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Books Christian extremists want banned...

snytiger6 9 Nov 18

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Every writer hopes their book will be banned - there is no better publicity, and it's like winning a book award without having to pay the entry fee and the surcharge for being shortlisted (e.g. a £20,000 fee if you're shortlisted for the Booker Prize).


"Mom's for Liberty" published a warning list of "leftists"to vote against. I voted for them and they all won. (none of the candidates they endorsed made it out of the primary)

According to NPR news reports, Moms For Liberty have about a 40% success rate in getting the candidates they endorse elected. They seem to have better success in small rural areas as opposed to urban areas, where people are generally more sophisticated

@snytiger6 They've been after mostly school board seats around here and haven't done well.


Nothing like the forbidden fruit to inspire noncompliance. Book sales will go through the roof.


I recently saw a meme, on a friend's FB page, that seemed related to this. It was about how in the past, people would proudly announce what books they had read, to positively impress other people. Nowadays, it seems like lots of people take pride in announcing what books they have been able to ban others from reading. What a funny world we live in....

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