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I met someone today that does not believe in evolution! I was speechless. What do you say???

Desertdweller 5 June 3

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I don’t believe in evolution, I provisionally accept the evidence that suggests it correctly models how life forms adapt across generations. Belief is acceptance of a proposition as true without evidence.


Move to the south. Most believe in magic tricks. Poof -- we're not here. Poof -- we are. And that the world was created some 6000 years ago. The chicken came first. Whatever. Very sad.


I hear and see people all day long at work talking creation, god and Jeebus. I find myself in the face palm mode all to often.


I don't either.
I side with Lloyd Pye and his Intervention Theory of Origins—
of the Universe, of Life, of Hominoids, and of Humans. (Everything You Know Is Wrong Essentials Book 1)

He disproves evolution (not enough time between sudden leaps in "evolution" and unexplained DNA) and shows that the earth was terraformed.


Walk away.


Usually, nothing. If the person is an adult and not mentally deficient, they've bought in.


I'd say that person's brain never evolved.


I normally just walk away. There is not fixing for some people.


I had a memorable conversation with one of my earliest lovers, who expressed disbelief at the concept.
It took hours, a fair bit of knowledge and a lot of positive regard on both sides, but by the end? She at least had a map of how it was possible to believe such a thing. I am catching up with her next week I'll check in if the idea stuck.

Not sure if pillow talk is the only way of converting people who don't understand to those who can at least consider, but one by one we can spread openness to new ideas.


I would ask them if they get a flu vaccine every year. And if they say yes, I would ask them why.


Ask him or her: Why do you get gooseflesh when it's cold? - For hairless animals like us it doesn't make sense. It is a reminder of our past when our ancestors still had fur. For furry animals, it does make sense to straighten the body hair when it is cold.
Or ask him/her why his/her genome is littered with fossilized genes (genes he/she has in common with rats but are no longer active)


Make monkey noises as you turn and walk away like a chimpanzee? ☺

Hey! This is a great idea!!!!
I'm going to go practice.....


It's baffling isn't it? I grew up in a closeted PBS, science filled, factoid family, where politics, science, medicine and religion was often discussed. Somehow, I didn't know people believed in creationism until I was a sophomore in college. A girl in my microbiology class questioned the professor about evolution of microbes and why he wasn't talking about how they were all created to begin with. I about fell out of my chair. You can't change their mind, it may evolve but it's not likely.


How long have you been a Southern Baptist?


Tell them you would like some of those fake dinosaur and you would like for them to dig it up out of the earth.


Eh, it takes all types in this world, I'm not too surprised to hear such.

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