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Ideal date setting

What do you think is better, having a date with someone where you can just sit down and chat at a restaurant or a coffee shop and why?

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BallroomForLife 3 June 24

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It’s best for a first date, especially for first meeting if you’ve met online. After that it depends. Coffee dates are my go to for old friends, why not new ones, too.


I don't like being tied down if I'm not into it.


I do not drink coffee. It's not in my experience to ever visit a coffee shop. That's why I voted for a restaurant.


I love these responses everyone! I will admit, i don't drink coffee but one time I went on a first date with someone at a coffee shop and we both had hot chocolate XD

I could deal with hot chocolate.


The smell of coffee gives me a headache.

mt49er Level 7 June 25, 2018

Coffee and conversation. Dinner and conversation means talking with food in your mouth which can just ruin a first impression.


I don't like coffee or tea, so......


No pressure in a coffee shop. No broccoli to grapple with. You can watch people go by.


Grab coffee, then head to the beach 🙂


Coffee shop because of the shorter term of commitment.


Sharing a meal allows more time to get to know each other.

If things go well, I suggest we go for a walk on the riverfront. It's easy to talk while enjoying nature.

Yes! I love this.

Best answer! Brings back memories of a few favourable encounters with individuals.

Few things more enjoyable then walking with a person with mutual respect traversing the pet cemetery along the river as the sun sets and the distant light from the chemical refinery reflect off the turbulent eddies of the water swirling as the currents cuts into the river banks: sharing such beauty with honest discussion . . then into a micro forest of dead trees. When the path ends a return walk filled with insight of life as summer heat succumbs to cool ushering in fogs of blood sucking insects amid a rich scent of death and decay. Then onto the higher banks past an ancient train station slated for destruction, then up a walk near a road by a small memorial of crosses bailing wire tied to a newly repaired guardrail. Such good times.

(I am not being sarcastic.)


Neither. I prefer going for a walk or hike in a park or zoo.

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Coffee shop. Less pressure, more casual.

PenLOP Level 7 June 24, 2018

Coffee Shop, because coffee.


SirJet Level 5 June 24, 2018

Coffee shop is nice but I prefer a nice cocktail lounge. I like evening dates and only have coffee in the


First meeting I prefer a very casual atmosphere and that is a coffee shop.


Less pressure just having a coffee or tea...feels more casual and non-obligatory...a conversation that didn't cost a lot of money...


Coffee is probably better. It is difficult to be charming with food stuck in your teeth. ?


I don't drink coffee, so easy choice for me.

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