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Should prostitution be illegal?

I feel that our society's disdain of prostitution is derived from irrational religious morality so I'm curious to learn what you heavens think about this topic.

Here's what I think-
The exchange of sexual services for money between consenting adults is not immoral and should not be illegal. Porn actors are paid to have sex and that is legal but if a sex worker is paid to have sex he/she has committed a crime. How does that make sense?

Legal prostitution is safer/healthier because it can be regulated and is not pushed into back alleys and seedy places. Currently, prostitutes work under the thumb of often brutal and manipulative pimps who take advantage of them. They can not go to the police for help so they must rely on a pimp for protection. If it were legal, they would work in regulated brothels and would be protected by the law rather than persecuted by it. They would also be tested regularly for std's which would help control the spread of disease.

Regardless of how you feel about prostitution personally, the freedom of others to make their own life decisions should not be infringed upon if those choices do not cause harm to others.

Prostitution is as old as civilization itself. People always have and always will exchange things for sexually services and attempting to end it is folly. The prohibition of it causes much more harm than prostitution itself.

Prostitution prohibition is a result of a paranoid society sexually repressed by irrational religious beliefs. I see no detriment to allowing prostitution to operate freely and in fact I think it can be beneficial for people to have the choice of gaining sexual release without a need for commitment to a relationship. There have been lots of societies throughout history that allowed and even encouraged it without issue.

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RoboGraham 7 Dec 30

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Legalize it for men & women, be sure to offer counseling if requested & even job training. Men tend to be driven by sexual desire more than women, & are in an inferior position when it comes to attaining that unless they are attractive, rich or brutal enough (tho there is the question of whether rape is all about dominance/power or sex). To have a safe accepted outlet for that drive may be beneficial to women in general. Sort of like having free transportation available to those too drunk to drive on New Year's Eve!


It is probably the oldest profession on the planet. I doubt it is going away and I doubt any laws, pro or con, will effect it. That being said, I don't like it. But then again, there are a lot of things I don't like that have a prosperous existence

I thought growing marijuana was the oldest profession on the planet...

What was discovered first? Marijuana or sex?


I don't use it... I don't understand what pleasure can be obtain of that. There is no Romance in Money Exchanging hands... I am a Romantic... plus I am a Hunter... If I can not Hunt the Tail I get... I should Not get Any. Like in "Carlitos Way" ..."if you don't get in... you don't get any". With all due respect to those who find value in the oldest profession, more power to you and do whatever right and good is necessary.


It's to be legal according to the age under control


Prostitution could be introduced legally as a form of therapy. Human beings need positive human contact.


Unionize and legalize.


I think through legalising... There will be a huge decline in rape cases..


I think prostitution should become a legitimized profession, making it illegal has never worked and does nothing more than to oppress and corrupt all those involved with it.
I personally wouldn't employ a woman to help me satisfy my sexual needs, because I want more than just that from a woman.
But I have no issue with a person working in the adult industry as long as they are there because they wish to be there, that they enjoy the work that they are doing and that they are not wasting their hard earned money on drugs and alcohol.
For a lot of us, sex and intimacy are denied to us, so paying for it, is the only way for a lot of us, to have those needs met.


Who knows if I've already commented, but as a previous part time judge in Scottsdale, Arizona, a city where I can beat you within an inch of your life and get probation but it's a mandatory 15 days in jail for prostitution (and you can carry a gun on your hip), such a ludicrous dichotomy shows the need for at least some recognition of the "oldest profession" if not legalizing this action between two consenting adults. For every man and woman cheating on their spouses, the is a woman and a man helping them. The "conservatives" against prostitution legalized two of the three vices from the old west: Guns and alcohol, but not prostitution. I wonder how many deaths are directly attributable to guns and alcohol vs. prostitution?

lerlo Level 8 Sep 12, 2018

Should prostitution be illegal? Thats a hard question are you talking about a pimp. Where he pimps out women or men for . And thus taking most of the made? Or a woman or man that just has for a few extra dollars or food but is not owned by a pimp? If its just a woman or man doing it themselves it should be ok so long has they are checked out every week or so.

But for those against it you can't regulate morals. So why not look at why a person does it? And fix the problem. Off the top of my head I would be willing to bet its due to issues.


I voted other b/c I don't think the government has a right to stick their nose into a relationship between two people, be they a woman and her john, an inter-racial married couple, a hetro-couple, gay couple, etc. IMHO saying the government should legalize it is implying they have a right to dictate it in the first place.

If it's not legalized it can't be regulated. If it can't be regulated, prostitutes get abused and taken advantage of. Having no stance does not help the situation.

@RoboGraham They can still be abused, just now the abuser becomes big-brother government. And I do have a stance. (1) it should not be illegal - which is kinds the same but different from saying it should be legal. No law against means legal just as a law stating something is legal is legal. My point is that it's not the governments business. (2) I don't agree that the government 'legalization' will keep them from being abused or taken advantage of. Sure, I concede that it would be easier for the women or men to take collective action to prevent abuse, but government intervention and laws doesn't implicitly mean that abuse won't happen. Perfect example is racism and hate crimes against certain groups today. Plenty of laws on the books covering what legal and what's not, yet we saw lots of violence during the civil rights movement in the 60s up till today.

Again, my argument, get government out of it. Allow the workers to unionize, organize, hire body guards, etc. There is plenty they could do to protect and empower themselves without government oversight (which in my opinion, has hardly ever delivered on its promises to protect anyway).


I don't think it's a good practice, but it's safer if it's legal. I vote make it legal




It's the world's oldest some cases it's the only asset a woman (or man) has to survive.

But that might verify what has been said above re: the emotional part



I usepros occasionally, it harms no one and makes me happy.


Unfortunately until we get the religiously comtrolled lawmakers out of office it is unlikely to be legalized as the norm.

