Canada would be light blue.


I would be curious to see what the numbers look like more recently. Religious dogma is based upon early childhood indoctrination. The precepts make no sense to an adult unless those minds were softened thru brainwashing. I think we will see a big drop going forward because religion/god doesn't solve any problems. It provides ideas about what happens after we die, but they are fantastical and ridiculous.

You nailed it.

Early childhood indoctrination was/is the key'


An indictment of the American educational system


Happy to be in the "under 30%" church attendance category state!


One way to fight back is to start posting bullshit about their leaders the way they do about ours but I really do not see the point.

Point taken. We agnostics/atheists are quietly content to watch/listen to the rants of the @religulous


Civilization. I'd really like to get there.


Seems like another christofascists plot to show they are being victimized by Agnostic community who could in reality care less!!!

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