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I'm searching for people that like death metal. I'm yet to find a group for metal discussions haha, any luck on here?

Peeves 6 May 5

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Never been able to get in to death metal. Hasn't been for lack of trying. The vocals just don't do anything for me.

Saw Blackguard open for Kamelot a few years back and Kreator open for Sabaton recently. That's about as far as my experience with death metal goes.


I'm into death metal. Among other things.


There is a Music group here and a Jazz group, but I see none for heavy metal.
You probably have seen this site already though:



I'm having trouble distinguishing between what is death metal and what is black metal. I like a lot of the stuff from Darkthrone, Nachmystium, Marduk, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth. Bands like Exhumed and Pig Destroyer...not so much.

Couldn't agree more. I'm on a behemoth kick right now. Amon amarth is good too

@Peeves I have most of Amon Amarth's CD's. Good stuff. Just read that Ihsahn,Nergal and Rob Halford are going to be working on a project together.

That is some pretty great news. I'm excited to see what kind d of badass creation they come up with


Does the newer Judas Priest qualify as death metal? I like it!!!


I am in a group for Metal but not a whole lot of discussion going on. Mostly just videos being posted.

Feel free to pm me if you like.


We have several music groups where people post faves all different genres.

Yeah there's nothing for the music I'm looking for. I could start one but wasn't sure if there were people for it lol

go for it-I know a couple

@Peeves Do it, there's 30,000+ using this site, 'Build it, they will come'

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