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I don't talk much about religion but here's a thought; If Jesus was a Jew in Israel and Israel was the home of Judaism and living there were the largest population of Jews on earth, how is it that when he was drug before Pilate he couldn't find a lawyer?

clarkatticus 7 May 16

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Doesn't make sense does it?


Yes folks, it was a joke.


A better question might be: why is it that Jesus didn't even ask for one?
You are assuming that justice system everywhere and everywhen have and had similar advocacy systems to ours. This was not the case with the Jewish Sanhedrin which was an assembly of twenty-three or seventy-one rabbis appointed to sit as a tribunal in every city in the ancient Land of Israel. The number of rabbinic judges depended upon whether it was a lesser Sanhedrin or the Great Sanhedrin that was assembled. The Sanhedrin reviewed the evidence and listened to the testimony of witnesses, including that of the accused, and then made its decision.




It is a fabricated story that never took place between people who never met each other.


He had given all his money away!

Coldo Level 8 May 17, 2018

With all the Jewish lawyers its a miracle that there was such a thing as a Jewish carpenter. 😉


Maybe, Jesus was a lawyer...just a very bad lawyer.


BAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is hilarious!
AND BTW I can't believe some of you are answering this question seriously. Clark, you DID mean for it to be a joke, since there are so many jewish lawyers, right?

1- Jesus was the 1st century version of the crazy cult leader with a few followers who didn't have any money to afford a lawyer even if they offered it. There was no such thing then as due process and public defenders. 2- He WAS asked questions of Jewish leaders and Pilot, the Roman appointed judge and refused to answer them. 3- IT'S A FICTIONAL STORY ABOUT A FICTIONAL PERSON so it doesn't matter.


Jesus was Palestinian and he was a rabbi (teacher) not a legal advocate.

@Palacinky Yeshua ben Yosef


Good point.


The Hebrews rejected him as the Christ.

Not the hebrews, the jews rejected christianity and the jews still reject christianity today. and so do moslems and hindus and most liberal christians.

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