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Would you rather live 100 years in the future or 100 years in the past? #timetravel

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ArtfulBliss 5 May 31

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I can learn about 1918 in books but no one knows what 2118 will be like. My curiosity would definitely take me into the future.


What woman or non-white person in their right mind would want to go to the past? Not to mention 1918--ring a bell? Millions die of influenza?

Yes. People pine for the "good ole days", but those days were not good for everyone.

@GuyKeith Exactly. That reminds me of my pet peeve Christmas carol. Some of you may have seen my rant on this before. "A caroling, a caroling, a caroling we go ... wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have again, peace on earth, good will to men?" Please, I beg of anybody who will, tell me ONE SINGLE DAY in the history of the known universe, that was peaceful on earth. No sucha thing EVER existed.

But we're going back in time with all of our current inoculations, so we'd survive the influenza outbreak. In fact, if we get there soon enough, we could donate bone marrow and a vaccine could be created that would save many who died from it. Not to mention several other things they could make vaccinations for from our bone marrow. That simple act could change the world. We could even warn the world about WWI and WWII...

@Kafir WW1 ended in 1918

@Kafir Well not WWI. But what if you did something and then suddenly popped out of existence? Butterflies and all.

@LenHazell53 that's true. My bad.

@Jenmcjen small price to pay to save so many. But then we move into time paradox territory. Technically, if I am able to successfully go back in time, then I also cannot change anything that world make me pop out of existence, or I'd never have been born, and therefore would never have been able to go back in time in the first place to change anything. So my interactions would ultimately cancel out that particular paradox just by being able to successfully arrive in the past in the first place.


I'd have to go with the future. I already have a good idea of what the past was like and know that I would not fit in there. I'd rather discover what the future holds.

Mea Level 7 May 31, 2018



100 years in the past. Mmmm The end of WW1 Spanish Flu was killing more people than the war and Rock N Roll was a dream no Gibson Les Pual's or Marshall Satcks Pass. !00 years in the future, well they'll still be playing the Beatles and The Stones and America might have finally grown up, but I doubt it. Trouble is I'm not sure there'll be an us in 100 years time. God will have sent The Four Horsemen of the Apocalpse pr something to smite all us sinners. LOL

Wonderful analysis. I was thinking the same thing. Not sure which would be better. I think I'll just live in the present.


I know the past sucks, so why not take a shot at the future.


They could have a cure for everything. Technology out of this world. It could be better then a bidet in every


I know what the past is. And I'd think I'd have a hard time dealing without some base amenities we now take for granted today. OTOH, I'd be curious to see what the future has in store on many levels, despite the threat that the environment might be all screwed up by then, or the US might by then be a totalitarian state.

godef Level 7 May 31, 2018



Well given that 100 year in the past would mean being in the run up to world war two and the rise of fascism, McCarthyism and the cold war, neither.


Future. It may or may not suck but I know 100 years ago here did.


Neither. Humanity's track record sucks; doesn't look good for the future.

I agree we are naturally greedy and violent and self-serving which makes us a virus.

@LeighShelton Yep. I couldn't agree more. I would like to have more faith in us but .........

@patchoullijulie well its more than possible but just not going to happen. we are way past saving ourselves. I'm glad I never had children.


A hundred years ago wasn't that great of a time and at the rate and directions we are going a hundred years from now won't be that great either. I think I will just ride this train til it hits something.


It might be a toxic, radioactive future - we don't know. So I can't answer.


At the end of WW I the world went into a series of nasty dips. No thank you. I'd rather take my chances on the possibility that we have learned a little something by 2118.

Unfortunately the boom bust cycle is part of the capitalist system which would collapse without it.


As much as it would appeal to the history buff in me to see the past first hand, being female I would choose the future. It sucked being a woman in 1918.

Deb57 Level 8 May 31, 2018

Future, maybe they will find effective treatments for my autoimmune conditions.


The average lifespan 100 years ago was around 48yrs for a male, it's around 76yrs now... Hopefully a hundred years from now it's improved even more, I'd very much like to have as much time as I can get.

ColeS Level 3 May 31, 2018

Remove all possibility of drumpy!

What if worse?

@Jenmcjen Define "worse"!?! Because every single day since the elections, I think it cannot get worse, and yet, it does.......


Definitely the future because it hasn't been written yet


Being in the UK 2118 has got to be better than 1918, we were coming out of WW1, things were pretty desperate


The way things are going, my current property, about 120 miles or so from the Atlantic Coast, may well be beachfront real estate in 2118. I'd sell for an exorbitant price and live like a king. Heh.


Always the future.... I can learn about the past from other sources


I'm going with the future. With the past we have the advantage of hindsight, and frankly, it isn't so great. While I'm not overly optimistic about the future, at least there's hope of improvement/progress.


I was born in the past and still feel most comfortable there ?


I may not live any longer but with medical advances I would live healthier.

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