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Why do people think bad things that happen to people are part of god’s plan?

Almost 9 years ago, my beautiful sister was taken from this world from being sick from cancer.
I hate it, HATE it when someone says, “Oh, it’sall part of God’s plan.”
What part of God’s plan induces pain, suffering, sorrow and death for no reason?

MrsMickiLP 5 June 27

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Because they secretly escaped the mental ward and are spread the virus of an invisible deity.

azzow2 Level 9 June 27, 2018

I see you have reasoned this well. Unfortunately, when you are not an independent thinker, like a theist, then Gawd is a crutch for everything you can't explain.

Lukian Level 8 June 27, 2018

Gonna go with "They're idiots."


Because they are weak minded and have a very casual relationship with reality

Xena Level 6 June 27, 2018

Because it's the easiest way for people to explain the world around them.


Ask them why babies are born addicted to crack. Ask them why young children are raped. Ask them why God planned for a man to throw acid in a woman’s face because she looked at a guy.

God’s Plan is a bullshit excuse to describe away horrible things that Christians can’t explain rationally. Also, if you want to throw them for a loop, ask them if they believe in luck. If they answer yes, that just furthers their hypocrisy. If they do, that’s saying that God doesn’t have a plan. Luck is a force that can alter the outcome of an event. If God has a plan, then everything is already predetermined. Free Will doesn’t really exist if God’s Plan does. Because no matter what we do or what happens, God planned for it to happen.

Leo716 Level 6 June 27, 2018

"Why do people think. . . "


Your question should be "Why do theists (a subset of people) think. . . " Those I respect are not theists and do not consider terrible outcomes a part of "god's plan"

The theist's "God's plan" apology when terrible things happen to good people is to classic example religious doublethink.

To support their faith (belief without evidence) based claim "a god exists", the Christian apologist by definition must employ a litany of such irrational justifications in an attempt to "support the unsupportable".

So the "God's plan" is just another outcome of faith. (belief without evidence often defended against testable facts that contradict the faith based claim).

@MrsMickiLP Ack! You are absolutely correct! I am sure that is where I borrowed "Error" from the bad old DOS days and trouble shooting servers. I currently manage several servers and dozens of work stations so I still run across "error".

@MrsMickiLP I must confess, I noted the "error" because you graciously afforded me the contextually appropriate opportunity to note: theists are "a subset of people" as, (although not the actual definition of subset) the prefix "sub" has the following meanings: “under,” “below,” “beneath” . . . “imperfectly,” “nearly”. Although "subset" is not actually a homograph, It was a fun opportunity to play with words. Thanks much.


This sort of schizophrenic pronouncement that god is good and merciful and kind and protective and fatherly, while at the same time having Mysterious Ways that involve baroque and tragic human suffering, is something you're never going to get them to explain because there IS no explanation for it.


They don't really believe that! They only use it as an excuse for inexplicable problems in life. That way...they still get to appear ''trusting in the lord.''

Based on many long discussions with theists on this topic, I can assure you they vigorously defend that position to support their "faith". I have point blank asked them if they actually and honestly believe (actual example) "a teen age girl hung herself to live forever with her dead father and Jesus in heaven" is a part of god's plan." All theists I debated (we all knew the girl) firmly without hesitation supported the "god's plan" position.

Whatever it takes to maintain (faith) belief without evidence of their supernatural sky daddy saviour.

@NoMagicCookie Then, why do Xtians clamor about preventing suicide? If their god really wants us to act with ''free will,'' why not let us DO it? "It's alllll gawd's plan" is just a cop-out..nothing more.

@iamjc "These people" are not friends. "These people" (in my example were people I work with. Most of the theists I encounter also maintain the same position (primarily at the YMCA (my gym/theist hunting grounds). I actively poke holes in their "faith" based believe system and have de-converted a few from theist back to atheist. There are few things more satisfying then having a person who was once terrified of burning in hell forever thank you for guiding him from the darkness of religion to the light of reality.

@iamjc, @LucyLoohoo That is a good question. Years ago I asked one of my favorite sources "Edward Tarte" (he spent 5 years as a Catholic preist then figured Religion was BS so he is a vocal atheist). (if memory serves (BIG IF) he mentioned the Catholics have some rule about not offing yourself - - - this is where it gets fuzzy - - or you go to hell because you have taken god's plan from him in deciding when you die as opposed to preserving his sacred life or something like that. FYI Here is a link to Edward Tarte's Youtube. Here is a random selection from one of Edward Tarte's videos.

@NoMagicCookie Makes PERFECT sense, right? (inserting an imoji who is rolling on the floor, pounding his little feet in laughter.)


Sorry for your loss. I agree. The same thought goes for pediatric cancer. How can it be part of a plan for children to die??? Or any terminal illness? I was sexually molested by two men when I was 10 years old. It infuriates me when I hear shit like it’s part of the plan or god allows things because people can handle it.

