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Ladies, we burned the bra in the 70s. Do you still feel half-dressed and exposed if you go out in public without wearing one? (when you're not in your red carpet attire, that is)

Faithless1 7 June 2

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I never wore one. Then I had kids and I felt as a mother I had to conform to societal pressures. I wore one outside of the house everyday until my youngest was 11. I was in misery. I don't ware one anymore.


If my hatches aren't battened down in public I do not feel shipshape and Bristol-fashion.

I'm enough of a feminist not to care what other women think of my choices in undergarments. 🙂 Or men, for that matter. I wear what is comfortable, makes my clothes fit well, and keeps my puppies penned.


Being blessed with no tits I have never worn a brassiere. I am not embarrassed if my nipples show but in public I tend to wear something that conseals them as I don't wish to cause any accidents. They are as they were when I was in my teens. And when did nipples become something to block on TV? The whole breast can be visible but the nipple is the obscene censored visual. What insane logic.

they could put your eye out


Only at home do I go braless. Having very large breasts makes it uncomfortable to go without. You get "swoob", running becomes dangerous, clothes don't look or fit well, and there is more stress on my back and neck.

I second this.


No way! If I go out of the house, the girls are restrained. Being large chested is not all the fun it appears to be in the movies. More of a daily hinderance! Not that the hubby complains, of course.


Not a question of feeling half dressed -- for practical reasons need to wear one except when I sleep. Gravity is not your friend when you are well endowed (as others have mentioned) so it's wear a bra or tuck them into your waistband.


Wear mine 24/7. Too big not to. I find it uncomfortable not to wear one. To each her own.

I wear a high quality sports bra at home and to sleep and expensive, somewhat ugly "army" bras during the day LOL


Nowadays, if I go anywhere I wear one, since I am a uniboob. (Mastectomy at 39), and I am very lopsided without it. When I was young and had over nice, perky boobs, I went braless most of the time.


if I were an A cup. Maybe a B cup. As it is, mine are way too big to go without support. Imagine all the money we'd save, though, if we could just stop buying bras.


Well, gotta say that I have found all answer very educational and interesting. There is no wrong answer here


I'm way too busty to go without one. Even in the olden days when I was a teenager.

Deb57 Level 8 June 2, 2018

@Sheannutt absolutely! Once I'm at home, the shoes come off first and then the bra!


I very rarely wear one, I do not feel under dressed.


Before college I wouldn't be caught dead without a bra, but since then I hardly ever wear one. They're not particularly comfortable or necessary.

Mea Level 7 June 2, 2018

@BigBoMclain lol


Gravity is not my friend in this area. I never go further than the mailbox sans bra

GwenC Level 7 June 2, 2018

I would never wear one. I do at work and it is a sports bra to combat jiggling but if people are going to worry about seeing my nipple they are out of luck.

@BigBoMclain sure


I ditched bras about 2 years ago and it's been an interesting journey. I physically feel more comfortable without one. It's been difficult adjusting to people's reactions but I've learned to ignore them and I'm not as insecure about it anymore. Side perk, my boobs have gotten perkier.

seryn Level 3 June 3, 2018

I'm another one who's too busty to go without one. They're very dense and heavy and it's painful when they're unrestrained.


Ditch it. If I am out on the hiking trail, that's not populated, I ditch a lot more than the bra.


Personally, I see no need for such obstructions.

@Faithless1 I do have my favorites, but I strive towards impartiality.


I haven't consistently worn a bra for almost 20 years, and I'm by no means a small busted woman. I'm just more comfortable without one. The way I see it, people have to be blind to not see I have boobs.

@Faithless1 do you want me to call your mom?


This ties in with my recent post about breasts.

I threw all my bras away several years ago because I suddenly realised I wasn't wearing them for me, and they were uncomfortable.


I need something to keep the girls in place. That being said, I struggled with uncomfortable bras for years until I found one that fit so comfortably that I cried when I put it on.


It really depends on what I'm wearing and what season it is, as to whether
I will go without.
I never burned a bra, but I remember lots of older women doing it.
When that was happening with frequency, I was barely out of my
training bra.


Mine are way too big to not wear a bra.
TMI but there it is


In my 20's, I was having a glass of wine with the Seattle YMCA Camp Orkila Director, when he accidentally called me "Nipples."

"What did you say?" I asked, appalled. "Did you just call me Nipples?" Mike admitted that among the so-called "professional" men at the YMCA, my joke name was "Nipples."

I have been wearing a lightly padded bra ever since.

They are out of order. That's bullying.

Men have nipples too.

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