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The English language can be strange indeed, where some words are antonyms of their logical meaning:

Raze means flatten
Bullock means it doesn't have any.
Let, as an intransitive verb or a noun, means obstruction, not allowing. (think tennis or look it up in a dictionary.)

There are more, but get the idea?

Petter 8 May 26

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Sure do.


The poor deer can be one or an entire herd, I've heard, but the poor dear can never be more than one. As children, we all enjoy presents, but not necessarily our parents' presence.


Then add regional slang.
Not to mention accents.



None of these words rhyme...

Bough, Slough,


It must be a strange language if it is not your mother tongue.

Strange, Even if it is...


Thats because the English are weird ?

The English, or those who speak English?

That is why the language is weird ?

@VAL3941 and therefore wonderful!

That is for sure !


I love the conundrums of Lead and read. Lead can be a metal or an action, and read can be past or present tense. Now I'm tense trying to think of more.

It's a mental "bugger", isn't it.

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