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Should prostitution be illegal?

I feel that our society's disdain of prostitution is derived from irrational religious morality so I'm curious to learn what you heavens think about this topic.

Here's what I think-
The exchange of sexual services for money between consenting adults is not immoral and should not be illegal. Porn actors are paid to have sex and that is legal but if a sex worker is paid to have sex he/she has committed a crime. How does that make sense?

Legal prostitution is safer/healthier because it can be regulated and is not pushed into back alleys and seedy places. Currently, prostitutes work under the thumb of often brutal and manipulative pimps who take advantage of them. They can not go to the police for help so they must rely on a pimp for protection. If it were legal, they would work in regulated brothels and would be protected by the law rather than persecuted by it. They would also be tested regularly for std's which would help control the spread of disease.

Regardless of how you feel about prostitution personally, the freedom of others to make their own life decisions should not be infringed upon if those choices do not cause harm to others.

Prostitution is as old as civilization itself. People always have and always will exchange things for sexually services and attempting to end it is folly. The prohibition of it causes much more harm than prostitution itself.

Prostitution prohibition is a result of a paranoid society sexually repressed by irrational religious beliefs. I see no detriment to allowing prostitution to operate freely and in fact I think it can be beneficial for people to have the choice of gaining sexual release without a need for commitment to a relationship. There have been lots of societies throughout history that allowed and even encouraged it without issue.

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RoboGraham 7 Dec 30

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Prostitution IS by far the Oldest Profession in Human History, it's a historical FACT that innumerable Brothels in Rome for Centuries were OWNED and Operated by Cardinals, etc, etc, and frequented by others INCLUDING Popes themselves YET the Catholic Church in its High and Mighty Self-Righteousness frowns upon Prostitution even to this day. Bigotry is very much alive and thriving in religions, especially Catholicism.
YES, legalise Prostitution, monitor it, regulate it and eradicate ALL stigma and the filthy, parasitic Pimps associated with it.


It's legal in Nevada.


It should be legal .If it is legal it can be taxed and generate money .It will also save on the waste of time and money it costs police departments and the judicial system .It will also be safer because prostitutes will have to under go periodical testing for sexually transmitted diseases

When I was in the military as a hospital corpsman we screened prostitutes for stds. Now at first it appeared to me that our government was supporting prostitution. It did not take me long to realize people were going to have sex no matter what. The military was simply doing their best to protect their marines and sailors. As a result it was also beneficial to the entire community.

Bear in mind, that throughout history, wherever there was an army or military base, there were brothels. In addition, a mobile army always had more than a few prostitutes in tow, to service the soldiers or sailors, whatever the case. Also, many of the women who went west to populate the country were prostitutes who in some cases rose to high society positions. In addition, in the middle ages, women had two choices, marry and become chattel or become a courtesan and wield power, gain riches, own real estate and influence politicians.


It's now legal in New Zealand - there is even a sex workers collective which attempts to protect sex workers' rights. I hear the people who say it often isn't a choice for some women who are thereby "coerced through circumstance" . No one should ever be "forced" into prostitution but if it is legalized, the stigma of being a sex worker is taken away and if the link between sex work and drug dependency taken away I see no harm in it.


Completely agree.


Of course it should be legal. The Christain idiots are what keeps it illegal here in the US. Some are hypocrites like Jimmy Swaggart who preached about morals and the wrongs of prostitution but frequented a brothel himself.


Just look at countries where it’s legal and see that it hasn’t created any higher crime rates and if managed right the level of sexually transmitted diseases are way lower


no reason it should be.
It is commerce...the worlds oldest profession


Prostitution needs to be decriminalized. Legalisation only puts a tax on the world’s oldest profession and makes the pocket books of politicians fatter.

It shouldn't be a crime to offer consenual, adult services in order to feed you and your family. I mean, that's basically what the institution of marriage was founded for anayay.

Men used to sell their daughters so that their families could eat. What's wrong with a woman taking advantage of her own body?


I'd want to track if legalizing it makes human trafficking decrease or increase, but I like the idea of harsh consequences for pimps and johns with treatment for prostitutes.

Having traveled the world a bit, I've met prostitutes who started out way too young when they couldn't consent and I wonder if they're really 100% willing later if that's the best way they know to make a living.


