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I just blocked my first person since returning to @1patriot is guilty of not only posting conspiracy theories, I wouldn't block him just for that. He just clogs up my feed with all his bullshit. It's just annoying and I can't read meaningful posts. Every member is entitled to their own opinion, I just don't want to see all this shit from a random asshole from Calgary. I got bored with insulting him and disproving his nonsense posts. He's just not worth the trouble.

barjoe 9 Sep 22

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Thank the FSM I never had the displeasure of seeing his posts. Hope I never do.


I used to want to read what everyone posted. I wanted to keep an open mind. But now when I see stuff that I can't stand I just block 'em and forget 'em. I don't even know who I have blocked right now because if they are out of sight they are out of mind.


So far I have never blocked anyone, no matter how annoying, however he is one that I am thinking seriously of blocking, any day now, any day.


I mostly just ignore him... as I do most of the far right conspiracy people on this site...

The only reason why I haven't blocked anyone, is I want to be aware of the crazy stuff out there, even if I seldom actually read or pay attention to it.


I understand completely. I blocked him a while back. I wanted to enjoy the site and he made that difficult due to all his shit posts. 😉


Good on ya! The 💩 is always best avoided.


I know exactly what you mean. His resistance to reason is exceeded only by his alienation from reality. What a sad case. I wonder how people get so twisted up in knots. I have only ever blocked one other person. I may block him down the road. Right now I'm boxing his ears. It's not difficult, just boring.

I tried to attack him and insult him. That's fun for me, but when the other day he had the first six posts on the site? Too annoying and not worth the trouble. He spoiled experience.


Perhaps you should have posted this first, and then blocked him, then he would know who and why.

Oh Fuck Him.


I've blocked a few people for the same reason, clogging up the feed with nonsense, I have no time to read. Much as I loved to have the site back up and running, I felt bad pruning out a bunch of the prolific posters of junk right away, but quality over quantity is good.


I considered blocking him, I still might. You have to do what is best for your mental health.


I blocked him as well!

Me too


I just ignore him, but I don't blame you. He'll post something truly disgusting and I'll do the block deed, I imagine.


I can't stand yhe guy, but I've had bad experience blocking people in the past. If I block someone, every post they comment on gets blocked as well. So, I'll just tolerate it as long as I can.


block and bypass the nonsense and irritation. so much more sense in it.


I blocked him too.


He's basically posting political deck pics, he's doing it for the attention. And it's all stuff so stupid no debate is even possible.

I rarely block people but today I visit the site and he has 5 posts in a row. I had to scroll past them and I figure "Why bother?" Just make him go away. It's easier.

@barjoe Agreed, I will be blocking him shortly, it's tiresome.


I have blocked that idiot for exactly the same reasons.


I just tend to skip over and ignore his posts…but the sheer volume of them is irritating and does clog up the feed. If you feel the need to take measures to eliminate unwanted stress & irritation in your life by blocking this guy…so be it.


Don't sacrifice your wellbeing for all the BS going on on social media. Look after yourself, mate.

Ryo1 Level 8 Sep 22, 2023

I hear ya!!!! The only problem is he has diarrhea of posting and you get blocked from too many things...I tried it and in some ways it was worse than his blather.

He needs to buy a life.

@barjoe yes, these kind of characters are just sad sacks. Bill Maher would probably say he needs to get laid.

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