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Should the U.S. government remove all references to god on monuments, buildings, and money?

I'm pretty sure 99% of this site would support separation of church and state. But, is it worth the effort to go back and change all of these old references? Should we do so- or phase it out slowly? Is there any time when we should not remove religious references?

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silvereyes 8 Dec 30

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I love the fact that out money has "IN GOD WE TRUST" written on it. I'm not being sarcastic. For Christians to have such a fetish for the inscription when Jesus is depicted in the New Testament as so clearly opposed to money, wealth, greed, etc., is deliciously hypocritical.

Ya know, I think that's why I don't want it removed. hahahahaa


I don't have a problem with that, the real issue in my opinion is that religious rules should be separate from US laws. For example, I live in Indiana, we cannot purchase alcohol or automobiles on Sunday. Those laws are based entirely on religious beliefs, they should be unconstitutional.

Im amazed at how many people know so little of our history and the people who wrote our consitution that they insist we were founded as a Christian Nation, they have no idea God was never mentioned in the pledge of allegience until long after it was written when it was added or on our currency until mid 20th century.

Here in South Carolina, you have to be separated for a year before you can file for divorce (unless you have proof of extenuating circumstances such as infidelity or criminal behavior.) However, the state does not recognize separation and still considers you married during that year. Dating while you're separated is cheating! Dealing with that state legislated puritanical bullshit really pissed me off.

Automobiles, really? Why? I'm so curious...

@amateurstargazer I understand why they don't want you to buy alcohol on Sundays, but cars?!? So weird.

Here in TN grocery stores just got the OK for wine on the shelves in 2016.

@Shawappa44820 it's a "blue law" Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Ugh.

@misstuffy exactly, the founding fathers specifically avoided it.

@dkp93 it's a "blue law" Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Ugh.

@silvereyes yes, it was added, not at all what the founding fathers intended!

@dkp93 it's been a while since I read up on the subject, but I remember reading something about entering into a contract being off limits, which I'm sure goes back to the day of rest.


You can't learn from history if you delete it. People need to know these self righteous folk got all lofty and talking about God and liberty while they got their wealth from enslaving people.

Wouldn’t be deleting it, US coins alone will be around forever… It’s social evolution, I think humanity’s entitled to that 🙂

@Laboratorian nah leave em there. Just stick info on a plaque or on google maps with info such as: This racist statue was erected in the 1970s in response to the civil rights movement... stuff like that. Better or worse, its history


Ceremonial Deism is different from actual established religion. We have a set of American "Goddesses": Justice, Liberty, Victory, and Columbia and the demi-gods, Uncle Sam, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny.


Remove it from all public buildings and properties - and stop stamping & printing it on our (US) currency. Such US graffiti was established to ‘fight the godless communists’ in the 50’s, it’s time to reestablish the separation of state and religion!

Varn Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

Separation of church and state.

I'd make that State, then church 😉


While it might be nice to see them all gone, I strongly suspect that's unlikely to occur.


What historical facts, America is not mentioned in the Bible.

The Bible is put together by selective council of tales, stories and poems many unrelateded. That have very little to coincide with each other. Plus very little evidence of actually historical events even took place.


That would be very one sided. We can't just wipe religion from the earth. That is not what democracy is about.


With what is going on in incidents like Charlottesville I don't see how it could be done all at once. Its going to take legislation and time.


I voted one fell swoop.
If the past is any indication, if it isn't all removed at once, it won't get done. As long as there are still some things remaining, it will be an 'in' to get more added not removed.

I'd have most retained as historical artifacts... Perhaps with plaques, other permanent offerings of explanations of what they represent: Notions of what was important, in power at the time of their erection. As long as folks are free to present Baal, Buddha and the like effigies, I'm fine with presentations of mainstream and not fantasies... described as what they are.

@BobFenner I don't think it all needs to be destroyed, just move it to private property.
There are more than enough churches in this country where that stuff can be parked. 🙂

@silvereyes He's my little buddy.

@silvereyes ..and you’ve changed your pic ...good, the other was intoxicatingly distracting.. So, there’s a serious you 🙂

@Paul628 Meh to that. The placement of such artifacts is part of their display. Folks can and should learn from the past, including its foolhardiness. IF people can't unstop themselves from feelings of what something is from what it was, there is no need for history, perhaps even civilization. I'd just as soon leave/convert "places of worship" as well; to community uses... but they can stick around, ala the munsters of Europe; again as artifices of ancient power/thievery.


I don’t want any references to god on any Government building ,property or money .When it comes to monuments I am not sure due to the fact that it may be deemed a work of art in some instances if possible put it in a museum


Removing such references from churches / synagogues / mosques etc. would be a good start 😉 But I think there might be some resistance.

Let them advertise their ignorance, but if in the US - Tax their asses for utilities, sidewalks, street frontage, police & fire protection…


"I don't care" option.

I grew up in a town in the 60s where everyone just lived with the icons who, unlike many these days, really didn't pay them much mind. Generally people were much happier and prosperous. The civil rights movements for minorities and women were making astonishing progress.

Even to the theists these icons seemed so trivial in contrast to these movements. I was in the midst of where a liberal and moderate majority considered "us" a far right fringe. Even there nearly 20 years did I get one "gawd must be real causin' his on ur money" argument from some door to door evangelist. "Yep. You can go now..."

I guess I just don't offend as easily as many. Anyway, if I had to lean one way I'd say "over time". Let the theist majority have their least while they are the majority.


No. I believe in freedom of religion for all citizens. The way to make a difference is not by trying to change society by law, but by reason and arguments. Change minds and the rest will follow.

But I do think religious organizations should no longer be tax exempt. They should pay taxes like every other organization.


Hitherto, all your notes and coins had "In God We Trust" printed and stamped on them. I guess everybody else has to pay....LOL However, there seem to be some changes afoot.


I read that Thomas Jefferson helped a group of Baptists argue the separation of church and state in the colonial period. At that time in our history, the citizens paid taxes which purchased for them a seat in the majority church. If the "majority" faith within a state was say, Presbyterian, then part of a citizen's taxes would go toward reserving a seat in the local Presbyterian church, and the Bible used by the Presbyterians would be taught in the schools. This is how the idea of separation came into our country's psyche. While there was an abundance of religious sentiment at the time of our founding, there was an equal amount of secular fervor. (Thomas Jefferson cut out from his personal Bible all references to miracles.) "In God We Trust" wasn't on our coinage until the middle of the twentieth century. THAT should be removed! The rest I'm not as concerned.


We should switch back to E Pluribus Unum.


No place for any connection at all between government and religion.


Think to remove the word would be inane too many sheep would be lost with out control. Not as if I agree that facilities should represent ideas. However if church sports and other distractions did not give simple kinds things to do the Earth might be even more populated than it is.


I no longer let Christians claim that rape is as bad as cussing. I no longer let Christians claim that owning slaves is as bad as working on Sunday. Because that's what America was built on, right?


its still history like war so its still relevant


Start with the currency. It says "in God we trust". Eisenhower is dumb enough to put that on money.

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