I don't think you should go to jail for it.


I think it could be illegal to buy sex. Most people in the sex trade were abused when they were younger. The prostitute ( male or female ) can be concidered a victim and the one buying sex a perpertrator ( held accountable by law ).

Those who were not abused, are they also victims?

That’s called transference—- counter transference a complicated psychological relationship between at least 2 or more people where deep internal experiences can be relived. So yes that can be a dangerous situation and abuse hx can be re-enacted

Yes prostitution can be a resounding or re-enactment of abuse as a child but I can say what the statistics might indicate

How do you know that most were abused? Please site some evidence?


“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
― Oscar Wilde

Men hate the power women have over them sexually and so attempt to control them. Making prostitution illegal is part of that control.

I think it has been shown with little doubt that if you make something which is frowned upon socially, like prostitution, drugs etc. legal the situation gets a lot better for everyone concerned.

I have known quite a few prostitutes and they all have very different lives. One female I know works very hard at her job and has bought a house and is set to retire at 30. Another is in prison for drug smuggling even though she comes from a very wealthy family. She loved being a prostitute as she had never had a boyfriend before and liked the adventure. Two of my male friends have been prostitutes and one still is. He does it mainly for the money but is quite promiscuous anyway so enjoys it mostly. I went out with a girl who’s ex. boyfriend/girlfriend was a transexual prostitute who loved it. She lived with him for year and still sees him socially now.

I mention this for those who have the idea that prostitution is only the result of hitting rock bottom. There are those stories but there are also many much more happy endings (pun intended).

I detect the whiff of incel.

I agree. The incel movement is based on the hatred of women because they can’t get one.

I feel sorry for socially inept guys like these but you shouldn’t blame other people (in this case women) for your own shortcomings. This is exactly what men have done through the ages and the incel movement is just another very dangerous manifestation of this.


Prostitution should not be legal, but it should be discouraged socially.
Prostitution should not be illegal, because that makes criminals of the prostitutes, but it should be discouraged socially.
People say prostitution is as old as civilization, and will never be eradicated, but that is a false argument. It's as old as civilization precisely because civilization is patriarchal, meaning that women as people are devalued, and sex is comodified. Slavery, child marriage, forced conscription and child abuse are all also as old as civilization, and that doesn't make them moral, or desirable, either.
Prostitution is the attempt to divorce sexual reciprocity from the emotions of love and connectiveness. The same is true of pornography. Yes, it can be done. But that doesn't make it a good idea.
In places where prostitution has been made legal, organized crime has moved in in a big way. In the red light district of Amsterdam, officials are rethinking the policies that have allowed prostitution to flourish there. Sex trafficking has increased, not decreased. Most of the women who work in the brothels are poor women (and girls) of color, who were brought to Amsterdam to service what has become a huge business, and nearly all the elements that go with this situation are undesireable in an advanced culture. The same is true in Germany, where 9 storey buildings house hundreds of impoverished third world prostitutes. Researchers in one study could not find a single German woman who chose to prostitute herself in one of these bordellos.
You can always find women who claim to love prostitution, and some who make a lot of money doing it. That doesn't negate the fact that for the vast majority of women and girls who make their living prostituting themselves, they would do anything else if they possibly could, and their lives are marked by suffering and degradation. Most cannot, and do not, escape the horrible life of sexual slavery.
Men (and women) who claim that prostitution is empowering for the women are deluding themselves. Just look at the evidence: it's not that hard to find. Women who leave prostitution have very sad stories about it. Men who visit prostitutes, and post their reviews, are horribly cruel and mysogynistic to the women they have just paid to fuck.
Upstanding male citizens who view porn and argue that prostitution should be legal, would generally not be thrilled to learn that a beloved daughter or granddaughter has decided to go into the sex trade. Why not, if it's just another job?
Because they know, even if they will not admit it, that "sex work" is degrading and dehumanizing.
In the Nordic model, only the purchasers of sex are prosecuted. This approach tends to shame men who are willing to engage prostitutes, and remarkably, the incidence of prostitution goes way down, when such an approach is implemented.
Isn't that more like the kind of culture we all want? Where prostitution is rare, rather than commonplace? Doesn't that reduce suffering more?

