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What right does a religious person have to threaten a person that don’t believe how they do?

I usually don’t say anything to religious people because I would never dream of crushing their faith because the sad truth is, that is probably the only thing keeping them sane and makes them feel better. I respect what they believe, but as soon as they start coming at me with threats then I can turn into a little b****! I respect you, respect me. A religious woman picked an argument with because I didn’t want to go to her church and I finally broke my silence and started pointing out all the irrational things about what she believe and the next thing I knew, she was all crying and upset that I found fault in her belief. I didn’t want it to go that far, but enough was enough when she started threatening me and pointing her finger in my face. She said,” You’ll regret what you do when you stand before the Lord and you find yourself in Hell.”

By EmeraldJewel7
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I also respect everyone's right to their own beliefs. I will defend anyone's right to his or her belief. i will also go off on anyone who refuses to respect my right to my own belief. It was wrong of her to threaten you. They claim that their god gave us free will, but they refuse to let us exercise that free will. Theists are always trying to convert people and force their beliefs onto others. Atheists and agnostics do not go around trying to convert anyone.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

Exactly! They don’t see us knocking on their doors or trying to convert them to atheism. Half the time I can care less about their religious belief. I wear my Atheist symbol necklace while they wear their cross to represent Christ.


What a very Christian thing for her to say! I have zero respect for the opinions of others that have zero respect for mine. She’s too arrogant about her beliefs to give you the chance to think what you want. That’s typical of Christians.


Don't blame yourself. She brought it on herself. The fact that she was crying may indicate that you planted a seed. You done good.


I say: it is your god, your religion, your hell, it exists only in your mind and in your brain, it does not concern me in any way and has nothing to do with me in any way. Have a nice day.

jlynn37 Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

I love your answer!


LOL... In response to that lastline, I'd ask "What would god be doign in hell?"

i disagree that religion keeps peopel "sane", as I see it as beign delusional, so it is mor eof a tupe of mental illness. Religion provides structure and purpose for some people, even if the structure is at best just a facade.

I think your response was appropriate. Such persons shoudl be discouraged from trying to indoctrinate others. if their feelings get hurt because you present them with actual facts, that is nto your fault. Some children cry when they find out Satan Claus isn't real, but it is healthier for them to introduce them to reality.

snytiger6 Level 9 Dec 26, 2017

Sadly, this is all too common. Have you seen this yet?

This happened when the Atheist Alliance of America Conference in Atlanta was held in the same facility (hotel) as the Women of Color Ministries Conference. Amy Monsky, who attended the atheist conference wrote on her FB page:

"In Atlanta for Atheist Alliance of Anerica's #AAACon2015. We are sharing conference meeting space with Women of Color Ministries, who despite our being paid conference-goers (with a contract that predates theirs) feel it necessary to come by, pray over us, tell us we're evil, and even complain to the hotel about us. It should be noted that we have done nothing to them and only smile and say have a nice day when they feel the need to go out of their way to make derogatory comments to us. Jennifer Lovejoy has also made a point to offer them some of our food and refreshments."

Unfortunately, the site is glitching and the video link I posted is not showing. You can access the video via this site.


One of the biggest complaints people of color (in FFRF) have against their own ethnic group is the high degree of religiosity. They don't understand how a group can adopt a religion used by their white slave owners.

I have thought a lot about the issue of poor and religion. When people are suffering having a religion becomes a placebo to help them get through and I can understand this. What I cannot understand is the attraction of religion to the well off. Tho me this is just plain greed.

A few years ago Julia Sweeny went to a lot of black churches and did a parody of what she found. It was crazy.

I going to watch that in a few. Thanks for the link.

@JackPedigo I agree. Putting myself in the shoes of slaves and having no freedom and treated inhumanely, I can understand why the promise of an afterlife was appealing, and I can understand it in circumstances of modern-day poverty and bigotry. But with the wealthy religious, I have read that they tend to have an addiction to power and from what I've also learned, their need for certainty is greater than those in poverty which feeds their addictive behavior. That's why they tend to not be satisfied with the wealth they have. They always want more.

The need to belong in most people is greater than the need to understand, hence, the popularity of religions and cults and the lack of the role of reason in human affairs. It seems to me that some people, maybe many people, can only have sense of being alive when opposing something or other. Sometimes, it takes the form of substantiation by negation, that is, in order to validate their beliefs they attempt to negate those of others, especially, when perceived as diametrically in opposition,

@VictoriaNotes I have seen studies where people are asked how much more would they need to make life a little better. Those on the lower socioeconomic scale tended to want only a very little more but as the socioeconomic level went up so did the amount wanted. For boat owners it's called two-footitis but the 2 feet becomes 3, 4 and up. It used to be about keeping up with the Jones's. Now it's keeping up with the ultra-wealthy.

