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Pat Robinson Makes Sick Woman Feel Worse

By sassygirl38699
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I will never forget my late mother's fervent support for Pat Robertson, or the fact he actually ran for the Republican nomination for President, back in the day. Mom voted for him, and Republicans in my home state of Washington saw fit to make him their nominee!!!
Mom even went so far as to to read aloud from his books at the dinner table to the four of us kids. Boy! Things got really interesting when my big brother declared to our parents his atheism at age 10. He was my first role model for how to think for oneself!


It's funny how the churches always talk about tithing. They say they need to money to do their programs. However, they don't tithe to the government. They don't pay taxes but, at the same time, they have their hands out to FEMA after an 'act of God'. FFRF is always fighting to keep the public from bankrolling some church repairs.


A few years ago he was reading a letter from an elderly retired couple that was asking about tithing. They could not tithe and eat, and their meds had increased in price and they were falling behind. Instead of suggesting it was time for their church to help out with groceries or meals, or they no longer needed to tithe, he told them they should get jobs. OMFG.

Yep, he is a total effing douchbag!


It's that kind of stuff that will get her to think for herself... she's on her way to us...yay!


He is about a close to the devil on Earth as I can imagine.

EdEarl Level 8 May 16, 2018

He even makes well people sick

Marine Level 8 May 16, 2018
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