Now that’s real tucked up, I spent years working with abused women and children it takes some much enrrgy to maintain any sense of sanity. But to my amazement many women and children survive the trauma


Because then the incomprehensible makes sense, and they don't have to think about it much. I am so sorry for your loss.


I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I hope you can find some comfort in the memories of happier times.

As for the why, well, like nearly all things regarding human behavior there is more nuance to be found in the why then most people care to admit.

Some people believe they are being tested. That the bad things in their life are meant as a challenge to be endured to prove their faith to themselves and others.

Some people believe dark forces have conspired against them in an attempt to undermine God's Plan. But they have faith that His plan will ultimately win out, even if they don't live to see it.

Some people believe they are surrendering control to Him as a way of coming to terms with the overall lack of control they have in life.

Some people belive the whole "acts in mysterious ways" line. They think that with His perspective on reality being so utterly alien to our own we can't possibly understand Him and his choices any more then a sick animal can understand why a veterinarian just stabbed it.

And these are just a few reasons why. There are almost as many reasons as belivers. Just remember that, by and large, the people who talk about Gods plan in the face of hardship and tragedy aren't trying to upset you. In their lives such a statement is meant to reassure and comfort. It's what they want to hear in those times because it helps them come to terms. So of course that's where their mind goes when trying to help others cope.


There is no logic there. I am very sorry you had to lose your sister. We do all die sometime, from something. That is why we need to appreciate "now" and the people we share it with.


It is a platitude, makes them feel better for not actually doing anything or having anything thoughtful or empathetic to say.
They don't say it for your benefit they they simply don't want to admit their god who they are terrified of, is a c<>t


Ignorance. Sense of purpose.


For the same reason that, had she survived after extended medical treatment, new developments in cancer treatment brought about by decades of human research, they would have called it a miracle from God. Forget about the science, the dedicated scientists and the willpower of the ill person to persevere and their personal strength. Religious people kind of make me sick!


Because they cannot deal with the thought that the world isn't just and fair in some manner, and their inability to change that. If they think that there's an afterlife where someone that got a raw deal here will get ten times as many good deals gifted to them, then the world doesn't seem so bad and they can continue on with the least change to the way they normally do things.

Thoughts and prayers are so much easier than making a sizable donation to cancer research or to getting a medical degree and working on a cure.

Of course, it's also outside of their thought processes to consider what effect their "god's plan" comment will have on someone that doesn't read from the same book of fiction they do. Or perhaps they did think of that, and feel that it is deserved for not believing. Any god that tortures people with diseases like that certainly doesn't deserve respect (as in admiration, as opposed to how you'd respect a . 45 pointed at your head), much less worship.


What part? History would indicate the whole "plan" is a BDSM scenario.

The the "unto others" thing is debunked by that! lol


I think it is in keeping with religion's lack of ability to explain phenomena - blame or attribute it to their god... Of course, if someone were to make that type of insensitive comment to me I would be sorely tempted to stating my amazement that anyone could worship an entity so sadistic. What plan could possibly explain cancer and an early, painful death??

Rustee Level 7 June 28, 2018

my condolences. she must have been very young. 'god's plan' is a bunch of BULLSHIT!! also when ppl say that you can take comfort in knowing that it's in god's hands is BULLSHIT!! i take no comfort when bad things happen to good people. my mother died of cancer and my dad died a year later with an aneurysm (97' and 98'😉... that's about when i started to stop believing in bullshit. i do visit them in my dreams though. i know it's not really them but while i'm dreaming it's nice. i'm in the same work that my dad was in (he was and i am a land surveyor)... in my dreams i sometimes wonder why we aren't working together....then i wake up.

@MrsMickiLP wow. wayyy too young.
and thank you... not sure why that winky thing showed up. i didn't intend to put that there.


I'm sorry. I'd invite you to consider that those persons who think everything happens for a reason, with Divine guidance, are really wearing the wrong clothes; in fact, they should be wearing animal skins cut with stone knives, because their belief system is from a period of hominid life that is pre-consciousness, visceral, and nearly animistic. Have compassion for their obvious limitations, even if those limitations are partly--or even largely--self-inflicted.


There is no god and therefore no plan. When people say that is part of gods plan what they are really saying is I can not except reality and the fact that life is full of the good and the bad, the bliss and the pain! It is a weak mentality that usually leads to following blindly into christian cult activity.


The pain that you feel, the outrage? The sorrow, despair, sadness, depression, anger...

Yeah a lot of people aren't strong enough to bear it alone. They need to beleive in a fairytale to make it all better. They didn't lose a loved one - they're with an all knowing, all loving Deity that just couldn't wait to hang out with them.

Fucking childish if you ask me. Reality is pain. Embrace it.

SirJet Level 5 June 27, 2018

Because they are sent right from "gawd" (he/she/it is a complete bastard)...and woe to you blasphemers who plead for him to rescind the sentence!


It allows them to feel guilt free for not having done a damn thing to head it off...

Varn Level 8 June 27, 2018

Because it's easier than having to actually think.

godef Level 7 June 27, 2018
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