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Have you ever had a weird argument while naked with someone?

Qualia 8 June 1

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Not in person that I can recall, but awhile back on this site I had shared a naked (but discreetly covered) photo from my past in the Hot Hunks group, and while explaining the history behind said photo I did get into a somewhat odd argument with someone who had commented on the post I shared.


Yes, actually on a nude beach. LOL And once we shed our armour, it also became more difficult to pretend, i found.



Yeah... how about this.... stop moving around so much! This damn water bed!

LOL water beds!!!! Oh man! Do they even make those anymore???


As a sunbather, our natural clothing optional gatherings imply great trust and gregarious nature. ...never have I argued or heard an argument in my birthday suit. ...the body language of divorcing spouses is unmistakable. ...grab a sheet and make a toga or goy for protection from words spit out in anger


A mother stormed into the YMCA locker room, demanding I give her child a spot in a full swimming class. As the YMCA program director, I was toweling off after showering.

"Excuse me, I'm naked here," I said, appalled. "Please go wait in the reception area. Give me 10 minutes." I turned my back, ending the conversation. Unbelievable.



Depending on who I was arguing with, I'd probably lose...



No, but I'd like to try it sometime.


Once upon a time I fell for a woman I worked with. She was recently out of a relationship and moved into an apartment. She invited me over for dinner we ate, we had sex, I fell asleep.
6:30AM comes along and her ex is at the door banging loudly. I told her to just let it go, but she decided to open the door. I was not naked but I was only wearing underwear. He comes charging straight into the room I jumped for my jeans and he jumped on me and started hitting me. We wrestled and fought for a while he broke a lamp and a wind up carousel over my head and she called the cops. He ran out the door about 2-3 mins before the cops were at the door, I filed a report with the cops. Later the detective calls me and explains that this guy has several assaults on his record and that if I choose to press charges that this guy would likely go after me. I decided to let it and her go.


NO, but if it involves nudity, I'm willing to give it a shot.


Not so much a weird argument, but a weird situation. I had begun a relationship with my interstate counterpart, we were systems engineers managing our company IT structure. Late one night both out mobiles went crazy, the MD had accidently sent an email about a pending dismissal of an executive manager, but included that managers email in list of recipients. We were madly running around her apartment logging into a couple of laptops to access our respective servers, stark naked, worst part, we were using dial up modems. Nobody at the company ever knew of our relationship.

That sounds like the pron version of an episode of Silicon Valley LOL

Nothing like a 9k dialup to make things last all night!


does arguing with yourself count?

LOL!!!! Why not? We don't discriminate.


Yup. She always wanted to know why I would randomly stop intercourse sometimes to make a troll remark.

Me: "Call me daddy"

Her: "Yes, more daddy"

Me: "Did you do your homework?"

She later on accused me of not loving her. Completely clueless here.

Ok you got me beat!!!


Does the security guy in my local supermarket count lol



I'm often naked - but I'm usually agreeable.
However, I have fought off a gang of invaders while armed with a bow and arrows, wearing only my underpants. That's sort of an argument, isn't it?

LOL why yes it is!


Yes..and all naked arguments are weird..cuz you

IKR??? !!!

@Qualia's like I'm pissed but we're naked so the anger is laughable..

@Charlene Lucky. We had to change the "topic".... he doesn't realize how serious as cardiac arrest I am about those subjects. There we are, me "schooling" him on toxoplasmosis and wildlife dessimation then my fault finding mission snowballing into "are you a trump voter?" You voted for Trump didn't you?! "How do you feel about your mistake".??? /pounces
Must not be that big a deal to him... in light of the aftermath.
This is another first I can chalk off my "I've done this" list...


Ok, I'll spill. ... had Trump & feral cat culture come up yesterday. It got heated. LOL


What does being naked have to do with it?

Because it does.

@Qualia I haven't had an argument while being naked, but I have had one while drinking a glass of water.

@jlynn37 LOL!!!!


I've never been naked without having a weird argument.




Can't go into details however it was over the merits of buttsex ?


LOL had that one before too...

Receiving or Inserting?...hahaaaa

@Charlene I am very pro buttsex. In this case , I was the catcher ?

@jwd45244 yummy!!!

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