Dear I don’t think I’ve got a century or two left in me


@Ellatynemouth The problems cited in that article seems more to do with Human Trafficking than the legalisation of prostitution. I doubt the trafficking only started after legalisation and I'm sure the law didn't make it legal for 14 year old girls to become prostitutes. Generally, making something illegal drives it underground and creates situations like the ones illustrated in that article.

@djalicex Unfortunately there will always be perverts who want to have sex with children, some are obcessed with virgins and so on. They are just plain sick.

Ellatynemouth thinks that the spiegel article is absolute proof that legal prostitution cannot work. She has been posting it everywhere. She doesn't seem to realize that it is focused on one example of a legal system and that there are many other countries that have legal systems of prostitution that function much better.


You state: "Prostitution prohibition is a result of a paranoid society sexually repressed by irrational religious beliefs." It certainly isn't something with which I'd disagree. Lots more relating to this 'oldest profession' is attributable to irrationality of androcentric religions. We should be more generous with credit for roles they play in the phenomenon of prostitution and moreover, the very structuring and oversight of societies as a whole.

Attempts to prohibit are necessarily secondary. Religions block and harness primary sexual drives via indoctrination at the earliest possible stages. Far reaching, cumulative consequences of thwarting otherwise self-regulating human sexuality development has at best distorted and at worst crippled populations of 'modern societies. Actually, distortions effected are the goal of indoctrination as a means of supporting irrationally based mores built-in to the social framework by theological overseers. We call it being normal...

Those afflicted by the process with crippling damage are considered abnormal, degenerate, perverted or even criminal. Toxins were too much for them to absorb and meatabolize. They couldn't survive and fell short. These non-survivors; ostracized pariahs stand convicted of the very crimes that caused their injuries. Among them one often finds prostitutes.

Prohibition is but a partial result of such ills. It's an attempted secondary block on an 'end run'. Many might ask why end run? I looks rather direct. After all men and sometimes women have to find an 'outlet' don't they? What's wrong with that? We are products of advanced, 'modern society' aren't we?

We correctly recognize naturalness of sexual drives instinctively; by common and professional consensus and simple reasoning. We draw the conclusions, however, from a shared 'secondary platform' upon which rests our entire social and historical frame of reference. We're afforded only a partial view:having left primary, ground level long ago. Note, it probably accounts for why we call it 'primitive'.

From a primitive cultural perspective, appetites and behaviors considered 'givens' or normal on our secondary, irrational, Patrist dominated platform would be CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT.  From up here, only prohibition appears clearly connected to irrationality of religions.  Religion is also the causal source of secondary (substitutional) cravings; for blocked primary drives seeking secondary outlet via artificial means.  

Religion also, unintentionally, creates the market. Absence of market would also mean absence of product. This is but one example of how Patriarchally dominated religions create the very 'evils' they claim to oppose. Religion is the most prodigious manufacturer of human misery on the planet; with a long 6,000 year history of spawning such ills as usurpation of the natural role of women as society's leaders; degrading females to a status ranging from property to socially (religiously) subordinate; 'virgin' worship, child abuse, genital mutilation, cranial deformation, foot binding, dehumanization, war, conquest and genocide.

What we call social probems, legalized or not, are often only what can be seen at the top of a planetary pot that is about to boil over.


My question is should it be?



It's not right to treat prositution as something different than what it really is, and I think any moral authority would be able to tell what it actually is, both in reality, and in terms.

Plus, if we made it illegal, we'd be throwing 25% of female culture in the trash. Is banning such a thing the right thing to do?

What do you mean by "throwing 25% of female culture in the trash"?

It is illegal nearly everywhere outside of Nevada, we really do need to follow the netherlands model and legalize and regulate it.


I am still smelling a one-mile long bill of regulations. Keep it minimal.


25% of female culture is prostitution?

I had no idea that a quarter of my reason for being is to service men.

@Ellatynemouth Okay but this "service to men" thing is actually making women wealthy and helping them fare financially. You're not these women's parents/coach or whatever to decide the nature of what they're doing, especially when they're observing customer-friendly practices, like enforcing the use of contraception. You have a reductionistic and impressionistic view of female prostitution.


You need to educate yourself about prostitution.

Did you read my link?

You realise many women are trafficked into prostitution and most men don't care about that. In countries where prostitution is legal, trafficking has increased.

One fundamental thing not being mentioned here is gender. When we talk about prostitutes we are talking about women, not men. This is not an equal playing field.

@Ellatynemouth Prostitution and sex trafficking are not the same thing. Please pay attention to what is actually being said.


Only the poorest, most uneducated, dumb, misguided men and/or women become prostitutes for lack of a better choice. Give them a better choice and there would be no need for prostitutes. Also most assume on this thread or whatever that a prostitute is a female. That's not reality. Men are also paid for sex with other men who are scared to admit they're gay.
There are too many people having many mental, emotional and physical issues that become prostitutes it's an unfair trade no matter how much they make. It's not fair and usually it's the abused, beaten and scared that as you believe CHOOSE prostitution. It should always remain illegal. I think it takes advantage of the disadvantaged and always will. It will never be equal to a good education and profession or high paying skilled labor job.

Do you truly believe that outlawing their profession makes it any better for them.


It should be illegal for the john.


The john objectifies and demeans the human. The john turns the human into a product. The john erases most of the human. The john destroys part of humanity. The john is antihuman. The john should be contained.

@Sisyphe People objectify other people on a routine basis. Some people simply don't mind it, and who am I to judge?

@Shawno1972 Sex is a special category. You objectify dwarves when you toss them. The probem with sex is the enormous emotional load it carries. There are crimes of passion. I've never heard of a crime of tossing... unless you get picky.


the people shall have what they wish

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