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Personally, Was 2017 A Good Year For You Or A Bad Year? Explain Why.

2018 is between 2 and 1 day away depending on your Time Zone.
Tell me, how was 2017 for you? did you achieve financial success? Did you find love? Did you graduate college or land that dream job? Perhaps 2017 was a terrible year for you personally or perhaps the state of the world ruined the year for you. Time To Get It Off Your Chest Before The New Year!!!

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twshield 8 Dec 30

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Trump: bad year.

I have never lived with a constant background feeling of dread as this year

I agree. It’s like we’re all waiting for the ax to fall.

well yes this political year has been like no other! how about we look at 2018 as the year we take america back!

I remember Bush being re-elected, despite attacking a country that had done nothing to us. I hope your right, but I expect things to get worse before and get get better.

@twshield first year I will be actively involved in getting out the vote

@btroje everyone better

@Gatovicolo sad but true my friend

@Gatovicolo I remember my objections to Bush, Nixon and Reagan . Trump has upped the ante in a different way than all of these

I found all of them offensive.


Seeing the dark side of human nature played out in the White House, on Capitol Hill and in the state I currently live in, has been a tough pill to swallow. For the most part, this year has sucked.

@VictoriaNotes This has been an ugly year politically but you know what i also found positive? No matter how much Trump and his associates blast negativity on the airwaves, its met with backlash.....and that is what maintains my belief in humanity. lets hope 2018 involves impeachment hearings....


Great year-because I'm healthy and alive. I have my house, my animals, my daughters and my extended family

Happy for you my friend and i am glad you are surrounded by love ones and i hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2018


There is no middle ground in the poll. It wasn't the best year for me, it wasn't fabulous or horrific. I got through, I'm still employed, my health is reasonably good. I expect if I checked I had a record of lack of sleep and anxiety. Didn't find love, Der Drumpf is still president. However, Sammy Grace (grandchild) is thriving, my kitty makes me laugh, and I'm still employed, and I made a quilt, read a stack of really good books. Could be better, could be lots worse.

you are ok !


I would say it was the worst year of my life. I lost my brother-in-law was one of 16 Marines, nine from his base, horrifically killed when his C-130 blew apart over Mississippi. That was nine people we hung out with, partied with, and in Brendan's case, worked with.

Because it was a national story, I had to read conspiracy theories about what happened, misinformation, even from supposedly reliably news sources, and some of the most horrific comments from some of the most horrific people on earth.

People drove past her house at weird hours (we weren't sure if they were press or something else), we were inundated with phone calls from people just wanting to "get a scoop" at Brendan's expense. But the police stepped in and added extra patrols. The city made Brendan's birthday "Brendan Johnson Day." All of those were nice gestures.

Brendan's life insurance refused to pay on his claim because Brendan was killed during a military accident. We contacted an attorney, and suddenly the insurance company decided to pay out.

We fought with banks, phone companies, military red tape.

We made three trips to Arlington National Cemetery. One to bury others, one to bury him, and another for the Wreath Ceremony.

I lost my job and burned through savings, and spent countless hours wondering just how much worse things could get.

But that's just me. I've had to watch my sister, with whom I'm very close, suffer... every day, dealing with all this legal crap, but also with the very new reality that she's alone, and her best friend is gone forever. I have to watch her. I can't say anything that will help, I can't do anything to make things better. Since his death in July, we celebrated his birthday in August, Halloween (He made it great for the neighborhood kids), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year tomorrow, and my sister's birthday on the Fourth of January.

Yet there has been one friend of my sister who has be miraculous, and I don't think she would have made it without this friend. So I am grateful, while extremely sad.

One of the biggest ironies of the story was that while he was alive, Brendan taunted me about living in New Jersey. Even though I lived in New York and worked in Jersey, he kept saying that I was living in Jersey because he knew it made me crazy. So when he died, and we were wondering where to bury him, it occurred to me, "Bury him in New Jersey." Brendan would have hated being buried in NJ, but he would have loved the joke.

stay strong you got a love to live for.


Mixed. Personally was the question, and yet the political shit-storm that is our current government casts a pall over everything. I moved to a marginally nicer home, in a town I like a little better, closer to my kid, and lowered my job stress. But my finances are now tighter. I had a little medical episode in late summer that has left me with burdensome medical bills, despite having supposedly complete insurance (I cannot overstate how much I detest the American sham of a health system. Freedom my ass!)
And finally, I am kind of enjoying life in my own space, not having to compromise with another about household decisions, buuuuuut, I would like some personal companionship and am in a process of looking. Meh.

well my friend it is my hopes that 2018 is an even better year for you!


I had some setbacks early in the year but I had a wonderful summer. And I'm ending the year in a very good frame of mind. 2017 has had many more positives than negatives for me. Money or income contribute little to my positive state of mind. 😉


It was not terrible, yet it was not great either.


My only sister died suddenly and I temporarily lost the sight in one eye. Terrible year.

sorry to hear this but i hope 2018 will be better for you


As a woodstock ex hippie, I have always followed politics and had my heated moments,
But with the new alt right and Trump, I see a disaster more than this nation has ever imagined since the civil war. This year was the year I saw the US in terrible danger

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

its pretty bad. Winning was more important that morality

If, his Republican enablers fear major losses in 18, it will seriously limit their political agenda.

If Democrats can take control of the House or Senate, his agenda will be dead!

If Democrats win the Senate, they can finally have a say on his judicial appointments, including another Supreme..

...Impeachment.. Not while his Republican enablers continue to protect him..


I lost family and friends

sorry. hope you have a better 2018


2017 might well have been the best year of my life so far. I was able to consolidate my personal philosophies into a coherent worldview that has brought me more peace of mind than I have ever experienced before. I am grateful for that, because it was only luck that it could all have come together as it did.

skado Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

great! focus on the personal positive inside a crazy world!


