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True story of just a few minutes ago. There is a knock at my door and I find 2 young men who say they are missionaries and they want to invite me to church. Looked like LDS to me. I thanked them and said I would not be going to their church or ones of anyone else either. They asked me why. I told them I studied once to be a minister but anyone alive who has a religion knows that their religion is right and the religion of the other guy is wrong. Then I added that I needed them to think on that for a moment. They started to walk away and one said "god bless you" as they left.

DenoPenno 9 May 14

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You asked them to gasp Think?????!!!!
The Horror!

LMAO ... Yeah, asking religious people to think can scare them off...


You could perhaps add that. The god of every religion is therefore a partisan god.

And if there is a god who is big enough to love everyone, then the god of every religion is a false god.


they will proceed as life unfolds into whatever is next. no need to worry or criticize. we all have our pains.


I still recall the time 2 jehovahs knocked on my door about 20 years ago. They asked if they might come in to speak to me about god. I said, “I would, but I’m terribly busy right now making a big batch of holy water”!?! One of them exclaimed, “You know how to make holy water”!!?
I said, “Sure, I just fill my aluminum kettle with tap water. Then I put it on the stove on high and boil the “hell” out of it”!!?😀


The fact that I know what LSD is, but have no clue what LDS is, says much about my upbringing……😁

LDS is another name for Mormons. It is short for "Latter Day Saints", which is also short for the extremely long name of their church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints".

In Star Trek IV, they sort of had some fun confusing LDS with LSD. I thought it was hilarious.

Unfortunately I was raised Mormon. I feel they really made my childhood miserable. As an adult, I found myself to be very naive and sheltered, mostly because the church discourages socializing outside of the church membership, and they create all kinds of meeting and events to keep kids too busy to make many outside friends. I suspect that is why many consider the Mormons to be a cult. Anyway, as pretty much my entire social life had been organized for me, I was pretty inept in outside social situations. The church does its best to have its members only marry other members and encourages them to have as many kids as they can, as a way to increase membership.

@snytiger6 Sounds like a cult to me!?!🤷🏻♂️

@snytiger6 So LDS is just folks trippin and hallucinating on God, thanks for clearing that up……🙏😇🙏


The LDS might as well be LSD; they're definitely tripping! 😂


You did handle it very well there. Hopefully it will make them think.

They won’t do the thinking Deno needs them to do.

Amendment: They won’t soon do the thinking . . . .

@yvilletom Maybe not right now, Tom, but I remember many things that influence me today and they were first told to me years ago.

@yvilletom You never know. Just look at all the people here who once upon a time were good little church goers.

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