6 13

Every Time A Christian Defends Trump......

By sassygirl38699
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Lol... that's funny.


I must be an angel.


That is at least how evangelicals should be thinking, but at some level I guess they know that angels and their god and heaven and their supposed perfect morality are all bullshit because they are sure acting contrary to them all.

mordant Level 8 May 27, 2018

You said it!

Xena Level 6 May 27, 2018

... to the sound ..... of Bullshit.

@Petter brilliant !



And so do I.

Cant be that much angel-vomit then ?


I wondered why it's been raining so much recently.

Petter Level 8 May 27, 2018

Angel puke! Yuk!
Get a rag! Get the disinfectant!


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