Years ago in Seattle there was a program called voluntary simplicity. I was newly single and needed help in managing my finances. I went through the classes and still practice what I learned.

What happened to the deadly sin of greed and the eye-of the camel analogy??


Sometimes people take it too far.


Yeah! Thats a good question. I now understand why some people just shut the door in my face or just walked away. You know what kills me? When people say thank god thus shit didnt happen to me. SO IT WAS OK THAT GOD SCREWED THE OTHER GUY?


It is so frustrating! Don't you just want to say I don't believe in hell!?

Boudica Level 5 Dec 26, 2017

Those type of people are delusional. Even when I still practiced Christianity I thought Missionaries were a Christian ego trip. The fact that they would try to condemn other people for believing in something different makes them the worst kind of people.

I remember asking a devout Christian a number of years ago about how they reconcile that a person who was raised to believe in their own Gods and traditions would go to Hell. She said that if they never heard the word of "God" then they wouldn't go to Hell. But if a Christian shared with them the word of Jesus and they rejected it- they would go to Hell." I said, "How does that make sense? People they were raised with and trust, and generations before them, have told this person the right way to believe and you are a stranger they have never met denounce what they believe and then tell them everything they ever have known was wrong-- and "somehow" they just don't change their complete belief system....then they are going to hell? She looked right at me and said..."Yes."

That's a delusional, narrow minded person...and you just can't fix the fanatically stupid.



El-loco Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

If someone said that to me, I would laugh and Say.. "Never gonna happen. No way. no how" and walk away.

wordywalt Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

Well, according to her there is a hell. She needs to believe it exists because she believes in heaven, too, and hell is the place where bad people go. This woman has no right to judge anyone ever, nor does anyone else in the world. It serves only to make her feel better about herself and some of the things she has done in her life. After all, we are all sinners in their god's eyes, so most of them say.

Griff414 Level 4 Dec 26, 2017

to make her feel better = Inflate her ego. The most valuable thing I ever learned is the difference between myself and my ego. When trying to inflate my ego, I am actually working against myself.


No one has the right to threaten religion on to someone else.The world would be peaceful without it. Religion promotes hate and is a form of
Psychological abuse. They are programmed to be that way to others.
They should worry about spreading love and kindness to others instead.

I agree!


Hmm! Well, I think that the best course of action when it comes to conversation with religious people is to avoid an argument where possible, However, if pressed or forced into defending yourself then you could always saying the following; I never argue, arguments are like opinions, expressions of ignorance. About the facts there can be no argument we can only discuss them. Now, do you have any facts that you would like to discuss........LOL

ASTRALMAX Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

She saw me out in public and I was wearing the atheist necklace symbol and she’s a friend of the family and that’s how it started.


None whatsoever.


If they have to force you to believe the way they do, then that's not "faith." Faith doesn't need to change others, it only needs to change us.

Benthoven Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

In younger days, I quit a couple of jobs because of aggressive, abusive religious fanatics. Telling them to back off and STFU did no good. Asking the bosses to intervene did no good. Going to HR did no good. So I up and quit, used up all my savings to pay bills while I job hunted. Terribly infuriating and degrading. This was back in 70's and early 80's. Today, there seems to be better public knowledge that preaching on the job is wrong. I also changed my phone number a few times because fanatics would make harassing calls. Very sick.

SKH78 Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

They have no right to do that-shove their god down your throat. Tell her nothing and walk away.


you got as much right as they have to defend yourself


If they were rational would they be religious.

Srijith Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

NONE...but they think they are the bearers of the truth....a concept induced by those who always knew how to manipulate the masses.

DUCHESSA Level 8 Dec 26, 2017

They have absolutely NO right, but they do it anyway because they can't help themselves. I think a lot of them know that it's all bullshit, but they're too afraid to admit it. They're too afraid to admit they were wrong, and they're too afraid that if they are wrong about being wrong, they'll suffer. They're just filled with a lot of fear. Fear makes people do stupid things.

KKGator Level 9 Dec 26, 2017

They could also fear Heaven doesn’t exist, too. Cause that means they won’t get their happily ever after.


in my country they have right to kill u if they find out u are an atheist ... so be happy where u are .. cuz im in hell ... and there are so many like me ..


They have no right to threaten you with hell for not believing like they do but that doesn’t stop them from doing it. I get so disgusted when I hear them talking about the gays living in sin and they are “going to hell” if they don’t reform they’re ways.

Trajan61 Level 8 Jan 16, 2018

Short answer? None.
Longer winded answer? Nobody has a right to force their beliefs or morality upon anyone else.

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