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Recently my atheist/Jewish wife was about to have an operation. Some of her FB friends said that they would pray for her. Instead of being snarky she just said thank you.
Question: When people say that they will pray for you, do you really think that they will actually pray or is it just a saying?

By BobLang4
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My reaction depends on who says it. My Mom, I say thank you. She is sincere in her belief, and sincere in her concern for me. Some random person online, I’d probably not respond. Someone that rubs me the wrong way, I ask them to spare me the horror.

Annaleda Level 8 Dec 16, 2017

That isn't the time to debate their belief system and just saying thank you does not hurt anyone's feelings.

Marine Level 8 Dec 13, 2017



It makes them feel better to say it-some may actually pray.


Some will, some won't. The knowledge that another cares is uplifting and does positive things for one's emotional state. Whether one shares the belief of another or not, she is right not to discourage any show of goodwill.

Donna Level 6 Dec 13, 2017

Just for the record, when my dad was queued up for heart surgery, my stepmother (she is a late in life stepmother and a true believer) did a prayer circle for him. And then it turned out he didn't need the surgery after all, just a relatively minor procedure. Law of large numbers, of course.

andygee Level 7 Dec 13, 2017

I consider it lip service, but the question would be best answered by someone who has actually prayed.

mt49er Level 7 Dec 13, 2017

It's an expression of concern and good wishes. If they do, fine; if not, fine too.


I'd be willing to bet that most people who say they'll pray for someone are just saying it to look "good". I'm sure some actually do, but it's thrown around so much and over every little thing that to me it's almost embarrassing to see or hear people use that phrase.

KevinD872 Level 5 Dec 13, 2017

i don't care


I think many do honestly mean that. Doesn't bother me. If that's how they express their concern for me I'm good. Try and get me to go along with their theism then I'm not good.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Dec 13, 2017

Some will pray, some won't. Prayer is much like meditation, it is a discipline and it is easy to get distracted. In some christian circles the saying was that prayer doesn't change things, it changes you. And that is true of meditation. Dang christians appropriated that too. There were times when I was trying to be a good christian that I had an active prayer life, and as I said, it is discipline and I'm not good at that. Post christian behavior, I know meditation is good for me, and again, it is discipline and my follow through is horrible. I do know there were plenty of times I said I'd pray and didn't, and often that I did. I accept the intention and all the good vibes I can get.


Both. Some will do it right there with you. When my aunt dies, I'll have to go to her church for her funeral. I go for respecting her, but ugh... A church!


I never worry when anyone says they will pray for me,even though I don't pray myself,talking to god is pointless in my view even though I believe in a creator.
I just take it as someone thinking about me which is a good human intention. Each to their own god/belief....unless they be ramming it down your throat and getting all judgemental.


That's a very good question, but you're asking the wrong crowd. smile001.gif

BD66 Level 7 Dec 13, 2017

Thankfully 'I'll pray for you' is rarer in Britain than in bible belt America - but I tend to hear it as 'good luck' and no more.

ToakReon Level 7 Dec 13, 2017

I think you are right.


I'm sure a few mean it, but I think most say it rhetorically or as a way to show how holy they are. I think the vast majority never pray in private.

resserts Level 8 Dec 13, 2017

No, they probably won't. I think it's all about vanity. They're just trying to make themselves look good.

bingst Level 8 Dec 13, 2017
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