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UFO’s, science, and religion

We now know that UFO's are real because there have been thousands of documented sightings, pictures, and videos, most easily available on the internet. How do suppose religious leaders will explain them?

ezwryder 7 June 24

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"Thousands of documented sightings, pictures, and videos" You have to be kidding. There is zero legitimate evidence of UFO's. The internet is full of bogus information trying to prove a point. There are people who think the earth is flat and there is lots of "evidence" for that on the internet.

YOU have to be kidding if you are doubting them now. Too much evidence from around the globe.


Unidentified objects are just that - unidentified. They're just as likely to be aliens as they are to be the dinosaurs that didn't die off from an asteroid impact, but flew off to another planet instead. Science is ok with saying "we don't know" and stopping there because there's not enough information/evidence yet. Religion has only three possible answers: 1) God did it, 2) The Devil did it, 3) man did it.

There is also a fourth possibility.


Strange how the term UFO is now synonymous with extra-terrestrial craft and so on. There were lots of WWII German propulsion projects based in N. Europe, especially Norway I believe. I can't believe that any advanced technology would not have ended up in the hands of the allies at wars end. Take the boffins who created the technology and give them a new home in USA. Sounds like a major result. Same with Russia. Amazing how the space programmes take off in USA and USSR so soon after WW2.


If we do ever find hard proof of an alien intelligence, it will depend on the religious leader. Most religions won't have any trouble with the idea. The Holy Rollers and such will ascribe them to Satan I guess. Then there's this: []


I believed in them when I saw them while in the army but later realized that they were actual
UFO.S Unidentified flying objects. Could not say for sure what they were because we don't
know what are government gots out there


No, we do not know any such thing. UFOs are not extraterrestrial visitations.

They aren’t? Wish I could be as certain.

To 5082gregory, Bigelow Aerospace received $22 million to investigate UFO/military incidents. "Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena." This recovery effort has been reported in contrast to past programs that remain wholly classified. So there is 'SOLID proof.' The public is simply not allowed to review it. One of the reports from the AATIP program was over 500 pages and it most likely contains the forensic analysis of said recovered material. At least a dozen official military/intelligence documents clearly describe non-terrestrial technology. Many other documents are +90% redacted in the interest of 'national security'. Still others are leaked as 'fakes' but contain classified information (i.e. Donald Menzel's relationship with the NSA). But don't tell that to the debunkers.


Any of the UFO sightings that aren't proven to be something we know about are just that, unidentified flying objects. We don't know what they are. It doesn't necessarily mean they are of alien origin. There are definitely some interesting happenings out there though. Just no solid proof of what they are yet, at least to the public.


Only the tiniest fraction of the Internet videos depict UFOs. Most of the videos are fakes or simply show unidentifiable lights. Maybe they are UFOs, but the videos have no informative value. A handful show vertical acceleration. I haven't seen any that show the rapid 90 degree angle turns that are signatures of non-terrestrial technology.

Are any UFOs craft directed by ET? The best evidence is the behavior of the military-industrial-intelligence (Deep State) organizations. The documents, actions and policies from these strongly argue that ETs are studying the planet and us. Many of the best reports come from highly trained military pilots and similarly credible military witnesses. These reports are submitted in spite of institutional policies of denial, disinformation, censorship and intimidation. Significantly, many reports center on incidents where UFOs are in proximity to facilities with nuclear weapons, the encounters at Malmstrom's associated ICBM bases being especially prominent.

Skepticism is a noble calling closely allied with Agnositicis and Science. However, the Skeptical Community leaders have adopted the military's tactic of dismissing all reports as weather balloons (etc) regardless of the reported information. For Debunkers, their minds are made up, don't confuse them with facts. Debunkers are NOT scientific in that they are neither interested in the truth, nor are they open-minded. Debunkers of UFOs are really deluded religionists, or imagine they are helping the military-industrial complex.

Just as bad as the Debunkers are the vast bulk of UFOlogists who accept all reports uncritically. Even the most credible UFO researchers always "fall off the cliff' at some point.

To be sure, the subject of UFOs is hugely problematic on a vast array of dimensions, and the truth cannot be discerned. Some elements of the 'government' have information, but they're not telling. What is telling is that the Pentagon has 'declassified' three tiny fragments of gun camera footage. There is a great deal more of that they aren't sharing. So yes, those who know even a little something don't believe the society can 'handle the truth.' As we all know, they are right about that.

Thank you for those comments.


Of course there are unidentified flying objects! I have seen various objects in the sky that I couldn’t identify. Just don’t know what they were.


And you found all of that in the internet. I believe in Identified Flying Objects.


As always: demons and satanic forces


There are thousands of documented sightings, pictures and videos, mostly easily available on the internet, of Mickey Mouse. Must we therefore assume he's real, too?

I am of the opinion that life probably does exist out there beyond the Earth, somewhere. Whether or not any of it is capable of visiting us is a different matter. One thing we can be very sure of, meanwhile, is that just because something's on the internet doesn't necessarily mean it's real.

Jnei Level 8 June 24, 2018

and jeebus.

Why do you assume that every case of internet sighting is false?

@ezwryder If you can highlight any point at which I suggest "every case of internet sighting" (by which I think you mean every instance of a UFO sighting that was recorded and made available on the internet, rather than sightings of the internet) is false, I'll take you seriously.


I do believe we are not alone in the Universe. The laws of probability are too . Whether they have found a way to visit us, who knows? It is more likely than our invisible friend in heaven. It would be interesting to see how the great religions would handle it if there were indisputable proof of other intelligent life forms.


I think the Vatican is open to the notion of extraterrestrial life... But not sure how other religious leaders in the west would explain something like that.


I believe the delusions of the sightings are real. The main UFO sighted is some experimental aircraft super secret for covert military operations.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018
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