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What age wound you love to be again?

EmeraldJewel 7 June 13

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  1. I still had perky boobs.
  1. I got married when I was thirty..............



Yesterday. I just need the lotto numbers. Why go back in time. It was life on lifes terms so changing any part of it could possibly cause trouble with you or others. The butterfly effect can help or hurt.... you'll never know...


I liked my forties - felt strong I odnt kn owif I'd want to go back to it because it wouldnt be the same but yes forties were good - now 70 it's also not bad just different.

jacpod Level 8 June 14, 2018

5 or 40. Either would be fine with me.


I would stay the same age. Don't want to go backwards with children and people in my life.


A child. 5 to 10.


I loved being 31-32. I finally felt like an adult, but I was young enough to still do naughty things! I'm fine with my age now, but I did enjoy that period very much.


This was a special age for me too... before 12 memories of friends is sparse and scattered. I feel like I only have a few months worth of memories from before 12, if i actually added them all up.

But from 12 on... it's full and complete memories of almost everything. It's like I suddenly woke up or something. The change at 12 was that dramatic for me.

My dad was military so we moved a lot. At 12 we moved overseas and I recall tons of kids from 7th grade on. The year before, I remember a guy named Craig, one who might have been named Tom, and another guy I hung out with at school who I just remember had black hair.

That was 11... and then suddenly at 12 I remember so many kids that at a reunion with others military brats from that base, I'm one of the 'go-to' people for answers... I get questions like...

"Dan, who was the guy in our class of 82... brunette, REAL cute, I mean drove the girls nuts and I think moved before our freshman year?"

Vic Agnello.

"VIC!!! YES Victor!!!"

Something in me woke up at 12 years old that hadn't been awake in me before.


I’m loving my 30s. Can I just stay in my 30s?


Any age between 14 and 80.


If I was capable of knowing what I do now - 48 - it's just two years ago but that would have left me with enough time, to tell the most important people in my life at that time, what they meant to me. If it isn't possible for me to have that advanced knowledge - then I'm OK with my current age - after all I'm still alive.

  1. Even at that age I was still pretty clueless. Life experiences expand your insights into life. The last year you live is the year you will be most equiped to handle life and understand it's complexities. But then, you are too old to attack life physically. I guess it doesn't really make sense.

24-25,back in the Country of Panama via the Air Force,marry the girl I was seeing then,bring her and her son to the US,give them a better life.



Marine Level 8 June 14, 2018

24 to 26


Here's the thing... In many ways life has been good to me, in many other ways it's been a struggle. I guess I kind of appreciate where I am, and would only go back to an earlier age IF I could take my accumulated knowledge with me and not have to go through the crap again, but if I could -- somewhere just north or south of 30 would be ideal.


Knowing what I know today?????....uhhh my 20's, no doubt. I was healthy and I thought I had problems but felt invincible. Going back with what I know, I would enjoy everything certain I didn't really have any problems and I would be more careful knowing I wasn't really invincible......


Damn, that's tough. I keep typing numbers then going back and making them lower.

I was 26 when my youngest daughter was born. I could do so many things differently to make a happier life for she and I.

But I'd love to be at my 19 year old physical peak.

I'd also like to go back to 16 so I could make myself a better 19.

Then again, I should go back to 14 to prevent myself from spending 23 years as a smoker.

But it would be good to go back to 12 so I could ask my Dad all the questions I couldn't after he died.

Although, maybe 8 so I could spend a few years of quality time with him before he got sick.

But actually, I'm of the mind that if I had done even the tiniest thing differently at any time in my life prior to the birth (maybe conception) of my daughter, that she would not ever have been born. I would either not have a child at all, or I would have a different child altogether.

Therefore the answer is most definitely 26.?


I'd go right back to the very beginning and do it all again in exactly the same way. Well maybe not exactly the same. When I was eleven I might not call my teacher "Dad" in front of the class. That was embarrassing.



Buddha Level 8 June 13, 2018

I deal with reality, for reality, while reality. The Engine still running in a Freakish Kind of Way!

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