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It seems to me that the Christians have been trying to get rid of guns for a long time! Now they have lowered themselves to using school shootings as a way to get what they want. Pathetic! Just because they want to turn the other cheek does not mean we should not be able to protect ourselves!

IpraiseMYSELF 6 May 21

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According to Christianity Today (CT), **"According to 2017 Pew Research Center data analyzed for CT, white evangelicals are more likely than members of other faith groups or the average citizen to own a gun; 41 percent do, compared to 30 percent of Americans overall.

**A majority of white evangelicals who own a handgun carry it with them (65%, vs. 57% of all gun owners); because they view it as a safety precaution, white evangelicals are more likely to believe most places should allow citizens to carry guns (46%, vs. 35% of all gun owners).

Christians been trying to get rid of guns? Apparently not. But this is also a demographic issue since white evangelicals predominate in southern and western red, "gun rights" states.


My Troll Detector is sounding off something fierce.


I'm not sure what Christian denomination you're basing this on. There is a church (Baptist I think), with its own rifle range in the town down the road from me. Sundays are for prayer and rifle matches.


Only because they what swords and spears. Makes murder more personal !


Block block block block


Gosh, where did you get that from. I have seen videos from the US with church services where they take their guns to be sprinkled with holy water. By the way you Americans must have something wrong with you when you are happy with all those dead people from gun violence in the US. Other countries who do not have guns have no problem with protecting themselves and they don't have gun violence like you have in the US.

Other countries are begging the U.S.A. to save their sorry asses over and over again. I'm tired of paying taxes to fight the war on terror in everyone else's back yard. And Christians are hypocritical in everything they do. One minute they are peace makers of the world and the next they are waging war on terror! They play both sides whenever it is good for them!

Like Mexico... strictest gun laws and 11,000 gun deaths...and what about our beloved city of Chicago...most restrictive gun control and highest gun crime rate. You obviously cannot understand objective reality. If you would like me to educate you on the obvious, I'd be delighted🙂

@IpraiseMYSELF wow. Bit to digest here.
Good on ya for WW2 but you weren't alone in that war and if you hadn't stepped in then USA would have been alone and surrounded by enemies. It was as good for you as the rest of us. Still, thanks.
Since then you've involved yourselves in many places that didn't want your involvement. Guessing that's because it served USA interests. So maybe don't just blame others.
Most of the war on terror is due to past USA decisions. UK isn't innocent in this either. You make a mess, you're responsible for the consequences. Also I would like to point out that fighting a war on terror in someone else's back yard is preferable to waiting for it to reach your backyard. Just a thought.
As for the christian statement, you could literally replace the word christians with Americans.
For the record, I judge the UK and brits the same. We have more history, you have more current presence in the world.

@IpraiseMYSELF What other countries are you talking about? The US is the biggest terrorist there is on this planet. They are quite happy to give military help and weapons to terrorist organisations around the world. You really need to educate yourself.

@IpraiseMYSELF, @ScottGresser So you are talking about a country like Mexico that is a third world country run by drug lords, but not on any accounts did you mention countries like Australia, France, Germany, Island, Denmark, etc, etc. I think that you are the one who needs educating.


I have not seen Christians trying to get rid of guns… While I do not want to get rid of all guns I do want to get rid of assault weapons, raise the age to obtain a weapon and have rigorous background checks. It’s what we call common sense gun laws, Trump supporters wouldn’t understand.

Oh, you must be an OBAMA supporter the man who turned half of America into felons over health care! Well that make sense since if your a felon you can't own firearms! Now we can not have the choice to be unhealthy or protect ourselves

If we raise the age to buy guns then we need to raise the age to go into the military! why should we fight for a country that will not give you a gun to fight with

@IpraiseMYSELF untrue... In fact the drinking age is lower for people in the military.

@IpraiseMYSELF I’m proud to support anybody that isn’t Donald fucking Trump... What’s going on in this country you think calling me an Obama supporter is some kind of an insult?


No, you don't that's nonsense. You can amend an amendment. You like guns eh!

@IpraiseMYSELF RU Kidding me? Have you seen the age of soldiers KIA???? The reasons the the age is so low: #1) excellent fitness #2) willingness to follow orders, i.e. mold the soldier ...and most important: #3) Very few people over the age of say 30 are going to buy into the propaganda that "war" is about freedom or patriotism. Get them young and gung ho right out of the church pews and high schools before they can see war for what war is


I agree.


WHAT? It's the religious alt-right nuts who are fighting any sensible gun laws and praising the NRA, no matter how many crazed teens gun down their classmates with military weapons. You must a Trumpite! Time to block you.

But the sensible gun laws like restricting illegal immigrants and convicted felons from owning guns are not enforced. Taking guns from law abiding citizens only encourages criminals to prey upon the disarmed! I hate Trump "a fascist", and i hate Hillary "A COMMUNIST". I believe in the constitution. If you believe in the constitution also, you would support punishing/prosecuting the criminals while preserving our 2nd amendment rights. You are so bent on removing my 2nd amendment right, are you inclined to remove my 1st amendment right? my 8th? What you are suggesting is the removal of constitutional rights from law abiding citizens with no due process. I find that quite tyrannical. No wonder you are single!

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