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Penguins mate once and stay together for life. It's depressing to realize that penguins are kicking my ass in the relationship department.

Duke 8 May 19

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But they are forced to shiver on the ice and flee killer whales.


They have cold feet. Maybe your feet aren't cold enough

@Johnsalterego Yes! Think of it as revenge - you know, that dish that's best served cold 😉


Relationships for penguins are a much simpler and elemental matter -- propagation. Human relationships are much more complex and we often get into them for the wrong reasons. When we do that, those relationships are likely to fail. But, if we are smarter than penguins, we learn from our mistakes and do not repeat them.


Why is just having sex with just one person/penguin for the whole of your life a good thing? I find that pretty depressing.

KenG Level 6 May 20, 2018

8 live together relationships, 2 marriages. Longest relationship was 3 years. I've done the math, it's me.


Since they all look alike, l guess it really doesn't matter, and who can tell?


i know that they mate for life. but do you think they might partake of a little strange once in a while?

Strange if they didn't. 😉


Major bumsville there dude.


Penguins also engage in necrophilia and prostition so there's that

Quite a lot in common with mankind, then? 🙂

@Duke sorry ?


Lol. Funny. Not funny.


Does tolerance equate to stupidity? Hold on aren't there a billion xtian tolerating religion?

@Duke ah, in my rush I see that I failed to say that many marriages only last because of extremes of tolerance for the others faults. Look at the Clintons? Now there's a pair of penguins?


Have you considered dressing as well as they do?


I don't think this is true. I'm no penguin expert, but in that documentary with Morgan Freedman, he said the picka new mate every year.
As a side note, I think a lot of confuse pairbond and monogamous as the same thing too.

JeffB Level 6 May 19, 2018

Mine too!


Have you ever considered that it might be you? If beautiful people are eye candy - I'm eye broccoli and if I can maintain a 30-year relationship it can't be all that complicated.

Broccoli is very healthy. It's known for its anti cancer properties.


The question is: how long do penguins live? Maybe you're not doing all that bad.


Don't feel so all alone. You are in good company.

KK. I think he'd prefer to be in "bad" company!

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