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I shouldn't have to state the obvious, but men on this website who are hoping to date might want to rein back on the attacks and trolling every time a woman says anything they disagree with.

Few women want to date a man who insults and denies everything she says.

In my case, I just block them and get rid of them, but perhaps they should consider their ways.

birdingnut 8 May 25

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But every guy dreams of being the first to win an argument with a woman.....

Logic wins an argument.



Not a man I would be involved with. To paraphrase another poster: Thanks for "identifying" yourself.


So you want everyone who responds to agree with you? Why?

KenG Level 6 May 25, 2018

People can respond respectfully and thoughtfully, although many men don't seem to realize it.

The moment someone (usually a male) insults, mocks, denies what I say, demanding links for "proof," then declaring any links "fake," and continuing the attack beyond two exchanges gets blocked.
That person has already shown he is not someone I want to waste time getting to know.

@birdingnut I see a skeptical mind as a healthy mind. I believe anyone who blindly takes onboard what others say, as dishonest or gullible. We can't be right about everything, and if we don't listen to other peoples' ideas and challenges to our own beliefs, that means we start living in an echo chamber, we carry on believing false things and we don't grow.

I would respectfully recommend you open your mind to others points of view. But I'm probably blocked by now any way. LOL.

Good luck any way. πŸ™‚


I'd like to apologize,in advance, for being a misogynist pig.


I am a dude and I totally agree. Trouble is most people on the internet will easily insult another because they don’t have to actually see them face to face.


This thread had proven helpful. I can now identify the perpetually pissed off women.

Yes, centuries of the patriarchy keeping a boot on your neck can do that to a person. Move along.


Please help me understand.

To be clear, there are some who have responded directly to your posts in such ways that you think they have been deliberately condescending to you, and probably women in general.

I do not think you are wrong. I have read other women's post about this.
Please provide some examples.

I am sure some of my posts have seemed brusk. But i think i have responded as an ass only after i have been addressed as such.

So, please provide some examples. There are some of us who want to know what not to do.

Generally: There are many responses i do not agree with. But if i block those who disagree with me i will be less likely to learn.
I am sure some have blocked me because of some of my "alt-right" comments. This is sad because there can be no further learning. Especially for them.

First of all, your profile reveals a profound lack of respect for your wife. Who would want to date a man who is out looking around in case his wife dies?

Any condescending comments, aggressive accusations, acting "entitled," demanding "proof" for women's personal experiences, as though women want to comb back through past comments and see what was said before, especially if she's already blocked the offenders and can no longer see the comments.

If you don't know that men do this, then you are not paying attention. I highly suspect you'll soon be blocked, as you seem somewhat clueless about how to treat women.

@birdingnut Your inference is based upon no information about my wife, and our relationship. Shame on you for concluding such shit, from so little information.

This is the second time i have asked for some clarity and guidance from a complaining woman, and met with the same type of response. "You are a man therefore no matter what you write, you are an asshole."

I thought, from reading many of your posts, that you were open to helping others learn. Sad to know you think men who are sincere are deemed to be leering and unworthy.


I don't know whether to laugh or not at all the YouTube videos where one person allegedly 'DESTROYS' another person's argument. Even if it were true, and I I've never found the claim to be true, it would be so counter-productive that it would be something like a Pyrrhic victory.


Maybe.... it's Your attitude. But then, I'm not trying to date anyone. You do seem to have an undercurrent of dislike for men throughout the postings of yours that I've seen here.
But! To quote "The Great Raisuli":
"I have no interest in the speech of women."

Well your POST, says from the β€˜get-go’... exactly where you stand! I am not interested it beating up against a stone wall! My advice for you is, stick with men, because you show little (if any) use for women! Good luck, if you EVER try dating!

I just read your sad that your wife is not valued, in your consciousness!

So, if you have no use for the speech of women then why did you bother to comment only to confirm what she was saying about men? You just posted the exact thing she was talking about and that quote? Yeah wow I am going to make you the first man I delete since you have no use for my words just because I am female. Bravo! Way to prove her right!

I've tried to chill, @bigpawbullets, but I'm losing my patience. What you said is exactly why she posted what she did. The "undercurrent of dislike" is there for a reason. Ever been catcalled? Ever been sexually assaulted? Ever grabbed a women by her privates?Misogyny is being sanctioned from the highest levels today, but has been with us since man decided he "owned" women. If you have no interest in the speech of women, why in the bloody fuck are you engaging in this conversation?

This guy isn't worth giving even the amount of time it takes to read his post. Just exposing himself for the ass that he is. Thanks for the warning, bro.

If you weren't trying so hard to be a prick, you might notice that women are smart and funny and a joy to have as friends. A couple of points you may wish to consider for the future: disagreement does not imply dislike and disagreement does not have to dissolve immediately into a pissing contest.

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