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So, I weenied out. I applied for a job I really want and they would not let me NOT state a religious preference. I felt I would be discriminated against if I said "None" so I said "Protestant" because that's how I was raised. I honestly was surprised that in this day and age, this would be part of a job application. This was for a set of hospitals run by a religious organization who basically have many of the hospitals in this area. While I feel secularly very well able to buy into the "healing ministry of Christ" as an employee (I'm a fundamentally decent person and I want to help heal people or at least ease their suffering), I am still feeling very uncomfortable about the religious denomination question on the screening process. But I need this job. 😟

seaspot_run 7 May 4

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Update: I got the job. I am actually pretty happy in my job. Other than starting the day with a brief reading of a devotional text or bible verse (for which I am only obliged to sit quietly) there isn't anything overly religious in my workday. I am aware I work around a lot of people who buy into the religious underpinnings of our mission but I also find there are many who do not and are simply doing a good job with compassion for reasons of humanity. There are a lot of hills I might be willing to die on, but this job isn't one of them. I'll sit quietly through the morning reading and then be myself the rest of the day.

I’m glad you’re happy there.

I couldn’t do it. Fortunately, I’ve always worked for large law firms which are pretty careful to keep religion out of the workplace.

We have a lending library at my job. I once threw away a brand new set of Scientology books. I regularly throw away the monthly β€œdaily word” that shows up on the shelf from some nimrod.

@BlueWave I content myself with shitcanning my father's fundraising Christian Dominionist fundraising junk mail daily. He isn't a Dominionist, but he's a conservative Republican so he gets all the fundie fundraising.


Realise you're just a worker-droid. Asking your religion is so last century. You could have said you belong to the religion of death....then wait for their reaction...


I hope you get the job.


Sorry but yeah, you did weenie out. That question is totally illegal, I'm surprised you didn't know. Did you at least take a of the question on the application?


I think asking that is illegal


This is off topic ... But I am learning from you an others about the deep rooted religiosity of the US of A. Now I understand much better Trump's accusation that he is the victim of a witch hunt.

How so?

@BlueWave witch-hunts are part of the toolkit of the inquisition. The very concept of witches and other "evil" creatures is religious; these are the forces and that are opposed to the "good" forces condoned by the divine authorities. Yet when a burnt witch is posthumously pardoned s/he becomes a martyr and a saint.


You are a fundamentally decent person. Is that by religious standards? If not it is an insanely ignorant concept to have on a job application. How do we define a fundamentally decent person? It appears by your post that religion still claims the high ground.

Fundamentally decent to me is how you treat others, especially those who are not in a position to do anything for you but are instead needing consideration and compassion. I don't believe that's exclusive to the faithful.


I see no problem here. You are a protester of religion, and in fact the protesters against Catholicism were given the name Protestants because they were protesters too. πŸ™‚


Probably knowing this was coming up was a major factor in my decision to seek out like-minded groups on the internet like this one. I'm really bothered by this. I feel like I'm lying to my employer but I also feel like if I don't lie, I won't HAVE an employer at this point. :/

don't worry about lying to them, im sure they will lie to u more than once as u work there

@jorj no kidding. The bond between employer and employee, if it ever existed, has been severed.


I completely understand! I worked for a local business and the owner would have prayer circles before our meetings. It always made me so uncomfortable but never said anything because I knew I would lose my job. I dealt with it for almost 6 years and was fired anyways because she prayed to God and he told her to fire me. Looking back, a part of me wishes I said something but I know it would have made my work environment worse than it already was. So short of the long, don't beat yourself up! You did what you needed to do!!!


Oh sorry to you! That should not be on the application, its none of their business!


Im glad to see nobody giving you shit for that decision. Do what you gotta do.

I do not go around proclaiming my lack of belief but several people at my current location are aware of it. When I was in your area, it became obvious after I had been there a few years but when I decided to relocate down here, I removed most of the stuff from my truck just to keep the shit down.

Im established enough at this point that I could weather it so am not so down low about it but I absolutely kept it quiet at first.


The "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" is a legit "religion" where I live ( New Zealand ). Flash your membership card and you are entitled to be photographed for official I.D. documents like a drivers license garbed in official regalia. In this case wearing an upside down colander on your head.
Wether this would enhance ones employment prospects is a moot point once having been anointed with his noodly appendage.


You got to do what you got to do


It shouldnt even be on the application because im sure it is used for weeding people out illegally.

jorj Level 8 May 5, 2018

To quote Brian Kinney "It's not lying if they make you do it."


Maybe you aren't "protestant" but "pro-test-ant".

I have nieces and nephews. So, I'm a Protest-Aunt.


Is that legal?

Seriously, wtf? How could it be?


I'm surprised that they are allowed to ask.Lying about it to get a job is no compromise of your values.

@Crimson67 random hypotheticals seem moot.

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