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So i keep seeing that there are replies to a post that apparently begins ''Barack Obama belongs in a fucking cage.''
SADLY i am blocked from seeing this masterwork of a post or becoming involved in it.
But i must say i cannot believe anybody is dignifying it with's about if you all just go back and delete your posts and give the OP what they so richly deserve, Nothing....just sayin'......

AnneWimsey 9 Sep 18

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I agree ignoring extreme loony posts is probably the best way, starve them of attention. Sadly there are a few who like to respond, and presumably enjoy the mindless name calling which results, so that is not going to happen.


Golly, I haven't seen that articulate and intellectually challenging post! Let's both of us have a glass of wine and toast our good luck!


It’s the bear. I think you blocked him.

i did, when we had Messenger he was persistent about me coming to meet up with him...he promised me his NURSING HOME roommate would get out so we could have some privacy....needless to say, seldom have i had a more enchanting prospect open before me......

@AnneWimsey How long did you consider before you blew him off? Knowing you....hmmm...a nano-secondx? πŸ™‚


It must be a censorship issue over there. I have no trouble opening any posts.
To be totally honest, I disdain all politics, Especially American politics which appears to me to be extremely aggressive, divisive , tearing families and people apart.
My opinion of our politics is that our government is like a zebra, you have blue stripes or maroon stripes, with a minute stripe of green occasionally, but the animal itself is no other than the Mafiosa.
Perhaps because Agnositc is American based that we are not censored (yet) here in Australia??
In regard to that post. I agree Obama should be kept in a cage along with every politician and religious clerics and bottom feeders on the planet.
Perhaps then mankind could live in peace????

Let us enjoy all the dissenting opinions, different points of view and interpretations. We may not agree with some of these posts. Some challenge us, some gratify us, some downright annoy us, Alas we are still free to pursue them and evaluate for ourselves, which is directly opposed by the politicians clerics and their bosses the ruling billionaire class.
Hail Agnostic!!!!

People can think that, but to go on and on about it all the time makes you look stupid as fuck in light of the other leaders we had/may have again and the irreparable harm they would cause to our democracy, the environment, and the world at large. It's like an old man going to his town hall meeting to complain about neighbors bringing their garbage cans out to the street before 6pm while there are alien mother ships obliterating entire cities around the globe.


I didn't see it, either, so it must have been written by someone I've blocked.


It's those fuckin' idiots puff and FrayedBear jerking each other off over how much they hate US Democrats. I think I should probably just block those tools because neither of them have ever said a single valuable thing on this, or probably any, site.

They have a new friend, @Daleo or something like that. He thinks I’m an asshole. πŸ˜”

@Garban That's probably a good thing. I'd be questioning myself if those fuckin' morons liked me and we suddenly agreed on a bunch of shit.

@Garban Sounds like a thing to be proud of, considering the source.

@Garban Try not to be TOO upset! πŸ™‚


It happened to me too, Anne. Apparently they do not want us to see why Obama should be thrown into a cage or why this would matter currently. They post to themselves and cannot deal with us or our replies.


I get the same kinds of notifications. Quite a few of them. From a group I'm blocked from.


I haven't seen those posts but it sounds like they spelled "Donald Trump" wrong.

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