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"Say Yes To The Dress" makes me laugh. Women spending sometimes tens of thousands of dollars for the most extravagant, sometimes ugly concoctions. More importance it seems being put on the dress than the marriage, a percentage I bet don't last beyond a few years.

By bleurowz8
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Sheldon Cooper: "You look like a pile of swans!"


I hate weddings. It's nothing but ego and money.


When I got married, my mom was working in a factory and I was working in a drug store/soda fountain. I made $30.00 a week, and Mom was sending my sister to college. ( she was working too) We were pretty poor. My Mom had a friend whose daughter had been married for 3 months then got a divorce. She asked me if I wanted to buy her wedding dress. She was selling it for $15.00, so, I bought it. It was 2 sizes too big, and had a few tears in it. I guess they got pretty wild on the honeymoon. It was a really pretty dress though, and fortunately, my grandma was a skilled seamstress. She took it apart and completely remade it. It turned out beautiful. I found a beautiful veil to go with it. I splurged on the veil. I think it cost about $50.00. I had to put it on lay away, and make payments on it. My Mom surprised me by paying it off.

See, I love wedding dress stories like that. A friend of mine told me when I remarked how wonderful she and her husband looked in their wedding photo that she'd gotten her dress at a second-hand store. It was a lovely vintage flapper style, very simple and elegant.


The wedding and funeral industries, in this country, are two of the biggest legal scams going. They are only second, but inextricably connected, to religion.
Unnecessary, antiquated societal constructs, good for nothing but separating people
from their money.

KKGator Level 9 May 26, 2018

Absolutely agree

And interestingly, white dresses only started with Queen Victoria. "Purity" and all that.

@bleurowz There's still quite a bit hanging on that is due to the bullshit of the Victorian era.


I had one of those weddings. I had the exact wedding my mother and grandmother always wanted. It was ridiculous.


I designed and made my own wedding dress/ballroom dance gown that I used for years afterward. I only paid for the cost of the cloth, that I got on discount at WalMart.

I also had a destination wedding to Sand Key island in FL, so I got married with a few close friends as witnesses among swirling flocks of black skimmers. Afterward, we went to sea food restaurant on the beach, and my guests took off on a camping/kayacking trip, while my ex and I went birding on the nearby islands.

Pic is of my wedding/ballroom gown.


@bleurowz Thanks!



No. No. And no.


I used to enjoy watching that show with my sister. The whole thing is ridiculous and sad but it was enjoyable to watch when nothing was on. I thought it was funny how the mothers would react if a dress had too much cleavage smile002.gif

KevinWool Level 4 May 26, 2018

Oh, the drama!


Insane. When that money could be used to either a great honeymoon or better a down payment on a home.

All weeding dresses are hideous.


There are a billion places where you can get nice dresses for reasonable prices...this show is definitely for those with more money than common sense!

I know someone who got their dress there (Kleinfeld's, the store on the show). It was years ago, way before the show started airing. Even back then, though, it was "the" place to get your dress.

@bleurowz I'd never even heard of them before the show.

@KKGator It's a big deal place in NYC. And of course they've gotten a lot more press since the show.

@bleurowz I grew up just outside of NYC. I think the fact that I never really had any interest in weddings and "wedding-fashion" probably left me outside that mindset.

@KKGator I didn't know about it until my friend went there. It's a weird mindset for me, too.


I never understood that. I got a perfectly beautiful dress for 1K, that now collects dust in my closet.

My ex and I agreed about the wedding extravaganza. I did not want to spend thousands of dollars on a party. I wanted to travel, so we did a destination wedding in Florence, and invited anyone that wanted to join us. 12 of us rented a villa outside of town, which is where the ceremony took place, and the caretaker made us dinner after the ceremony. I wore jeans and a sweater to the dinner. It was amazing food, local wine, and wonderful hospitality. I wouldn't have traded it for the fanciest event location back home. I got to see Florence. That's where my money went.


I used to design and make wedding cakes that sold for thousands. The most expensive cake I ever did was almost $12K. Can't complain though....I made some good money doing it. I'm sure the dress designers are laughing all the way to the bank....

True! And some designs are beautiful. I bet you made some awesome cakes. I do appreciate the creativity that goes into all these things.


I went to the Justice of the Peace. Cost me $100 to get in. 23 years later I went to court and it cost me $3,200 to get out.


They are all so old fashioned and tacky.

Those pictured are reminiscent of saloon girl outfits of the Old West.

@KKGator Yeah, I was thinking that, too. Or pirate wenches.


I was married for a couple of years back in the early '90s. The ceremony was a really low-key affair. Ceremony and reception all rolled together, maybe 20 people there. I never really wanted a big expensive hoopla.


Good BOB! I would run from them! (And yes I would still throw rice, but at the bride)

Holysocks Level 7 May 26, 2018

The whole thing has become as commercialized as Christmas.

Taladad Level 8 May 26, 2018

More so! The "average" wedding is around $20,000 now. At least for most people it isn't an annual thing.

@HippieChick58 I agree...and I think the wedding jewelry falls under the same category.

@Taladad Totally. Diamonds are a big scam. They aren't rare or in short supply, they are locked in a DeBeer's vault. And DeBeers still has diamond mines going that are unsafe to work in. The diamond you pay top dollar for will be worth 25% of what you paid the moment you walk out of the door.

@HippieChick58 I never did understand the obsession with diamonds. Yeah, they are hard, but these women just want shiny, they are not using them for the strength of the stone. I would rather have a river stone that is a fun color, but I like to go rockpicking so there you go.


Yeah, funny how we have been indoctrinated and not only with the dress either. Just look at the smaller fortune we pay for jewelery. Diamonds are definitely not a girls best friend.

Jolanta Level 8 May 26, 2018

I used to watch it, but they kept bringing on the plastic people spending outrageous sums for stupid looking dresses. It started to disgust me rather than entertain. I ended up turning off my cable anyway, so I don't watch anymore.

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