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Why are atheists so certain there is not some sort of intelligent design?

JoshuaHale 4 May 3

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Because an empirical observation of the universe does not reveal either intelligence or design.


Not all of them are. Some are humoring the "we may all be living in a computer simulation" theory. In which case, there is intelligent design. Of course, that doesn't address the "Who designed the designer?" question.

vita Level 7 May 5, 2018

Religious nuts keep inventing fake narratives to "support" a bible story THEY DO NOT READ as only Atheists read the King James bibles and conclude it is 100% fiction so they invented the oxymoron INTELLIGENT DESIGN which is neither true. ...tides and lunar orbits are the only aspects of the fake astrology gibberish that is roughly 1 % true. ...the history of religion is 100% INSANE

I don't think the "we may all be living in a computer simulation" theory is appealing to most religious nuts. But it wouldn't surprise me if it ends up spawning a cult eventually.

@clarkems about to get a B- on a high school kid aliens homework disc

@clarkems The computer is in some nerd kid's basement. He's sitting there playing the "I'm a god" version of The Sims. LOL

@clarkems I don't know, man. Kids do some pretty twisted things in The Sims.


There's enough scientific evidence to support the notion that it is possible for the universe to come about without a god. We can't disprove a god but if you're 95% sure there is no god, why not just round up?

There are not enough up count votes for how you replied!!!

@gsiamne I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't mean 95% of the population. I just meant if one is 95% sure within themselves. As for the scientific evidence, there is plenty of that.

The false assumption that the observable universe had a "beginning" plays into the gawdly liars hands. ....observing background radiation theorizing an expanding universe leads to the "big bang" and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. ....heat dies. ....get over it xians. ...Jesua Nasoret YHWH Jehovah GhostHoles cannot invent a fake story well enough to fit the fake xian calendar back dated to real King Herod who died 4 YEARS BEFORE THE ALLEGED VAGINAL VIRGIN BIRTH bullshit dirty donkey stable story. I said NEITHER INTELLIGENT nor designed


I have not seen any evidence in favor of that idea. Show me the data, Joshuahale.


This Atheist believes in intelligent design. Frank Lloyd Write comes into mind right away, each year all manufacturers try to improve on the design of their product. Thats intelligent. too. Just having a little fun here. I know what you mean. Lets put it this way I can design a better system than what we see before us now and I'm not all that intelligent. So that leads to me to reason with the conclusion we and all things of nature are not designed, certainly not intelligently!


Intelligent Design? Please tell me to ask such a question as this that you have not looked at the state this planet in is. This planet would be a wonderful place for the lower form of animals but add us lot to it, The Intelligencia and we have totally screwed it up. It says in the Bible that God made man in his own likeness, well that says it all about God’s intelligent design I fear.

Leon Level 5 May 4, 2018

The term "intelligent design" was created by a radical right-wing Christian group called The Discovery Institute after the US Supreme Court determined that Creationism was a religious doctrine and was not to be taught as science or in science classes in public schools.

When Creationism was struck down, in the 1987 case Edwards v. Aguillard, the Discovery Institute fabricated the term "intelligent design" for use by Creationists. This was determined in federal court in the 2005 case Dover vs Kitzmiller. Intelligent Design IS Creationism. Google "cdesign proponentsists" to see how the Creationists were caught copying an pasting words related to "design" in a Creationist textbook that they were sending out as part of the Wedge Strategy, which is outlined in the Wedge Document. All of this is easily googleable.

Once again, the concept of "intelligent design" was created by a fundamentalist Christian organization that is trying to "wedge" its theology into every aspect of American life. It's just a substitute word for Creationism, and Creationism is a specific theological doctrine.

sjjr Level 4 May 5, 2018

I am not completely dismissing the possibility that there may be a higher power. I do not think that it is possible to know whether there is or is not a higher power. However, I think that if there is a god, they made a very flawed system. The fact that many people are born with terrible health conditions and there are frequent natural disasters does not speak well for a god if there is one.


Just take a look at human anatomy, numerous vestigial errors, appendix, tonsils to name the most removed and unnecessary


You are wearing glasses I know they are sunglasses but an intelligent design would have thought of something like protection from the sun ...oh and our balls are on the outside......and worst of all we pee out of our sexual organs and that's just a short list .


Atheism is just the failure to be convinced by the available evidence. Atheism is a belief claim. It's not the assertion that there is no intelligent design, it isn't the assertion that there are 100% no gods. Some atheists do assert those things but not all, and it's not required to assert those ideas to be an atheist. I don't believe in intelligent design because there isn't any evidence. The same reason I don't believe in unicorns.

An absence of an affirmative belief in the existence of a deity or supreme being is not a claim or a belief. It is an absence of belief.

@sjjr atheism addresses belief agnosticism addresses knowledge. I'm not stating it's a positive claim, only that the word addresses belief or lack thereof as the case may be.


