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On this Friday evening, who else is spending it home alone, if you're willing to admit it like I am.

Moby 5 May 18

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That's every Friday for me.


Yup. Just where I want to be at the moment.


I did.


Well its sat morning. I wish I'd seen this because I would have reminded you that you aren't alone.


Just another evening like countless others, nothing special.


@Amisja Thanks, that felt good.

@MacTavish Well have another (((hugs))). Its my super special skill


That would be me.


Alone in the truck at a truck stop. Another fun weekend in the box. O yay.


Yes, home alone! After leveling some gravel and sand, watching a wide wide orange with blue, sky sunset and a very cool breeze softly caressing my face! Making a few comments on! It all feels just right!


Assuming that my dog doesn't count, I'm in. My alone time is good for me and good for others in a public safety sort of way.

I'm here to help.


Home alone. Getting kind of tired of that scene. lol

????? ok enough sad faces, let's cheer up a little bit ?????????????

I hearya. It gets old after a while.

@IamNobody You are funny! I like the happy faces. I naturally feel happier. Thanks! Now who’s going to attend the royal wedding with me? The Monkey ? Princess ? (that’s me) is going. lol ? just kidding. I wish. That would be all pomp and circumstancy.

@memorylikeasieve Yes it does.

@CM1965 aaaahhh....took me a second, yes your profile says that and I didn't give it much thought and now the curiosity is consuming my "nobodysness" (I am sure it's not even a word, I just threw it out there for the grammar Nazis), getting back...the million dollar question now is .... Why are you the monkey princess???? Yup, tell me a story ??????


Home alone yes, not lonely
Dinner, with a gin and Penny Dreadful watch

DEsk Level 4 May 18, 2018

I spent a lot of friday nights alone, Wait I take that back I got Thor my dog, I'm not alone.

@Moby Damn right

Oh yeah I forgot my fish. Starsky and Hutch!

@CM1965 You're not alone, you got a crowd going on.

@kenriley I think I’m in good company!


Yup. Broke and lonely. ?

Seems like I'm always broke but the chatrooms on here can help with the lonely part

Awrh, thanks, guys. ?


Yes, I'm home alone, though I did go out alone for a little while. And I'd rather not be alone, but hey, you can't get everything you want, so I'll make the best of it. Why are you home alone?

@Moby I understand. I was divorced in 2016, and my kids are grown.

@Moby I have 2 dogs, and it is a help, though late in the evening they're sacked out. I spend my time on here, or on facebook, where a lot of my friends and family are.


Yep, home with my dogs. i don't think i'd go out on a friday nite anyway... i don't do crowds and that's what friday nites are all about.... hanging with.... not for me thanks


I don't know about Friday? I have a great time whenever it comes along. Get out of the Channel and into the stream that wherever you are you can always have an enjoyable time.


I spent my Friday night at work like I almost always do

Me too


What's to admit?


Netflix movie night, because I am too tired to go out.

mrach Level 3 May 19, 2018

Baking a graduation and birthday cakes for parties tomorrow, sigh.


Yes, alone...Usually I have a small card-playing group that meets from 6:00-8:00. That's been kind of nice.(It was canceled tonight.) I am retired, so Friday night is really just like any other night. I have been a widow for ten years, and my husband was disabled for 8 years before that. I have gotten used to being home at night, and going out just one or two nights a week (usually square dancing).


I'm alone...But I'm alone in a hot tub so that's something .


Friday night and I'm alone.

@Moby I'm up late watching a documentary series on WW 2.


I am alone now, earlier I got to do Grammy duty, my granddaughter spent the evening with me. She has now been collected by her parents and is likely tucked into her own bed. I'm wondering if I will be able to sleep well tonight.


Just like every other day.

skado Level 9 May 18, 2018
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