Both. I moved to Vegas late October 2016 and I LOVE THIS CITY!!!

On the upside, I finally got out of the theist ruled southeast and into what is easily the most artistic city I've ever lived in! I have a decent job although...

Flip-side, I've yet to meet many of my artistic goals or find a suitable "partner in crime" as my act lead and best friend. The 9-5 grind is not my favorite place to be...I'd much rather do the itinerant (and often indigent) musician thing again but the travel...through the theist southeast...was killing me!

i lived in vegas for 2 years and i absolutely hated the dry heat there. Clean and nice city but that weather......Not So Much! Perhaps 2018 will bring that partner in crime to you life!


It wasn't all good and it wasn't all bad. Some really great things happened and some truly shitty things happened. However, I'm going to call it good because I'm still here, forcing people to deal with me.

i like your positive attitude. Happy 2018 my friend!

Thank you! Wishing you a Happy New Year as well!! Enjoy!!


Neither - an average year


I said terrible, but you should of had a third choice. It had it good days... Buying my dream jeep. It had it bad days.....

MoniB Level 6 Dec 30, 2017

Good for you! congrats in your jeep!


It was the worst year of my life.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 6, 2018


My (soon to be) ex-wife's fault*, not yours, so no need to be sorry!

(*and my lungs, which put me in intensive care)




I was raped in August, in early march I lost a friend. Then in July my aunt died from a perforated colen. I got a job cleaning houses but one client was a drug dealer & stalked me. I now have a OP against him for that. Hes gone so far as to stalk friends of mine in an attempt to gain knowledge of my whereabouts. All that long with north Korea, terrorism, the growing tensions in eastern Europe Israel & the south china sea just to name a few. Over 8 million American have taken part in protests against trump & other various topics. We've seen the alt right hurt & even kill those who do not share there views in charlottesville north Carolina. The only people o know saying that 2017 was great is Greg gutfield of foxnews... Thats not saying much. Yeah... Tough shity year for me.

wow it has been truly a bad year for you. I think you are brave sharing your story with the community and hope you will remember that you have alot of support here in the community. Heres to hoping 2018 brings you, closer, justice, and happiness!


One of my worst years ever, I fucking hate it. First off, Trump and his administration. I hope I don’t have to elaborate on that. I’m nearly one of the “safest” persons in this country: Straight, White Male, middle class with a high education. But my friends are very diverse and Iove and support them any way I can. I’ve had to do a lot of campaigning, protesting, and advocating for them. Next, one of my very good friend’s 4 year old son died from asphyxiation by accidentally hanging himself on a tree swing. He found him there when he came back outside after getting his other boys to go and play. I had a family member and to friends die this year.

On the day of the boys wake, my Wife of over 13 years (16 together) told me she didn’t want to be married to me and wanted a divorce. This came out of nowhere. No cheating, fighting, nothing, just didn’t want to be with me anymore. This was in August. So I’m the last 3-1/2 months, my life has been turned upside down. New house, new vehicle (had to get a new one), new life period. In the midst of all this uncertainty, confusion, anger, depression, and hurt, I tried to take my own life. Obviously, I failed at that as well. Of course, the zealots (and not so) around me thought it was an intervention from god or higher power. I put it on a failed mechanism. With clarity, I can say it was the most selfish, cowardly act I could have done. But when you’re in a hole, depressed and anxious, and more dirt is getting shoveled on you, it’s hard to pull away.

Lastly, my two boys, who are everything to me, and now my number one goal in this life, we’re much more affected than first thought. So, I’ve had to try and deal with that and have compassion and understanding for them, ac I came from divorced parents. The one good thing is, my ex and I are very civil and amicable with and around the boys.

I hope this new year is much better and brings more peace and understanding to my family, this world and myself.

So, with that, 2017 can fuck itself so hard that 2019 will still feel it!

wow man, truly a tough year indeed! well i certainly hope you meet a new lady when you are ready for love again. I hope you keep in mind that your boys need their dad and the world needs your contribution to society so never consider ending your life again! Sir you have my best wishes for 2018 and Thank you so much for your response!


Besides Trump, I had and lost several jobs, my dad died, I got into a totaled accident and a hot looking sergeant tried to scam me.

wow. lets hope things take a positive turn in 2018

Things are trending upward.


...seems we reach a stage in life where simply having gotten through the year makes it a good year! It’s not been a good year for my nation, though it’s definitely awake! For me, work was slow, with expectations of normalcy next season… Both daughters graduated from college, instantly finding work in their fields! I feel great, and continue to meet new friends in a new community ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

good for you!


Been a long short year between Las Vegas and Maryland. But I got fixed something I needed to fix a long time ago. That's make it worth the year despite the black mirror episode of trump as president. My sister lost her husband age 57. 4 years junior to her, 5 years married, husband number 3... dimmed a mistake but she can't get over being a widow and now she is behaving as if it was the love of her life. He was first voice I hear in the morning and last voice I hear at night. We got along as brothers. Makes me wonder if I ever want to put through that another human being. Never had the experience myself and the fact I am pretty detached gives me hope I will be able to survive losing a Loved one... but I don't want to. My mother 90 is about to leave but her will is so strong that I understand why she still around... she is a cancer survivor after all. I am an example of that expensive wonder drug for hep-C going around affecting my generation even if never got the symptoms, it is out of my body at drumroll of 1000.00 a pill for 12 weeks taken it daily. I am looking forward for a great year for me... I still can write with wit and dance with passion. I got out of my funk and back to Life. trump or no trump, witness or no witness to my life I am in Control of my Life... Because I Can and I Will So Help Me I!

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