I just don't believe the bullshit I read or see or should I say don't see. it is a belief and I can't prove there isn't but I'm not going to live my life around something with no evidence that makes no sense.


We are part of nature, part of evolution, we have fossil records, all religios books are man made. We are not seperate from nature. When humans got smart enough to question their origins and become concerned of their demise they created gods, gods therefore have no more power than any other work of fiction other than a power over the minds of the deluded.


Dag Nab it Thats, Frank Lloyd Wright


What do you think you mean, exactly? "Some sort of" is asking for something vague and amorphous, while "intelligent design" is quite specific.


If there is no god, how could there be intelligent design? Designed by what? And if it was designed by some intelligence, then that would be a god.

@Countrycuz666 All of our language is a human construct. And if there was an intelligent designer, it would be the same as a god, even if we chose to call it something else.


For me, as someone who sees the benefits of actual intelligent design in my everyday life, it comes down to sharing of ideas. For example, I work with a wide range of tools daily. These tools, despite having various different functions or uses, all have certain things in common, like running on electricity, being made to fit comfortably in a human hand, etc.
But, everytime an easier, more efficient, and/or sturdier or lighter innovation is discovered, that innovation eventually makes it's way into a newer version of the old tool we had all been previously using, making it "new and improved', right?
So let's say you invented a light switch that was superior in every way to all you previous versions of light switches before it... If you put that invention out into the world, several things (besides you becoming a billionaire rather quickly) will happen.
The first is that someone will copy your design and try to give you some competition. The next is that your original design will try to be improved upon by others. If they succeed, your sales will start going to them, if they don't, you're go to go. Either way, the next thing that will happen is you'll start seeing adaptations of your design anywhere and everywhere possible...
My point is that that is a natural process that occurs from intelligent design. I mean, who wants to use an inferior product when they could just as easily have the better version?

That doesn't happen anywhere in the natural universe unless an inventor makes it happen initially. The rest takes care of itself.
What I mean is, there are superior (in every way) versions of things in humans and other species that are as-of-yet still exclusive to certain species in nature. Let's take eyes for this example.
Human eyes are good. They get the job done. But there are other versions of eyes out there, in"lesser" species I might add, that are far superior to our own. Better range of colors, can see father, can see clearer, sharper, more accurately, etc...
So why, if the universe was intelligently designed, did the designer not put those superior eyes in all of their designs? Amphibians can breathe in or out of water... We'd drown. Whales can stand immense pressures... We'd pop like a grape. Birds can fly thousands of miles... We get winded from jogging. And on and on and on.
If we were "intelligently" designed, why do we have so many design flaws? The answer is either a lazy designer, or there was no designer at all. At least, that's how I see it, through my intelligently designed corrective lenses.


The human mind is programmed to look for intelligent design. That's why a potato looks like Elvis and the cloud in the sky looks like Jesus.
Define intelligent design.


Well ... Once you have problems with your prostate you will understand why. If desig then vicious design... I remember someone saying ... The designer god must have been an engineer ... putting the drain pipes smack bang in the middle of the entertainment centre (center for you)


First we need to define "intelligent design".

Is it possible that some other extra-terrestrial species helped us evolve? Maybe. Would that be considered intelligent design?

Is there some all-powerful, all-knowing, infallible being that created the universe? I don't think so. But then again, what if our universe is just some speck inside a petri dish of a scientist from a higher species? Would that be intelligent design?

smox Level 4 May 6, 2018

What if our universe itself was the intelligent design?


The appendix.

@clarkems it sort of confirms evolution.


I have a big like that the Flying Spaghetti Monster spoke to physicist Bobby Henderson but I would also like to know how many were there at the same time to observe it and that at least one of them was a psychologist. 🙂


why would we not ?


Certainty is not required, just using good common sense and the the best methods we have for learning about the world and Universe around us and how things work. Science does not prove things to 100%, and we judge things by the degree of accuracy, and for not needing any Intelligent Designer, we have a very high degree of accuracy on that. We see a lot of bad "design' actually, with the Universe being virtually 100% fatal to human Life! Just like the famous Watchmaker's false argument for God, which was soon debunked after it emerged a couple hundred years ago, still today we have no need of any magic intelligent intervention to have the Universe be just as it is naturally is. While intelligence is interesting and vital for us humans, intelligence in fact is not required at all in the Universe, and it seems to be one trait Mother Nature is experimenting with in a relatively small number of species. Here is a man who is much more knowledgeable than I speaking on how unremarkable intelligence is:


Well, some of us believe in "Source energy," and "our Higher selves."

In my case, I think there's strong evidence the earth was deliberately terraformed, as shown in Lloyd Pye's book, "Intervention Theory."

its been a while since i watched "Everything you know is wrong" lecture by Mr. Pye Ill have to do that again soon, seems ive forgotten most of it.

@Commonsense There is more evidence for what Mr. Pye says than what the evolutionists say. Read the book or watch "Everything you know is wrong" for yourself.

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