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Did anyone miss me?

By MrLizard8
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rainmanjr Level 7 May 22, 2018

Thank you for being the only honest one.


With every bullet so far. ?


Hello... I've not met you before, but I'm sure you've been missed. smile001.gif

I'm not going to even try to pronounce your online name. But its a pleasure to meet you.


I agree. My online name is a bit of a pig's ear.

@MrLizard May I suggest reading her name as , "Ella tiny mouth ?"

@Cast1es You can suggest it. But I wouldn't want to.


Where the hell have you been???!!!
You don't call, you don't write.

KKGator Level 9 May 22, 2018

Sorry, mom.

@MrLizard Welcome back, sweetie.


I am sorry. Were you gone? ?


Yes I really was wondering where you have been just a few hours ago. Now we need an explanationsmile009.gif

btroje Level 9 May 22, 2018

I can give you a private explanation... and then I'd have to shoot you.


Now that you mention it... yes, yes I did.

Donna_I Level 7 May 22, 2018

Yes.....who are you?

I'm me!

@MrLizard That's what I thought!


Well hell brother! Welcome back....


I did! Why did you leave us? Don't do it again!

I had reasons. But the reasons are better now.

My life has gotten very strange, of late.

@MrLizard I'm glad you're back!

@HippieChick58 At least I know someone is.

@MrLizard You know I did. Glad you're back!


Of course! The entire Internet nearly went dark because you were gone....smile009.gif


Well, I'm brand new here or I'm sure I would have! How long were you gone, & why?

Carin Level 8 May 22, 2018

Gone only about a week. But I was pretty darned active on this site.
The why of it is complicated. Let's suffice it to say I've been frustrated, confused, excited and depressed.
I've one through quite a lot in a very short time. But in the end... I'm mostly growing.


Yes. Hope you were having fun

gigihein Level 8 May 22, 2018

Yes... sometimes. Frustrating at other times. And so much more to do. (Including packing and cleaning up after my kids, who have now left me alone. Finally.)

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