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This guy isn’t uncommon

RoseRoyale 2 May 30

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Well . . . It stands to reason that the kingdom of God is far more easily accessible by jet plane. ?


In colonial America poverty was viewed to be god's will. If you were in god's favor, you wouldn't be poor. This is just the opposite end of that belief taken to ridiculous extremes.


It amazes me that people can't see through con men like this guy.

Of course, considering the last U.S. presidential election, I think Ihave mostly greatly underestimated the stupidity of people in general.


He's sick in the head-what a greedy bastard!


"Gods" word has been around thousands of years but now he says gods in a hurry to have it spoken and this man needs a non stop plane........ BABBABABABABABA i need to start me a religion


It is incredible that pathetic people actually succumb to the lies of these money grubbing scumbags who are probably sociopaths and closet atheists .


This type of religious con man is all too common. Sad.


I'd tell him, God gave you two perfectly good legs. Start hiking.


Jesus might not be riding a donkey but he would most likely be flying coach. In the name of the lord! Oh, to laugh or to cry. If these turds were at least helping people in accordance with the dictates of Jesus it would be one thing but to fleece the flock that blindly follows them when those are the very people that need help very unChristian.


Once he has the jet he'll need millions per year to operate it and cover other travel expenses, advertising ... there's no end to it.

I'm with @Rosh, if he has a compelling message he can live-stream it worldwide, I'm sure millions will tune in with bated breath.


tell him to learn how to stream rather than flying

Rosh Level 7 May 30, 2018

I'm sure he knows all about streaming and social media. This has nothing to do with spreading the gospel, but everything to do with a con mans lust for wealth and power.......

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