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The goal of any fundamentalist religion always has and always will be total control of females.So why r females so much more dominant and involved in church activities than their male counterparts? Could it b out of sheer ignorance or the protection and well being of family and loved ones?

Greenheart 7 May 18

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You have NOT sourced your Quote. It is therefore presumed to be a prejudicial personal rant masquerading as an authoritive, researched claim, and thereby invalid, and should be disregarded.


Because that is what is expected of them? Women's work.


This may seem sexist, but men and women do have different psychological makeups. Being more nurturing and left-brained, women see religion as a way to nurture the family and community. Being more right-brained and assertive, men are more willing to question religious nonsense. For right-brained, religious men, this mental assertiveness sees religion as a way to control women and others.


your first assumption is faulty. patriarchy comes as a by-product of our respective roles in a hunter/gatherer group. when we became farmers our group dynamics changed. we made larger groups to accommodate the new tasks and we incorporated more outsiders. THAT was why we ended up with religion. we had expectations for everyone to get along in close company and those evolved into community standards which become religion.


Stockholm Syndrome?


When I was attending church (including fundamentalist/evangelical) there was an equal number of men as there were women, with exception to widows, usually elderly women. Worldwide, the gender gap isn't that big of a deal -- 83.4 percent of women compared with 79.9 percent of men. For Muslims, religious belief is equal, although the men attend church more often. The same can be said about certain Jewish sects, where the women are the main breadwinners and the men spend their days in religious studies.

Research shows that women who work outside the home hold beliefs that are more similar to those of men, reporting lower levels of religious commitment than women who are not in the labor force. Here are some theories as to why women are seemingly more religious than men.



That’s a topic rarely discussed. I’ve mentioned my take around here before, I’ll try again..

Men have predominantly held ‘the power’ in government, higher education and industry. Women have been relegated to second class ..seemingly forever. Establishing themselves in a church hierarchy (if several steps down from the power of men) provides a ‘status & power’ they’ve not been allowed to obtain outside the church.

Modern educated women (like the two I’ve raised) know better, realizing they can achieve far more than becoming the head of the church bake sale committee.. Conservative women, foregoing education, cling to the past and it’s limited opportunities for women.

Ironically, I’ve witnessed ‘conservative’ women despising progressive women far more than they’d hate any man of any persuasion. I’ve worked a lot of Democratic Booths at many small town fairs, often alongside our woman candidates; the passing conservatives know better than expose their ignorance, thus never engage in conversation - but if looks could kill….

Varn Level 8 May 18, 2018

That does seem to be a pattern. I think the women want to do right by their families and honestly think the buybull is a "good book." The preachers keep pushing that idea also and the women think they have well being of their families in mind.


They like it?

twill Level 7 May 18, 2018

assume your not relating to Islam ?

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