Sure it would be great if prostitution happened only rarely but the reality is that most people's romantic lives are far from perfect and it's not just men who pay for sex by the way.

I don't see how shaming people who pay for sex is a good thing. For some, it's the only option. Why should they be made to feel like evil criminals and lose their freedom?

Yes some men treat prostitutes horribly but it doesn't have to be that way. Uber drivers are able to give ratings to their passengers and those passengers who get bad ratings don't get rides. The same could be done with sex work but that could never happen in an illegal system in which the pimp decided who the prostitutes services.

I don't buy the argument that prostitution shouldn't be legalized because there are a lot of third world sex workers living in poverty. That's like saying we should ban farming because there are a lot of third world migrant agricultural laborers who are living in harsh conditions. The problem is with the way that the profession is treating it's workers not the profession itself. Such things can be regulated.

Equating prostitution with sexual slavery isn't necessarily accurate. If society did more to care for it's vulnerable and downtrodden members, only those who truly wanted to be prostitutes would work in the profession and they would be free to leave whenever they chose.

I don't think sex work is inherently degrading and dehumanizing. We see it that we because we have been conditioned to by our culture. Perhaps some day prostitutes will be revered for their beauty and skill. I think that would reduce suffering.

Thank you.

These discussions always come from men. It's always men endorsing prostitution, because they have no concept of what's it's like to be debased and commodified the way women are.


There are many facets to this topic. Its a women's rights issue- their body they should be able to do what they want. However, many problems regarding consensual sex and young women or sex trafficking. If prostitution was legal and regulated there would be no demand for sex trafficking.


Legalize it. While we at it legalize all drugs (the main ones not the off brands). We are adults we can deal with this. Prostitution go for it. Drugs if legal will help a lot of things out and you will not have to deal with the off brand stuff like croc and so on. Of course, do the stuff from across the pond and give the prostitutes some schooling so they can aptly do it. We have sex bots for fucks sakes why not this.

You do you. If you want 3 prostitutes while sniffing crack off ones back do it. If you OD your stupidity and thanks for taking yourself out of the gene pool moderation learn it.

Malus Level 4 Feb 14, 2018

I accidentally voted keep it illegal. I meant to vote for legalize.

Noted. I forgive you


Wow I am totally impressed with the people who have participated in this debate. 117 for legalize, 4 for other and only 4 for keep illegal. We have some very enlightened people among us here and a great many good points were made. Thanks all for a great debate.


It is legal in the form of escorting, nearly all escorts are up for that. And if you're that worried about it, just set up a video camera and call it porn...


No. Legalize it.


I get the impression most of the people posting or commenting to this post act in a responsible manner regarding their sexual activity. It HAS been an interesting discussion.

Yes, a lot of people have made a lot of good points. Where do you stand?

@RoboGraham legalize it. I posted my thoughts days ago. Then someone commented on my post and I scolled thru all the posts after mine and posted the comment you queried me on.

How much do you charge?

@Zoidburg for what? tracking posts?

@silverotter11 Indeed! Sorry, should have been more specific!


Well, again, I live in Nevada, so.....not really an issue here. Legalize, of course.


As someone who wouldn't be here if not for my biological mother being a prostitute, getting knocked up and not believing in abortions, I say legalize it! She made a lot of money doing it, but a good handful of it went to her pimp who was abusive and when she left him so she could lead a better life, he promised he would find her and kill her. She lives with fear because she saw one of his boys (I assume one of his thugs?) and one of his girls (another girl that worked for him) after she moved states away, she was for sure he was gonna find her. But she has not heard from him since and hasn't seen them. So, I hope she will be okay, but I'm sure she will as long as he doesn't bring a gun. She took self defense classes to protect herself in case something with a client went wrong. If they do regulate it though, they should teach self defense as something mandatory, in my opinion.

Good for your mom, I'm glad she alright. No one should have to deal with that kind of shit though. The police should protect sex workers rather than persecute them.


I think we should be careful with how we approach this issue. Particularly with the difference between legalization and decriminalization.


Liam Level 3 Jan 3, 2018

Ok so yeah full legalization is the way to go then.

Only if you want to keep causing trouble for sex workers.


Yes....I do agree, what adult person is doing it is their business not mine! And why would be a crime to have sex?

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