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I am not a perfectly giving person, but why has this Country chosen to withdraw aid to Northwest Syria? These people have been gassed and bombed for several years! We give to care for animals, what happened to the ‘value’ of a human life? I am not part of this new American philosophy...this is surely beyond uncaring! I can’t even get my mind around it!

Freedompath 9 May 20

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Let Syria give aid to themselves or let them join the U.S. and pay taxes for aid! Mexico has been plagued by the mafia forever and they are our neighbors, but we do not offer them any aid! Maybe that would solve the illegals problem on the border if we liberated Mexico from the mob.

We are not talking about ‘the mafia’ in Syria! How do you equate people wanted to be be free, with ‘the mafia’ this is a first for me! And what country has ever paid us taxes? I am guessing you dislike certain people from your post!


It's the New Trumpian Order..also we need more massive tax cuts for the 1% and more money for the Pentagon..don'tcha know..


Perhaps you are not aware but the US has invaded 20 + countries since the second world war, and if you think about it, how many countries have invaded the US? So when talking about "value of a human life" in the context of the US that is a oxymoron but what can one expect from a country that is happy to deny millions upon millions of its own citizens health care.

Perhaps you are not aware but Australia was a place where England sent their criminals to be exiled. Now it is a country who judges every one else by not allowing anyone with prior convictions to live there! Talk about hypocrisy!

@IpraiseMYSELF I am perfectly aware of that. They teach this in school here. And I can tell you that I do not agree with what the government is doing and I am not the only one. Many of us feel ashamed for what is being done to refugees by our government and we are doing whatever we can to stop that.


your country funded the entire civil war sometimes on BOTH sides. aid equals arms . didn't you know that?


It is a sad fact that some people have a narrow definition of what constitutes "a human life" that usually involves, place of birth, colour of skin, language spoken, gender and the name of your imaginary sky father.

I was once told in all seriousness by a then friend, that he was incapable of thinking of any other life lost in a war as being as important or worth anything more than a passing acknowledgement if the deceased was not American, Christian and white.
American blood apparently is liquid gold; everyone else's veins are filled with putrid slime.

Digustingly true!


Hasnt Trump just made it clear that people who support Syria are losers?


This seems to be a world wide phenomenon. Sadly.


I wouldn't say "we", because we don't have a say. It's our leaders.

I read that share values for Lockheed Martin went up after missiles were fired into Syria. People got rich.

That's the bottom line. Politicians don't represent us.




You would think that if you are going to bomb a place to rubble you would at least take in the survivors as refugees, that courtesy was even afforded to the Nazis. War is a business now, strictly profit oriented.


Look no further than the orange piece of shit that resides in the WH, and the
republican Congress.
There is no regard for human life. Unless, of course, they're talking about
eliminating access to healthcare. By which, I mean women having access to abortion.
In that case, they're all about the "sanctity of life".


Perhaps because parts of Syria is a part of greater Israel.

vsh76 Level 5 May 20, 2018

which Israel took by force?

@jacpod Hmm? I am saying who ever is behind this will not be satisfied before they take a lot more than they have taken at this point.


Because Trump is a Russophile.


The answer is simple. Trump and his supporters are total bigots. In addition, Trump is in cahoots with both Netenyahu and Putin. His actions contribute toward the goals of both.

Not only Trump, it is not like the previous other US leaders were so big on human life either They were quite happy to go to war with countries that had done anything to the US.

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